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I'm Dr Huge. I travel the world uncovering the secrets to human health performance. Steve Man, three time world bikini champion What is the worst diet that a woman could do when she's trying to build most number of fat? So the worst diet is actually what a lot of complicated computers there was protein and vegetables. Have you ever done a protein session? I want Teo, but most people do this. This is very common for women. We call that a crash diet. So the only thing I was protein and vegetables? No, no healthy fats, carbohydrate to stimulate your metabolism. So what happens is your metabolism crashes. At one point, you're doing two hours of cardio and eating tiny deals. And then guess what happens after the show. You're gonna blow the up because of metabolism. So slow way can't process any parents. Exactly. And then you got to remember that the protein has a little bit of looking the genesis. You still get insulin release, and so your body is super incident sensitive at that point. So you have a little bit of carbohydrates, it's going to get stored and is going to spill over to your fat cells right away. But you would think I understand why people do this because it seems logical. You need protein to sustain muscle man. If you don't eat carbs, you're depleted. Then you're going to switch over to fat burning theory. And if you're not eating fat, then you're gonna be pulling fat from your own bodies fat stores to burn. Right? So what? What also was I was wrong about? The only protein on Lee is because you still have insulin released through the Glick. A new genesis from protein. You're actually preventing the up. In fact, if you really wanna die fast, fast, don't eat anything If you do protein and vegetables only for an extended period of time when your body goes into shock and fat boarding state because you still have some insulin or eats, which is fat storing normal s so you lose a little fight during the day and then you have some protein because your soul insulin sensitivity your muscle cells are your fat cells. That little bit of leukemia Genesis is going to store all that right back. So you do protein only vegetables on two hours of cardio. But the amount of fat that you lose is way lower than the ketogenic diet, or and really a lot lord and carb cycling approach. And and the body has no problem pulling from muscle. Teo make glycogen. Yeah, So you're losing. You're losing all this muscle. You think that you're burning fat, but when you're training hard and you have no carbs, you get to a point where you break down. You know, we're not so front even know fat. You know, even if you're not eating any healthy fat in your diet, I mean your muscle is just going to pull the energy from somewhere. So if you have a healthy fat or or love. But if I threw a kid a Jenny, you can burn some fuel from your food and some fuel for their star body fat. Now, when the store body fighting is a reduced rate and you don't have any fat or carbohydrates, then it's just going to pull it from everyone below. The simple fixes to the worst diet for females is to add in a little bit of carbohydrates and work out timing a little bit of healthy fats throughout the day. I would add in the fats first before you had in the car, because you know your your insulin receipt release is gonna be so off the charts that you probably won't be able to eat only one meal, especially if you did prolonged a protein veggies only, so you could add a little bit of fat in the diet. First, to slowly increase your metabolism and increase the quality of your workouts. And then when you feel your workouts are up to par, they can add in a little bit of carbohydrates before to work out. Just as, ah, a muscle preservation, any store level of oxygen in a process. The Swan's Hold, My friend's Freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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