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that causes the calcium to deposit. On the side of the arteries are two major factors that have been overlooked by Western medicine because Western medicine was focused more on LDL and HDL and less on the calcium in the inflammation, which is probably a bigger contributor to heart disease. Let me at the last two things. I think it's really important. Most bodybuilders you. They died from some type of heart problem for kidney problems, and this is what people in steroids So with the heart, like you said, Way will put through this on a few videos with you was your labs show that you're fine, or maybe of some cholesterol problem, but you can't see your actual heart. So think like ultrasound is going to show the size of your heart. The E k g. Your electrical pulsing that's going on around your heart. You could find all these different things in like, say, the most important, can't see what's inside your arteries. So if you had build up, build up. This is a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen, but it would never really show on your blood work until you're in a very, very late stages. You could think that one of most important things to look for, something like you said, Sometimes you got to support your doctor to do these tests depending on who you have insurance or hospital. So just make sure to tell him like I don't care what you think. You want it done. That's your heart. That's your health, keeps the mind. And then the other thing is, you know, heart, arteries, things like this artery, you know, like lv. Well, you're LV, wall, eventual wall. You're far apart from things like growth promoting thickened. And when things like nandrolone causing afterschool roses hardening of the arteries if anything happened, blood pressure wise, instant blood pressure increases that happened from exercise. But on these things, they could split rupture because they are hard. And if that happens, I think it didn't matter what you did for your heart health. No, I really gotta take care of those things first. Remember that these things happen that's just being out there, that sometimes your lab work can't show these things Get tense. I just experienced what I went to the doctor and trying to get these diagnostic tests done and they say no, but he hinted towards What If I said that I had a heart attack or some kind of heart pain, then they really cast a lot. But next question. How did the slim pills work? What are they actually doing and when is the best time to take them? So let's look a diabetics, because diabetics are the best example of someone that's totally insolent. Desensitized ous forest Type two diabetes Type one diabetic is not producing insulin half injections. Type two diabetic is they're not insolent, sensitive and mistaken. Usually the mistake that Western medicine has done is give these people mohr insulin and cause more insulin insensitivity instead of fixing the diet for taking supplements that could help re sensitize them. Insolence. So what the slim pills does is similar to metformin. Metformin is prescribed to type two diabetics to recent size on insulin, and it acts through many different mechanisms. In fact, the way that metformin works isn't fully understood by science and in every way. Yet there is more design experiments be done, but it is FDA approved. It definitely works, and it has virtually no side effects. The problem with this foreman is met Foreman, he said. You left side facts and she take you along. You take it a problem that you could have water disease to write that can sugar going and you should moderation everything go back tomorrow. But the problem with metformin is it's more of a glucose disposal agent. So the reason why people are having side effects that they're talking about because getting rid of the sugar Uh, which, in that case, it's just better to just not eat the sugar in the first place. But we're body way need. Mork are, so the goal is to shuttle more carbohydrates. The muscle not necessarily just get rid of sugar. I'm not saying that metformin doesn't have some shuttling ability to, but it's primarily disposal. So the point of slim pills is try and get more of the glucose into muscle and less to just shuttle out of the body. So there are muscles, constrict, fuller off less from hydrates, less carbohydrates and convert fat. And then we retain our insulin sensitivity so that when will you take in nutrients like protein and carbohydrates and supplements, they are absorbed into the muscles that are floating around the bloodstream and then just fleshing out through the urine. Plus, diabetes is a precursor to part problem and cancer. Really? I mean to high blood sugar destroys the whole park is the root of all information is easy. Do you need to cycle and k six seven? No. Uh, no. But again, everything in moderation at the same time. So give your body everything it needs all the time. Your body might have static increases. Your body doesn't. I have a need to want to keep going that route. That's why you see a lot of people they call options. We get stuff they always had plateaus. Give it what it means to much. There are times where is that body but coming up everything. Doing things that maybe you don't want to do but come in. Or hormones giving me the more sensitive to our keeping body, leading it or wanting it. And then once it wants it so bad, give it just a little bit. Doesn't better job, and you could break you like this. But it was something like that. Studies of most studies actual studies, so it gets a little more effective as you take it. now I can't speak for five to ten years or taking everyday, but research. Get her an older person like myself. Yes, that one. Something we made. A big You're not saying testing always shows up. Since this is live, we can't put a disclaimer on the screen. I have to say the disclaimer, which is a lot of these compounds that we're talking about, are not for human consumption. So what, We're talking about their use. We're talking about our own personal experimentation with that or the experimentation of our friends. In no way is it medical or legal advice. Okay, Cotton, would you guys consider milk something dangerous that could potentially cause prostate cancer or is a delicious protein packed vitamin D move it? I just saw dark along breast cancer. Doesn't want to say one thing because the great Joe Rogan said it. And you Yes. *** yeah. If you if you get cancer from milk, this is from rowing your ***, So let's just leave it at that. Everything would be bad, especially moved. That's GMO modified non fat milk. If you're going to milk home, l nothing wrong with unpadded. Especially when it's right down but unfortunately, American process. Get it right from the cow. No, you can't live on sure. This here grass can't interest introduce. Besides, getting just came in crash the party ready but has been leaked to certain cancers. And I think more has to do with Baghdad. Milk doesn't come out for two per cent fat. And it's not pasteurized. We were supposed to weigh had milk, right? Something cattle. But the fact that's only good for a dare do. One of you can resell it to make money. We don't do that. What they do in other countries find their God. Uh, this is from Instagram idea. Eller three can mess with your insulin. Is it a good idea to take idea LR three before competition, like free competition? A few weeks? It's fitting that I lied to you when you really think about it. And what it can do is making more sense than his life. I mean, that's the best thing you could ever do for your body. So take it. Okay, So is this Facebook? How does a racket on IC acid work? So we have a racket on the gas and already in our muscles It's part of the fatty acids spectrum that our body uses to balance between information and non so things like make a three on inflammatory omega fatty acids erect on gases. Inflammatory one is a type of direct decedents type of omega six, so we want some in our muscles we don't necessarily want all over our bodies. What we see and athletes, though, is the inability to get sore anymore because they've depleted that Iraq on a gas. It stores in the muscle from overtraining training frequently training board. And so would someone ask me they should take your act on the castle? Because that's a very common question I get in the gym. I say, Are you sore from your workouts? And if they say yes, they're sore from all the workouts is that they don't take their economic asset. You're already getting enough inflammation muscle. Not that information's only cause of soreness, but it's one gauge. And then, if if they are not feeling soreness, first question is training hard enough, and if they are training hard and their varying their training, then the missing factor might be their act on the cast. So a lot of athletes, which a lot of people that are watching this are probably deficient and right Nana gases, which you can get from food. It's just that people don't eat enough of the types of food that have allotted, so we supplement it. We noticed we get really sore again. The inflammation is muscle as long as we don't take too much too much or acted on the gases way starting informational over by just there was a study done that was my favorite. No, you You know, I really believe in that product especially. But there's a study where people switched that sources to either mainly in omega three fatty acids, like fish fatty acid, not inflammatory fatty acids, versus a very high information about the acid I directed on the gases. And it was just changing the diet. Just that was it. That was the only it was a controlled study. Everything was in mine and people switched like fish fats. And that was like a ninety percent no, like fish diet almost when you come to the bats, so keep that in mind. But muscle growth almost came to complete stop, so the longer they were on it more that their body was in this environment getting kazoo. It would be very high amounts of that sort. So remember even our academic *** aside, don't be afraid at St bad from a burger. Those are the type of bad, more towards an inflammation. So don't just have one source of fat, and you need thirty more seconds on this tip I wanted Kari's about to talk. I can tell, but I want to show you the difference here in perspective. The coach Trevor hard core body builder. He's thinking people training so hard he's talking to an audience that's training so hard that it probably deficient in Iraq it on gases. Carrie Nozzle, our health and longevity expert. I think what he's going to say is that a racket on gas is usually the devil for the average person who's not training really hard because it causes inflammation. Pens on the food sources of rivers on together grasp it. Berger. There is no problem, but if you're taking your fine vegetable oils, those things that I don't make six of those air, not good. But I want to say I was educated with when I came here because I was told that the racket I cast was always have. But if you look at infant formula, that would make three. They usually always like a big acid with was Well, you know, like you can't be all that you know, and then understand hearing what you said. You know, I think I'll try selves. I think, Teo, just every question I can answer. We're saying the same thing with everything in moderation, because if you keep your body in such a high inflame state over time, its not good your heart. There's a million factors, but so everything in moderation doesn't mean take straight because everything's an apple cider being on Facebook. Ask Coach Trevor why he is so damned legendary. Was he born this way? I've seen pictures of Trevor before. He was legendary, definitely working for I know what that was. A legendary game. So I wear long, thick, curly hair and he was really, I mean, really stand like a like a punk rocker, like a punk rocker that tries to be thin. Where's the super tight shut? Don't you cover up his ankle when you see me? Those gods, um so fasting information for body building your body builder right now. How could you incorporate fasting to get shredded? I just did, uh, did twenty seven hour fast a few days ago with two hundred milligrams of BNP, and I shaved off so much fat in one day. And the next day I carved up again and I got full and sole This definition and I probably made much progress is most bodybuilders. I was making a week of diet just in one day because I just cracked. I just shaved off a bunch of fat and I jumped right back in my metabolism didn't have time to slow down. I know another body builder that was talking to over last few days have been throwing in one day fast twice a week during his prep. And then So it's kind of like intermittent fasting, not within one day. It's in with within one week during strategic fasting days, and it's working really well. You know, Julia, the rule. If that's action for body builders, it's Gillian. Everybody's everybody builds regiment when it comes to like, come fast. You know what, Not Julie. They wanna drop like extra pounds. Or that that actually is straight includes shredded back, leaning back, things like that. Uh, you can't do it with food because, you know, you know, you gotta keep your body a certain amount of deficit. Did you actually find yourself, like, instead of dropping food? Just add more cardio and fast. Cardio is one of those things you could do early morning on the empty stomach has a beer. Well, I don't have the mass. Obviously that I am interested in maintaining not only physically, but also help. I've been doing intermittent fasting now, baby by years. Yeah. Quit eating eight o'Clock at night. Eat again after a work out. So I do a faster way down and you get about one. Thirty. I think people would be surprised. Like I said, when you give your body everything needs all the time, if you take away something in the way fasting works is a little different. Better than just taking something away. If you're in the off season, I would do it. Maurin that pre contents, but especially offseason taking, maybe a month in two days a week, maybe three days, right in the middle of complete fasting. Same with drugs in your own past drug taking and watch how your body comes back after every time we do this because you're keeping it always wanting something like I always talked about and that constant super compensation would be amazed at how much progress and plateaus break. All right, this is from Instagram. Is there a direct correlation between steroid use and heart, liver and kidney issues and or damage? I don't want any tips. Is the gun for any tips or exercise is to focus on the teardrop, but oh, anything for a quiet? Yeah, yeah, actually, if you folks in your teardrops, that would be the squeeze going above the kneecap. The foot leg students another would be actually separating your feet. Going wide on how hot text blacks for wide on just regular squads or leg press, for that matter, Ana attorney was that turned your hills in. So you'd kind of be like a triangle. But they have to be wide and then you come down. You actually feel like hitting, isolating on the teardrop. The two things that I used to do for the teardrop because when I was younger, that was one of the muscles that focused on because of a short shot out of my my short shorts for my style. Back then with high socks, I do the *** squats, which is where you put a plate right here, and I leaned down like that all the way down the stretch. But see, when you do it, you can actually focus on what muscle you're going to engage. So I would I would focus on that, and the other one is the leg extension. But what I do is it's not so much that I put the toes toes out, as is that a rotate my hips out, but it really careful about it because the knee is vulnerable in this position, So it's not a matter of moving a lot of weight. It's a matter of mentally focusing on contracting that muscle when your extreme actions actually had the easiest way. And this is with everything you do in the gym. If your body builder to hit specific points on target, just remember when you're this pose, when you're doing a front double, you're showing an inner sweep on one. That feeling you get when you're trying to flex just one part of your legs your just showing this and you flex it a certain way. Everyone knows what I'm talking about. Do that same thing on every exercise that you're doing. So you hit a front double here. When you're doing a late press, emulate that same feeling when you do it, you're enough to drop the weight a lot. We'LL get that kind of muscle down. That's when you get certain poses the pot more with which is another technique. I think you taught me of starting with a very light warm up way. And I mean, doesn't actually lot start with Larry light warm up way. And so you really burn and isolate. Feel that most looking track before you ever got weight? Yeah, You don't want to do that. You want to do a pre exhaust, but you don't want to freeze us to the point that the muscles, that failure, because then everything else takes over. You do the opposite. You want that one specific spot firing. So when you do your work set, that one is on, it's already burning. You feel that burning their sins. You start the exercise before. Okay, uh, this question's for carry on Facebook. How important is fish oil and body building electrics? Yes, it should be done exclusively moderation in terms of making threes that, as faras heart health information, even fish oil mimics a lot of in terms of regulation and all those things. So it's a logical part of any diet, whether you're a weight lifter or whatever. You just have a variety of fat sources from good that sources. That's a lot of line every day. And sometimes you can use a krill oil if you don't want to use your official Welcome krill. Tiny little things that all the whales, they're also high and asked his Anthony, which is really super and the oxygen typically let's stop. And it's also very effective, I know. Speaking from body goals. Twenty aspect is that you know who you're dealing with your blood. It would not help with circulation. Of what a lot which allows you to sleep Seymour. Get more sleep. A cz Well, a cz. It allows you to. What is it? Oh ee Oh ee Oh yeah, but less and changes guys lessons. I like defensive does have an effect on depression. Yeah, fresh fruit. Oh, wait. Get after the after the video. Let's talk about what lab work. We want to get provisions because he got a lab work done. But they did like the week standards on bodybuilder stuff. Okay, Bishop, liver is perfect, but what about his heart? What about it, kid? Kid? She really needed What about? What about Tin Man Was like in the movies. Like the whole kind. Without what about his persistence? I want your blood glucose. Is your insulin resistance your HDL particle size? So let's go over and get a list of lab or vision of a legal clinic. Really? Really good. Extensive heart and glucose Get to go there. You have to send it to them. The doctor could do that. Won't you do a lot of blood? But yeah, You send to Cleveland Clinic and they have a marvellous grow strong. They test for just don't you know there's a person this is normally when they go after it's all right. This is from Instagram. What is the best bro? Science remedy for maximizing libido post cycle. I could use that right, son, I've been off sterile science remedy since I'm on P C p. I'm popping tons of Viagra and Cialis. Uh, I'm not kava Golding. I know I could take that. I take the Blue Ox test booster. Which hash? Rhonda Steam metal. You may for on things to boost natural testosterone. We're so naturally. And so what other things during peace helping? You said it's natural. Just throw science remedy to keep your libido off after a hot girl. Yeah, I was gonna say pop, bagger and aspirin that normally does the trick for me. Try something different for you, right? That's right. But the mental drive to and so you provide help with mental drug, but we don't necessarily take that on pieces. Do you know what I think the favor? Definitely. Cavor room help. But see, al, is that you do the C alys daly and a good dose. So I'm taking this Alison Viagra. So performance is actually okay, but mental drive is really love. And that's because my hormones are really loved. So just thinks. I mean, like, you said, the provider might not be the best. Your ppt bam. How much you wanted do a natural pct route, but anything with, uh, that's relating to S h g. Just remember that. So that's one of most important. I don't know if we're singing Nettles and be good for the sexual. Yeah, but we were one hundred percent, but if somebody on steroids, it'LL work. But how many points can actually work? You talk about secrets, physiological levels to some herbs and that there were regarding to steroid use and reactions from steroids. They work still, but there's a talking We're no now from ten points of something, too on your place. So it does work, but how much we have actually done any studying so good. And if you're suffering with the low sex drive, embrace it because you're re sensitizing yourself. So I know I'm going through this period of one and a half weeks to weeks that my body's got sixty two, my total testosterone. I'm okay with second section re sense of time. Six to my total test, baby. Callie have hired I started after you, but yeah, it would be those low going to Mexico. No, his Latinos love going to make. So I got to know this, but when we got there, so you can't ever have it flipped me that high. Uh, Facebook question for Carrie is D H e. A good supplement to take Yes, yes, it is one of the predictors of long life and other positive outcomes. Plus, it could be metabolized into other things. Like What's the metabolites Italian for? For weight loss? Specially? Yeah, it's a metabolite which way? The body breaks down J and other horror right now, but I'm trying to think I haven't ever the name, but it's also been used for battle lost. But you're a human in terms of the cycles o R sequence. You know, you go from cholesterol to producing the other Hormone Jr and then d a chaise and there before it gets to testosterone. My blood work showed by D. A. G was low, but I wasn't taking. I'm not taking it now because I'm on P C. T. And I don't want anything that khun Suppressor mess with my my natural rebound Or should I add in added in it. It's good for healthy getting here normal. And even then, Holmes Okay, um, Facebook Question. When I trained chest, I get sore front dealt. I don't feel my chest working. Any thoughts? Yeah. You're using way too much shoulders what, sir, do it actually learned how to retract your shoulders back. And when you actually come down, actually come down over your chest, not over your shoulders. A lot of guys with their work. When I'm training a chest, I find them like actually developing their dealt anterior adults with your front door over your choices. So you have actually learned how to drop your showing your jury elbows That way, you actually pushed through the chest, opposed the way, having your shoulder stop at ninety three angles, pushing like so. So get learn how to drop your elbows. So, like I was a forty five degree angle on both of them, like so opposed to like having him up in ninety. Present all shoulders and barely getting. Try returning your pinkies in, too, because if you're if you're going to see if your thumbs reported in, he had shoulder rotate. Saller. I'm in the chest starts contracting more so anything you do with even cable flies instead of coming in. All right, bums touching each other come with Pinky's touching each other. I was saying way I was getting into. I train with power level power lifters so I just try to get weighed on. My dad screwed up some toward my shoulder, but the most important thing is that you're here. Exaggerate. But you shouldn't stick your chest out and walking your soldier place back together. So mostly doing this movie. But you pump your just that I'm cooking up, take a deep breath and then lock your shoulders back seat here and it's just chest from that. And then it's exaggerated, but always remember. And instead of instead of doing full farms at the same time, you can also do unilateral training so you could do a chest press machine turned towards the weight a little. That way, you're getting maximum contraction on the chest because your shoulders maximally contracting when you're at the top There, it's all on the shoulder, but you start turning like that. Watch all of a sudden. Now it's now you're resisting. You're pulling on the chats more than the shoulder and then flex like something here. When you get the isolation down and emulated instagram question. Coming off steroids gives me incredible joint pain, particularly elbows and knees, though I could run winter only cycle with zero pain, please, Trevor may be the only person who understands. How can I fix this? So he's doing a Winstrol only citing, He's saying when when he comes off a steroid cycle, he always gets incredible joint pain in the elbows and knees. How could fix it? Nothing freed, the wind strong are just post cycle. Well, I mean, the water attention itself you don't have to do is not taking which is notorious for that. But even if you're not taking the Angelo, you get that water attention. You're also getting water attention from people just like Manjula would, taking a lot of stress off joints and look at these things with information. And now they infected. When you're stimulating, especially testosterone, that pain, the pain receptors in the paint. Very when it comes to things like this, they're there. But when you're training is heavy beyond natural limits, with these hormones, that pain isn't going to be there like it would somebody who's not thinking. But it's that the joint relief that you're getting from hormones, it's one of the number one things, so that comes on and then the information All these things come into play in the form of their gone Now water's gone. You're gonna feel gonna feel the Yeah, yes, what you did that whole time. Just like wrestlers. When they get out of wrestling, come off drugs. Graft is all of that camera. If we're looking at the blood work, I would also look att estrogen level to see estrogen drop super love. Because if you come off cycle and you were on a lot of compounds that were converting to estrogen or lubricating the joints a lot of attention and you come off a national is really low, and you no longer have the water retention. Lubrication of estrogen is love. Then maybe you need to be on something like HC G, which can cause your body to produce more estrogen to help lubricate your joints. Or maybe you need the instead of coming off completely. Go on to T r t. So some natural conversion to Astra, in case you test after national dropped too much during our coast to coast. Can I have one full scrip of beauty? Seven. Teacher. That's Yeah, that's what I said. And that's the That's the metabolite become your child. No idea. All right, this is a YouTube live question. I have a bad liver from Super drawl and Anna drawl. What's the best way to bring back my loyalty? Megadoses too, right? That's a beautiful. I mean, there's no terrible things. Never official. Yeah, settle So you could grand a day. We're making dough Sing some of these things. They're actually a lot of ember dosage. Effective. They are. When you buy an over the counter product. Usually it's got three hundred fifty milligrams in a capsule. Some of these things are more effective in the I'm taking a whole gram of him. So if you take four grams of tumeric, Kirky and then you take a gram of mental Siegel system. As you can see, this is a lot of pills. So you start. If you really need some drastic a fast recovery of liver, you may look into taking these raw powder form larger amounts, and you work for specific questions. So I don't know if you have permanent damage. Saros is one you have of this, which is high end your last Supergirl cycle so that it's all different. Then you need to really talk to your doctor, and there's an extreme. It's kind of an experimental faces and trials in UK. There is a drug out there that reverses cirrhosis person's liver damage and hasn't been released yet. But if you go look it up and the person just going to say kudos to you, man, for even like you know, notice in our penance is to your body is a lot of people. They go a bit too far, but the fact that you've asi and knowledge that you have delivering our kidney are liberal, you know, young delivery inside talks. If I I mean time, time and treatment, that's it. The fact that you actually know there's a problem just treat and given time. Honestly, what causes liver problems? Really, Tyler nonsteroidal anti inflammatory. And that what they use when you go to the doctor, you have that is in the sea One last thing when we get flak for it. But that was an honest question. There's a nerve, so I will say it because it's more effective when you use this route with other things. There is a nerve inside of your colon, and it's that very ad at the very top we're calling pizzas. Intersection turns to test it, and this nerve connects to the liver and it stimulates the liver. And they do. In Eastern medicine. It's animal with copy in that caffeine stimulates that nerve and it starts delivered and forces it to produce and get rid of all the toxins and excrete it and a spot in one of the best things you can do it. It's one of the best things for people who have liver damage and tumors with cancer, so look into that. Sounds messed up. But some of the cancer clinic in Mexico use coffee universe People coming with kids. Just remember that, okay? YouTube live is dextrose best taken pre workout post workout? Or does it not matter? I have a lot of experience with this, but trip Trevor dextrose. I like post workout. Some people get blowed it dextrose. For whatever reason, that was different. Dextrose is one of the best one sugar when it comes to mean insolence and generals what you're trying to raise one of the fastest one of the best to get, and you're trying to increase insulin for delivery out dextrose Pre workout well, usually cause a crash. Your energy during work. It's too fast and you don't need insulin In the beginning of your workout, there's some benefits to having. Insulin may be raised during the whole workout, but certainly after the workout is when the most important time have insulin and since Dexter's will cause a rapid Hi Serge, insulin and post workout is better. It could be taken intra workout, especially if someone was on Ki jae diet of something that they just wanted that fast sugar fuel during the work out. It could be done during a workout, and also because if they don't want to go cattle, polic will prevent you from going out of my life. Just like you. I'm going to work out YouTube live. Is it true bodybuilders? How small penises? Yes, hundred percent micro penis, big balls smooth, bigger your muscles get the smaller your penis with a large heart. The very large heart. Very literary and martial love, but you can't get me. Why also big muscles? But it wasn't to make up for having a small penis well in wire. Most black it may be bodybuilder generally do have. It's just that we were taken to a small of the survey really late No, it's because they all assume that we all have large ones. That's treason. White. So it's a game on you for assuming that way. Never say anything. Well, just like small. Not that way. This way. That's why, uh, Trevor and I like you in Asia a little bit lower standard forever. We're switching Mexico. Okay, we're lady boys or whatever. Wait, don't go to Barbados. YouTube, YouTube. Live What? Your thoughts on the anabolic window. Is that ***, or is it actually effective? That's a good question, that is, But that window is. It is ***. To it is, there is no time limit. And there there are many studies that there's a circular about it is a post workout. There's more. Site is now being done to exactly what I say. You start it from that window and didn't give it any carbohydrates. Protein. Your body wants that more and more and more, so think about it that way. There is a windows above work out. It's not subject to a certain amount. You can't keep starving in where it don't take up even more so you know, Take that. For what it's worth, you do take advantage with thirty minutes for growth. Your body getting used to this bye. Try doing it later. Held super. It's such a complicated question. We could talk for hours about it. My quick summary is yes, I believe in the window. Like three. I think it's I think it's longer than thirty. Say like an hour Facebook. Live thoughts on injectable vitamin doses for people in the United. Okay, can I answer that one? So thoughts on it is Julie, where people inject themselves. They try to do it really quick on fast when it comes to yeah, with Detective just boom. But when it comes to vitamins that's like this, especially to be told that they're supposed to be injected like seriously slow like to the point where it takes, like for you to go through, let's say one cc or hundred. I user. Then you'LL actually find yourself. It's supposed to take What is it? Correct me from our visit ten minutes each. Each of you like ten minutes. I dont you like a doctor if you're injecting a bite? If you rejected delighted about sixty sixty seconds One you so sixty seconds. One of you I don't know if you guys actually ten minutes sit there way said They said Ejected. That's it. So it's open. I was thinking. Threw away. Yeah, because way. Why're you doing injectable? Well, okay. Vitamin D could mean a bunch of different things. Their vitamin d usually regarding my three precursor, But there's actually the vitamin D hormones in her body. They're full absorbable ***, vitamin D three, and the precursors, uh, global a lot less actual drug actually formally inviting you. Body is absorbable worldly. So my question Trevor is Why would someone need to inject it? Wait, So there are two more was any Jack And I know one is right. Three, They have a couple of friends, but mainly focused. Settle there. And the reason for it is you could get such a higher dose resort immediately. One hundred efficiency By injecting because you'll find this aural d three over the counter. I almost just doesn't. It comes to your you're actually so I can't give you the three little higher something. Jake does work, and there is another inject that doctors used for the very extreme cases. But like you said, it's the precursor in the actual D three that you can take where you don't have to sit there and Jack hoping that something Reyes is the trio as the actual B three core moat and this one you can take *** and it's that effective. It's the one used in studies that's involved with Andrew Sensitive places. So remember that two different. There's many different trees. Find these, but concentrate on twenty one poorly is just as good, if not more effective. You mentioned Great Britain, too. That's a good example of a country where there is a lot of vitamin D deficiency because of the lack of sunlight, most closer nations. But the real thing is get tested. I don't care how much you're taking. Get a test to see just what's actually in the body. You don't want to take too much of that was my last thing. As we've done the labs, we've done fifteen Hills D three. They don't go over normal values. I always say, Well, there's a There's a normal range for body builders need more, and we can't get to that level by taking over the counter by three. At least I couldn't on twelve thousand three all right, YouTube live YouTube lives. So this is kind of a question kind of a statement, but it's good for delts. Question mark. Heavy dumbbell lateral raises with high rep drop sets is what developed mine most. So you guys have any more? Do you guys agree with that statement for developing? Built? Ronnie Coleman did the same thing that, if anyone else did, never grow. So what works best for you? Some of the best dealt I've seen are people just started sixty pounds, and they use lateral raises high as they can, and they just dropped to fifty, forty, thirty twenty. And they just blast it for, like, two minutes long sets. There's so much they respond to higher ground, which go and you have been running to hire us. If he did that same pyramid slick, you're talking about drop sets, no rest. And there's people doing heavy stuff like that for absent. They will never grow because you someone's trapping along, that they really have nicely. It really is. Whatever works best. Don't try one thing long enough to know. Switching around know what works. All right, How about frequency of shoulder praying? If I wanted just a little bit about my delts. Treat him like, three times a week like that again. That's the same thing. Some people do too much training and they can't break. Their penises is limited back there. Everyone is different. And you really have to find out. They start doing three times, they might go the other way. They could never get that feeling in there. So again, it's really teaches. I've met very few people in the gym. You don't have shoulders. Yeah, that's true. To shoulder issues is always gonna happen. Usual. Yeah, YouTube live. How do you talk to your doctor about using steroids? Um, and wanting those necessary things checked in your blood work in Are there any potential repercussions of telling your doctor you take steroids? I guess it depends on what country you stay in because you are here. Because here in America you can pretty much tell the doctor he'Ll understand that it's better for them that they'LL say this to Ben. If I know what you're taken. Before I started, prescribe you anything, did not know anything at all and actually have a negative reaction to something he is giving you a hard eights reading your, you know, results wrong, director. And they killed thinking something else. And then you'LL be seriously ***. So yeah, that's the problem with when they made that the drugs scheduled. Mark, I know what it is is you can't talk about these things openly because of what's going on, what people think our doctors will think and what I'll tell you from clients and friends and while putting myself, if you don't know things to check for any problems that come from steroids where you could have a doctor or yourself handle it without telling them the stairways with cause. But you're getting something that was related. You don't know. You tell you after this. Once you tell your doctor that you were on stairways of drugs that they will give you start changing. They will not want to prescribe you certain drugs anymore. You will not want to help you with certain ways. They treat you differently, and they treat you less of a killing that should be. And at the same time, they don't wantto They don't want to put themselves in your shoes because they think you're just a drug addict because of the way stairways looked that portrayed by the media. So remember that that's what the problem America is. The only reason these things are dangerous is because people are afraid to tell the doctor, and doctors are at the same time are the cause of it. They don't want to help the people out, but there are some good doctors out there that will help you, so I would do research first. You're smart approach. If you have money, is to have a primary care physician. You do all your normal stuff with that's what medical file that. And then you have other doctors that you go to get what you need, where you can have open discussions about steroids, and maybe there will be more educated on steroids. Unfortunately to tell your primary care doctor that you're on steroids, you basically do get labeled drug. The last thing I'LL say is an example. I, uh, had a cop in fluid buildup in your lungs for about a month. That went to urgent care and the doctor six times in the same month, and they had said that it was because of my past steroid use, which is why I had it, they wouldn't treat me. They would expect for anything out of the X ray. And they gave me five different drugs for it Didn't go away, turn into pneumonia, and we fix it in the E. R. And after that, they found the person helping me was being negligent, and there was a lawsuit about it. And so just to tell you she was negligent Just playing steroids is it's an easy way out. Um this for cane. Where can I get that diet starts tomorrow? Shirt. Actually, I'm gonna really that question to the guy behind the camera, You could tell you, but I'm pretty sure you confined Visit our website Alenia. That's it. You can get at Olympia. Come to the booth. Guys on your shirts will be appealing. Yeah, More shirt here. Oh, yeah. We'll have the money for sale and I will sign them people. Thanks, friend. Uh, we'LL be there. Can you combine fostering in l g d forty thirty three together for research purposes. Wait. Let's see if you know what the hell would be licking and draw they control the rest of you can I wouldn't I mean, if you're doing it for research purposes. I don't see why you running both because then you won't know how your body reacts. So I mean purse. I kind of like to individually, Lazar, please find your way back to each one before taking something. Student. This is a instagram live as twenty three verse round one forty. Sorry. My experience is that they're very similar. I noticed visual effects faster from yes twenty three, the mental. I noticed more mental aggression not necessarily in a good way from the rad one forty, but they're pretty similar. In fact, maybe dosage dependent. They may be the same. It's possible. And if I took a little bit higher dose into the rat one for you to have the same effects is the point three, right. I have to look at the dosages again, in which causes total suppression of natural testosterone. Production at twenty three. Twenty three does cause a lot of suppression natural testosterone production. But then I wonder if Arad one forty causes an equal amount of suppression at the same higher doses that we take anything so again the doses air. So why their farms going up higher? More like you talked about Ly citizen agree? It's really since anabolic, pedantic. But like I said, the dozing there. So that's why they're so almost no virtual, no side of things. Most of these. But you're comparing ten milligrams of Austria versus fifty milligrams of evolved. So what? Well, fifty milligrams of one of these do just adds up. I know I shouldn't be saying this, but if you're an athlete, it hasn't been has been yet. So it's three. Thirty three and three e no, no. Get some research on it listed, but it may be a part of a flower. Uh, yeah. All right. YouTube lives for Trevor Trevor. What's the best stack for healing from a dis surgery? I lost muscle gain. Fat goal is to get in great shape. Lean muscle. I don't want to get massive, but I do want to heal fast and get an athletic. Best athletic saved my life. Okay, so healing your back after surgery, especially just like that, A couple of things. I going to give advice unless I think it's for the field. Because if you start training with after while you're recovering from a surgery, especially one that's bad is your back in having known so many people going through back surgery. If anything happens, you have to get most for the rest of your life. What happened was horrible. But aside from that, the best cycle of the no. Nothing doing Winstrol. Any partners. But at the same time, you really couldn't challenge your diet. If you start holding extra water and things like that from drugs on Soviet or whatnot, that's gonna put extra stress from your past every day, just walking around, going put stress, fling it back the way you sleep that water Very bad. There are certain hormones have morning but effective colleges and dances and things like that. So I would say something like a nandrolone, ma. Just a moderate testosterone. Good nandrolone, keeping your pole acting and check So progesterone, so, so, Beyond that, things will become a huge issue, but really keeping you know cycles after the matter is much. Those two compounds would be good combination, maybe a growth hormone, especially very low dose, micro nosing, insolent. Don't do it and then things like the TV five hundred people see force feeding yourself really the glucose amino MSN conjoined for on and, um, beverage and especially before sleep. That's the most important time. If you want a real recovery on damaged tissue surgery, growth hormone, I mean, even for mental state TV. Five hundred people. See? Take him. Assumes you're going to bed. And that's the best time you can for that type of recovery. If you're gonna take it, take the highest dose before bed. So where were they inject themselves like for, like, something like that? Like, would it be in a five year make area anywhere they want? I mean, if you're talking groceries from a doctor, intravenous is probably the best that so the FBI being it and then I would be your best. But when it comes to be seen to be around the area just, you know, remember you talking about surgery with someone you're back. I'm kind of has attempt to give out that information on the event things to heal it. You're gonna be on hormones and things that match the pain. You're going to push it. You just turned the wrong way. Then I have to get so you're probably are painters, too. It's good. Speaking of state things and kill it this question's for Carrie Facebook Live. Ask Carrie is dim a good supplement to take toe lower estrogen modulator? Yes, as long as it's a bio available again. Jim by itself, it's not really taken up that well. It's like a tumor, unless it's been enhanced with some type of a fat for material that most finds it. So you look you want to find something that says Bio available? Dim. It actually comes from a guy in Colorado with Dr Patented that form, and he's got it going to Rome for Biovail, doing a lot of research. Studies listed on the site give the reasons why it does what it does. Um, any tips on healing tennis elbow from lifting? I don't want to re injury. Well, I'LL say it's a five hundred is amazing for that specifically but aggressive physical therapy. Your best. That ain't going to a sports physical therapist. We have some really good, but someone that yeah band someone that knows what they're doing that well, Chris, you most places don't I work with that. You can push them, but that is your best TV five hundred. But when you do live, stand one saying wrapping him. It's the best thing you tell me what you were going to say about that pretty much carried TV. Five knows that to what was that? They have, like a medical like a rehabilitation type of band that actually goes around the Tunis. That a tendency right there. And it's important because Julian what what happened? It's coming tenants to loosen up a little bit, create a little space and that sensitive nerves and that come with being about keep stuff like that with a K i t t. That takes, yeah, takes just enough off that everyday use and things that just aggravated from constant repetition or inflammation from concert petition. It will take that away, which gives it the ability to chance to heal over time. There's the same reason why you would wrap things in the gym because it takes attention off the worst one exercise over time, while you're not further damaging it. But it takes that off so I can have you. Bill, can I take hCG? Even if I'm not on a cycle, I take it all the time zones. I think like my my sperm cell count is really low, like Tony's. That's from, like, the years of actually taken using anabolic steroids. But I do it all the time, honestly, just so I could feel like a tiger. But that's where is everybody else? I don't know what their thoughts on it, but I use it like randomly. Like, like once or twice a month. Seriously, Trevor, what do you think? I was actually a question I have for you myself. They were just taking a whenever they choose OK? For that kind of thing. Yeah, and that's fine. But that kind of guy that would do it. Hmm? Do any time you want. Yeah. So definitely if you're gonna do at stake with that, h g is hurt. But another person g no. Where did they find that they have a place to get a CSI or that thing? Find it. And she's menopausal truck. So whoa, say that three times fast. Uh, I mean, yeah, you should, but most places don't know. I guess underground in places You don't really know too much about it and carry it. I haven't been to a zoo. Much how effective they can be. I actually use these. Did you like more effective for shorter periods. But if you too much to explain in just a question, look out, agent works. What do you think of using a CE inhibitors like C A p T o pr AOL for heart health and to prevent heart attacks while on roids for athletes and bodybuilders coming from Facebook life? Yeah. So what? What? Which one did he give us? Uh, exam. Uh, Captain Parole. Okay, so while on site, there's a lot of bodybuilders that do it and a lot of people that should be doing and know they should be. They don't do it. And I know what a particular actually That's really horrible things. Things happen because that's Yeah, that's Anja. Quit shortly. That's fine. I know the benefits are Is there anything better than Carter ring to raise each deal from Facebook? Oh, done. Is there a specific general? Generally, people have this increase in a shell because if so, I would just go with they couldn't say number. It's impossible. That was different. But I would go with you that many things that we always deal with. What you can do is lower LDL, changing diets with ratio with a lot of each village genetics, and now they're finding that really, really high. There's problems associated with that. So long as you're trying to get it above the normal range of your test. That's fine. If you're not the type of guy obscurity I would. I would also agree that it's very hard and nearly impossible to raise HDL per se itself something. Just raise HDL Carter and I know it was shown in the studies to raising itself. Now I have to go more into it, whether that was directly from it or it was doing something else that made it. But like you said during the LBO, no matter what is what you want, we'LL see that the age garlic extract did have a perfect raising each. Yeah, and it's usually because you're LBO does lower. And by lowering LBO in time, your each deal, no matter what is going to have a better pattern, so will flushing. You get those tests you you want to find out whether what kind of l d o you have, I Yeah, Hence the small dance of large, fluffy and the same with a steel comes in different factions. Just one word strikes of the function of everything. Most people don't get that Conrad's there. Yeah, you mentioned. All right, YouTube. Live Matt Forman. Verse grape seed extract for insulin sensitivity. Four. Grape seed extract is mild. If you have of that lifestyle, you should. I'm not gonna reverse that just with grapes. It does. Does haven't backed. It does help with it, but and it's safer. You can have a little bush, but the metformin, the way it's a drug, it's going to get rid of glucose. You take one too many, you're gonna go hypo. You're have problems stuff because you're side effects, all these different things. So it's a drug versus natural, very article. What they would do to you. Grape seed extract. You want high seas? One company, Terry's. Naturally, it's a product from France. It's formulated in such a way that there's very little finding up of the old pieces in the system. So you get into your body. That's a good Prada. Jerry's naturally is cos a guy has a life like yours. He spends half his time in Europe in the world looking really interesting products, and in fact, your put it together. Does stuff. So move. Yeah, they found a connect with them? Yes, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Well, it wouldn't be fun. Tio, watch your backers. Yeah, this is for Trevor. Thoughts on teenage steroid use from YouTube, life from YouTube. Um, well, I don't know if that's anything to that they've seen, but when it comes, it teams and steroids. I just looked at myself, isn't And there was no one that could tell me different, I wanted to say, but I also knew better into wait till there was a point in time that I was going to do it. And I wouldn't trust myself as a teenager, any other teenager to make that right choice. Because you think you're invincible and you do not know what life has in store for you later. How long before it starts to become later on? So when it comes to it as a team, they're not gonna let him stay. It's no one should be one promoting used for scenes. That's not no one should and should not be taken it. And if anyone's listening in when I was eighteen, that's like, do it a different way, I would've no one hundred percent would have And just know you're not making the right choices. So that's great advice. I appreciate that. I have a young teenager there. My son, We will workout started, like, fourteen days. His dad, You know, I'm gonna work out for you, then do a cycle. Just like to say, you know, I'm going to start eating because of that this way that the guys in the gym, that's the way they talk. That was what they were doing. Young young guys. Yeah, you stopped trusting me because I looked at myself and my friends and people I knew can't make right with so people ammonium on to live or any live application. I don't know who's doing it. I know we talked about it, but the same time That's the last thing I think we imply in some people. So, yeah, that's fine. Sounds very politically correct. Well, that passed. The politically correct test is just how people used to saying that myself. What is your opinion on Tom Platt statement that not training legs will hinder arm growth? Is it a B s or the truth? Stop? I don't know, man. I least busy guys. This competitive fizzy guys that have the most incredible upper body and no legs whatsoever. They trained just don't change chicken works. Most of them do train legs, most of them. And for the most part, you're comparing Body Builder, too, that the shape of a busy guys better, beautiful shape. But when you're talking body billion size, that hasn't been compared to, well, he's talking about strength, though in the bicep. And it's a proven fact saying Should be that training your lower your legs, it actually raises your test levels naturally. Which doesn't matter if you're on a bunch of injectables way. Most were just to do that. Yeah, through the bush natural hormones, you gotta work. It raises more chill, and you led to the most distant parts of your body. Others are. Another comes, so definitely does have something. But there is a fact you can bring the research hundred percent, which is quite a lot about how much does it make a difference question. There was even the study where if you work one arm really hard, the other arm will still grow well video, so when you have your leg will be swelled, the body right here. Stop one side or the other. So yeah. So training. Unilateral training. What is culture one sided the other side of the body giving results to on. So, training. Basically, when you're injured, just branch warrant. But there's hundreds of studies unilateral training, one hundred percent. It was studying, like train like, literally like this side of the body on this like So, like, I got upper chest on Monday, but I got like, you know, upper like, right chest on, like thirsty. And they just switched him off like that every year, right after the body weight and your right to see how the body responds and takes a pretty interesting all right Instagram live king. What is your favorite storm and why? I have to say the leg and draw And the reason why is because it's it's proven. I've tried Austrian. It's not showing enough for me. Raveling forty. I don't think I ran it aggressively. Uh, that's twenty three have yet to try. Um, so the one that actually that worked for me. It's improvement. Even Carter. It's really good. But if we're talking about what I what I do as a bodybuilder, my purpose in life as about to become big and strong. And that's proven running at forty mics. No, um, Dr Tony Huge from Facebook life. Do you have a favorite Sarma as well? And if you do, What is it? Wife, uh, my favorites arm, you know, Austrian with the first storm that I took. And it's true, Like Bishop said, it's not a strong as leading role. It's not good at putting on size, but what I love about it is it's kind of like an overall anabolic that I feel like helps my joints, tendons, everything. We're covered, and I could use it during P. C. T. So I'm on P. C. T right now and I'm running ten milligrams fostering in mourning on my pct, my hypothesis being that that is not high enough to suppress my natural testosterone. And yet it's enough to make up for the fact that my testosterone going sixty two is far staying anabolic and not completely losing my next two weeks. So I'm partial Austrian. I don't know if it's my favorite because they all have their different purposes. That's like asking me to pick a favorite girlfriend. Palin's lost party with and one's awesome to wake up in the morning, too. And how do I say, which was my favorite? When Mikey, I can have all amazing ***. You can't. You can't overlook that ***. I mean, that's gold. You say the same about Austrians overall, what time he always comes in the same point. I don't think people or have researched kind of dosages on all of us because, like you said with the rat, I had done that in the Philippines and went from three to seven. It was like it was very similar to trans terms of the metal, but literally, it was the same there Next day, the problem. We're going to that gentleman from two strings. Everything was it was in one day that was from three to seven. So just keep in mind, might be weaker. But then Lincoln and of our people take up to a hundred milligrams of that really good. We've never really done research on these. Things are higher doses because we use them for selective. You know the reasons, but, you know, just for study purposes of research, we're not, uh, going at seventy five. I don't think anybody want to get, like seventy five mics on Indians, but studies on the L G, or the leg and jaw, it becomes highly toxic over seventy five, and that's a test done in thirteen weeks. Like with women and men, you go to seven. I just started taking one, upping it by two. So because identified me, I was taken three days than I have to to those two more kills thirty five. And I remember that here and you mentioned it. No, it cause that that's where similar to train very small. I've never taken more than three test alone. Ride one forty's per day because by the end of the second day, my aggression is so high it starts interfering with my life the same way that trend does. So I think it's really effective that that maybe the advantage that has twenty three from me, that I might be able to go higher on those such that's twenty three without having too much aggression but still a little bit of aggression from mental energy. But not so much that I start getting *** off track. Um, Facebook live. What books do you guys read for personal development to be more proactive. I don't need to be any more proactive. I programmed my brain at a really young age, so I need to be less proactive for my own mental sanity. Have you got to stay proactive, right? Yeah, I read a lot of books and I was really young, so that's kind of programmed into my brain. It's hard to remember all the books that I read in the audio books. I assure you that my father was really self development, so you had quite a collection and he would listen to him in the car. So pretty much all the ones you've ever heard of that motivational best cellar book lists. I'm probably hurt, I would say recently, seven. Do any of that anymore. But things along the lines of there comes the motivational. It's more so what people have said maybe to you, you or online YouTube. Things are broken again that he has said, basically, it could put your books your sense. Time had been so dedicated with something, but aside from that things, anything that involves, uh, human nature species as a whole and just understand that, but not so much motivational by get motivational thing like that understanding. So that's my motivation, and that's to keep me to keep learning. It has nothing to do with the motivational floats, but basically learning or reading something about that. We learn more and more and more. Actually, Eckhart Tolle Lee spoke to the ones that I'll keep on hand usually, and it's it's more about calming the mind and being able to focus and that, well, I'm gonna be the most effective in that moment, which is something that hardest time doing rather than thinking about the past or plan for the future, do what you can in that moment. So I'm gonna actually read you guys on the Tony huge channel. Some excerpts that, like part of my folders Mindfulness. Yeah, it is over. Don't say that that really works because you only people that not only says it, but you do live by that. So something changes for the worse. They're good. Instead of being upset with making them, you just take it, take it and go with it, and it works out almost even better. You guys at Harvard, Timothy Leary, which we know about Dr Alfred. They pioneered the Ellis the stuff Leary went into Obviously State and Stephen Alpert became a Buddhist, and this famous expression was be, Hear that and every once a while I just stopped do that because we don't realize that we are here in the moment. You know where we're thinking ahead or behind or whatever, and you go through an experience and you're done before you realize that you were there, or that you have been waiting to do that for some time. So that mindfulness fart is just stopping. Just think, just being where you are. If you guys were trying to figure out what I asked some friends that you really trust to give you an honest opinion on what? Use your following to success because for some people, it's motivation from some people's time management. For some people, it's priorities. And there's different books on each one of these topics for someone who is already very motivated but finds themselves kind of scrambling around and be emotional about the decision's final stress from it. One of books like me, one of books that helped me a lot, was who moved My cheese, which is like a pre school book for How did stay focused on the goal and the effective instead of dramatized Sarria? Okay, um, when are you guys going? Tio? Start experimenting steroids with women? Well, Trevor's been doing that for a really long time. So when he gives you guys information about his experience with women dexterity because he was working with a lot of professional female athletes on then we've got actually bishops brother Mean fish of sister candy. Boucher is gonna do a lot more videos on steroids and women's arms and women Candy Machine was over there. They interviewing Coach Norm about Sorry, it's arms and hear cycles, I would say two. After everything I've learned, everything is it's not just people I've worked with its like dog work with for a reason. What they take, what exactly happens, what they looked like, what they benefited, what they look like a year after. A lot of those games and things that you get from that are always permanent either. So have to get back to that point, taking the same thing just to get there again. It's never good, but what I will say you got some like marketing is aside from certain hormones that women can take psalms, have a bigger, very good purpose or women, and I'm not trying to push it. But they're gonna push it switched a lot of girls disarms and certain points of them prepped to that and even off season and the place better than this year. You look a lot better way better, and that's a lot easier to do. Know there's a lot healthier. What safer to they don't look lesser side effects. When you talk about women's, some of these physique women up close, you see them competing look like they're about to die. You see him on stage from a distance is different than when you're up close. I know we're dehydrated and our mineral balance may be off, but, I mean, you can really see it in their scan. Just doesn't look healthy. And then the girls on the arms they look a lot healthier, but they still have the muscle definition still have the dryness. There just don't looks like they've destroyed their organ. It doesn't mean you take one for the other only. I just mean take lessons may be a very harsh energy, and for certain, away with arms do it times. There's so many ways us for Kari Kari. What is your opinion on testosterone replacement therapy? I used, uh, fifty. How do you noted fifty milligram milligrams twice a day. I get my chest out. Strategic, Unlike use mind stays up eight hundred nine hundred, right up to a thousand. Yes. I saw your letter with over one thousand. Just one hundred milligrams for only reason. I did it. I just logically looked at the benefits in terms of maintaining a certain positive level over time. Bone health, mental function, heart health and just kind of a no brainer as part of a strategy. Uh, so this one guy just posted that he's been to Brazil, and he's seen a six inch ***? Uh, yeah. No, that question is when Tony and Trevor go travelling, who gets the harder ladyboy and who has better game with lady voice? Uh, that's easy. Yeah, I'm really I'm really good. Wait for the light, but he's so feel that would be not to have to give me I couldn't say Maybe. Nice touch of Thailand. Answer that. But I wasn't there for this one. We were going okay. Um, YouTube live. How do you guys feel about your own physiques? Do you like what you see in the mirror? Or do you feel like you are never satisfied? You can go. We'LL start with me. Is it okay for me to love myself? Because I do. I love my physique, but, you know, I always do. What is that? Just being honest? But I love what I see is that and obviously I find myself staring a little bit longer in the mirror. Attorney stretch. I got shot and I got these big Windows years. Whenever I look, man, I look all day on that ***, man. You *** did, You know? So, yeah. How are you? I was competing. Has never happy with my body or just trying to get you. Never had. Now that I've done with that, I really could care. Last lines on it walk around like a blob of someone that really, you know, like that. So something like that sort of gym, sometimes it's such I really could care less. I mean, it is it is nice being a little bigger, but the fact that I don't do too much just maintain that as long as I'm not fat. That's all I really care about. Look, Body wass Carrie. Well, I want to be leaving mustard. I've gotten over the point in my life when size was a goal, I realized that doesn't last forever. It's not going to be what is best for the long term. So I've accepted who I am or where I am. What kind of genetic inheritance? Oh, I feel best. And look back. So I'm or in the physique in, But I want to still be. You must alert that point. But I just don't care whether I'm gonna gain another forty. Attention Figured my life. So I was always happy with my physique. But I didn't like the fact that if I didn't do everything just right, has a natty before I was thirty years old, Remember of between twenty years old, thirty years old, I had an awesome body. Everybody thought I was on steroids was not on steroids. But every time that I missed my training or my diet was off, I would just deflate. And if I try to cut fat, I lose muscle at the same time. And that's the life of being a natty. So my goal was to build a better quality physique. That was even lower maintenance so that I could travel. And I could have this type of lifestyle so awesome for the and twenty of timing question. Because just this morning, I was looking in the mirror thinking, Yeah, I did. Intermittent fasting, fasting. I'm off all steroids, and I posed in the mere And I'm like, I'm still five days out from being on a bodybuilding stage. I competed five days from where I am right now with what I know about, uh, bodybuilding chemistry and learning my own body. So I'm really happy with where I am. That doesn't mean that I'm satisfied and I'm gonna kick back and not keep making progress. But I'm satisfied with the progress that I've made thus far. Yeah. Um, this is from YouTube live. Do you guys offer coaching? And if so, is Trevor a ville? Yeah, it's on the hand's coaching. That's coaching dot com. And yeah, So everything is on there, and I should be on there right now. It was up for a good while. I'm just traveling. Wait, But I got there, right? We try to give you guys a much information. So you're really well equipped and can make your possible. But yeah, sometimes that information is overwhelming and you could apply your situation. And sometimes you need another perspective. Because sometimes you'Ll think that your conditioning is good. But really, maybe it's not that good. You need someone to tell you where you're at. So I understand the need for coaching. That being said, we are trying to give you much information for free. That's it, Trevor, Do I have to pay double fear stacks if you're coaching services? Okay, Um, what would be the necessary supplements to compete in classic physique for a beginner? Are we talking about disarms? Are we talking about? There is asking in general what supplements? Like what it take to get from a beginner to compete in classic physique Depends on where you started. Yeah, we got we got candle in the gym there whose genetic monsters is on any year. You could walk on stage any day of the year and blow away. You got other people who just don't have the genetics, and they're gonna have to take things like trend. And gf on each just to be able to compete. So figure out where the starting point is and hopefully take the minimum effective dosage of the substances to get to that point. You also have to look at it. If you're going to compete, where are you going to compete in? What's the competition gonna be like? So if you go online you Francie video or go watch the competition and see some of these Midwestern places, there might not be much competition here in Sacramento. Competition's pretty stiff. So here in Sacramento, you know the guys. They're running a lot more stuff, working harder and starting their prep. Four month out versus other places. Maybe not so much work, but just generally classic physique versus body building. No, I think they're taking less stuff. A lot of voters in general, the same old safety, nothing higher brain tirane Jean Religious genetics is back there. That may be friends to do what I tell you from just about every week. Not all those but most of them. There are more for the same spot colors in there, doing no, you're doing it because they couldn't Summit's. Only some of them couldn't compete at that level, but they're doing everything they're saying. They are level. That's like sage. Everyone's different. The two guys that I know that just went classic one was taking, like two point five grams here, including water. That was Trent and then the other guy was taking lower dose of five hundred tasks. Six hundred beat you and then some worlds. Papa, just get an idea of two different ends of the spectrum of two guys just and I know some guys who'd get pulled. Rob, did they have that actually drop like Connell's down? Because they were body builders. Like you said, You want to fit into question and they dropped their gear personal amounts down extremely, like none when they were just running. Maybe just check. And just like that, you know, anabolic type of story with just so they can maintain the muscle, but actually bringing it down. So it depends on like, Wade said, Where you started from, it's pretty much the same sacks. Most guys were still doing pretty much the same stacks you traditionally see online for all right. Two more questions was for Carrie. Um, from Instagram. What do you think about coca Cola zero. And do you feel like it could possibly make you fat from its artificial sweetener effects? Big study was just released on artificial sweeteners. Even Stevie wasn't showing that they're predisposed to diabetes. Heart problems, weight gain. Really, it was nothing. It was not because he was alarming way, Karen. Just the total opposite of that man. Love times to a matic ing artificial sweeteners. The body doesn't know the difference. It's still going to respond by producing insulin, you know, because percent of that is this week. All I can say is you got to be individual. But big studies of nothing looked kindly that'll plus it's the lifestyle around that as well. I mean, if you're still doing all the crap, you think you're just going to take something zero calories, that nobody's gonna change? You know, Aspar, tame of pin drop resulted because sister needs of poison speaking. Preserve your blood. It's gonna die by preserving his own blood from drinking Dr Pepper wass or some soda Jiminy two leaders and some conservatives on blood. Good. Just like that. But yes, I talked about that a lot too. I don't to bodybuilders that got great conditioning into bodybuilding shows, and they drank Diet Pepsi old. And if it was insolent genic, then wouldn't they have extreme blood sugar so immediate, similarly, very some longer? Some lifestyle again goes. I think it's the lifestyle, because if I look at most of studies, I see that they're normal people that long have they been doing? What not just studies for such should be? We don't see what you can as well open for Terry Comes, goes both ways. I mean, you guys ready for some pizza? But if you think about it, too, on artificial sweetener is almost like a drug in its own sensitive taking a signal, keeping rain, disguising its way, trying to make the body thinking It's something different and they're spending me something that I just question Well, I would say to the extent of having I'm saying that set her free, being able to eat carbohydrates, I want to show me it's going to increase your tablets if you find that point your body and doing this. So now that I'm talking about sugar free, probably fifteen hundred more counties with food up to two thousand more and never have the craving for sweets have to do so. So then you carry up. Take this picture more calories. Now get ready for a show. You unless you're never craving. I can't think, Um, so this isn't a question, but it's breaking. So rich Piana is medically induced in a coma right now. Move. Hello? Yeah, I'm actually looking at that right now, guys. Yeah. Yeah. So I just wanted you to think, Yeah, Member posted. This is a really, really disturbing news. And let's make a video way, R. I got so much on top of that, it's just I'm just waiting for Manny, too. Pick up the camera. We will close at our precinct because it's no in half. Yes. Oh, Alright, guys, last question. Facebook line. Will you be at the Olympia this year? And if you are, What can we look forward to? Yeah. Oh, my goodness. Uh, platter of *** things. You can look for energy to go look for the red and black. Tony. Dr. Tony, You freaking these guns that come with this guy named Trevor? All the energy you're not going to see can't do shape just so don't ask. She will not be there But you will very paper eighteen tickle get our *** you'LL get the hot rides which is Tony's Ferrari You'LL get the Corvette, get a bunch of hot He alerts a bunch of free *** bags a bunch of get bags And he makes the biggest gift bag that we're gonna have to realize there are free free, Sarge, But also once you could purchase which is way better So I don't know what I'm carrying Oh, no charity the most happy to get back at you The most epic gift bag you're ever gonna see at the Olympia once for come five, come find us Weather bottle holders. Hype, hype, hype, hype, More hiding. What do you want? To see? A full bottle of star every day like every gift bag. So, guys, it's gonna be big. Don't pick, Please wait. On September, that's a Saturday and Sunday at Olympia. Alright, we'LL leave Friday and Saturday. Oh, I'm sorry. Is it Friday, Friday, Friday, and Saturday's the Friday And that's that. That's Friday Insanity. I don't know Tony's yet everything that caused this the Sloane stole my friends of free of pioneers of human evolution

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