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You say, daddy, supper, wait! No. Are you ready for this shit ? So, um, mom, this is this's. No joke. Really ? I gotta make. For you from large, cool c accident. Five hours. So here was the champion. And he just finished feeding off from the arnold classic two thousand seventeen. Petey, right here or in the night. And it just kind of presidents over now into tires and videographer, mate. No booth, just circulating around. I might do a booth in the future here, but we're gonna do one at olympia. Really. Basic training. But, uh, just amazing to see all these people. Very also, diaries is, yeah, good to meet you tonight. How's it going, mom. I just bought one, all right, good stuff, titans yet hardened. Yeah, i got to meet you. Oh, your finger almost squeeze it to our, uh, plenty more to come. It's gonna be the next three weeks. It's gonna be epic. Really ? Yeah, back to asia again. Heaven knows i was supposed to be in asia, right, baby, mama supposed to be in asia right now, but i, you know, change the plans to come here, because so many people said i should come, and i'm glad i did it, it's way bigger than they are in miami. You wait all year for this. Yeah, yeah, really exposed joe's there. State of ohio, i think i'll probably come next year to a lot of the athletes that are competing use our stuff too. So pretty long i get to see how it looks on. So, you know, the smaller ones, not so much, but i don't want to do a small booth plus it's it's for me, it's mostly for all the athletes, like bring them all and get them connected together. And so i got to make sure if we're gonna do we're gonna do big so everybody come and really connected to jump. I don't like my pre workout taste still working on it. I wanted to go all natural so it's all natural, all natural flavors, no artificial, anything best ingredients. But it just well, people okay, people would just take a pill if they wanted something like that. If they want to drink something, they wanted to taste good. So i have to compromise for me. I'm okay with bringing somebody doesn't taste, but it would be like a pear flavour. My thing with my grape flavor, like, right ? I like peach mango stuff. Yeah, i like i like him. Yeah. Yeah, like pina colada. Oh. I didn't snap a baby mama. Mama! Louis, nice to meet you. Really ? James rehydrating with green tea to help pull a little bit of water off. I haven't taken growth hormone for i've been taking the aural growth hormone haven't injected growth hormone in like three days. So finally, some of that water's coming off i was holding a lot of water from the reformer and from the estrogen let me get you oh, and the hamburgers, sandwiches, french fries yeah, but some bad section with roaches in my water and reflection and for special, rational way oh, yeah, thank you. Wear when it's on my bed section with my water inflexion and for rail fragile rational writes i love bot year sutton with cash is getting moody over mama bling bling song yeah, i could do this all day long now i don't know where i mean long now tell me way oh, no peace i a shows on a narrow bed it on where that i don't know what these those made me man i got a call and what's my goal to be on that beat to be making up my mind while puffing on a doobie when i'm on my home cancel thinking about my only, please don't call my phone catches him with the ruiz ruby ruby. I got a brand new with bread and more, yeah, i pop in that actually got it for. Don't nobody try some things and tell me your paul got a bunch of promised an a road with the rolling, some are bad. I checked in with roses in my water, and i'm flexing for l a rexall, right, i live, i will get you out of here. Fronting with cash is getting moody over here, hon it's on my bed section, with roses in my water, on reflection and for really fragile reaction, right way, my mama value women don't love me, that's, weird. I went to italy, and they're very cold thai women, yes, muscle makes a huge difference over there, it's, like you're a celebrity, very. You know things that black women, they don't get here. The good thing about black woman ? Is there blood very well. You can get to know them very quickly. Asian girls, right on the freaking. Yeah, asian girls, sometimes ever quiet. You don't really get to learn who they are until later. Be dangerous, these worldly. I've never wanted a woman. What ? Good, good, you know, peptide injection on the side door, rear does try my index thing. Is that the only reason i didn't get cabs right before this is because i didn't want to risk, like, walking in pain. I'm still really scared. I'm gonna try and never do it again. I didn't know that my young twenty, i'll never do it again. I'll be doing, i'll be having trouble, hit my cab's, probably in the next week or so, and then put the video up. Couple weeks, any pigs have getting big, and you want to be of anything your calves like minded chicken legs, chicken legs, yeah, dude, it's, it's, hard with their big, but you're tall, tall, so this long, yeah, doesn't have anything on him, small. Don't mention it because i don't talk about that. I was wondering who was sleeping a roundabout way. So the difference of product we're using is a highly ironic acid product. So most are oil based. If you inject one cc, you get one cc the gas is cooled water from your blood. So you inject one cc it's like you injected ten you could do a lot less injections a lot less often, a lot less pain and it swells at its own rate, so it doesn't like swell up and make it right. Yeah, he's gonna revolutionize everything coach driver's known about it and use this trick forever, but, you know, it goes cover used to be so underground he used not tell anybody a secret. Separate clients ? Yeah, about now. He's, as you can see now, he's coming out like telling everybody all the secrets were only like, halfway through. We're not. We're not even close to revealing all the secrets he knows about stuff. Just not enough time. I mean, we're we're seventy videos i've recorded. I still have yet to vote, right ? So much information. Home, unlimited information. Everybody's like aren't you worried you're gonna write information like i don't have enough hours in the day, rest orders. We're talking about the human body. We still haven't figured out a hundred percent hard work's signed. Doctors still haven't figured out what really fuck it, makes our brain works, like why we're really fucking hear that, right ? It's, the most complicated organism in the world, were not done figuring it out. That's, right, i agree, that's. Why i like it. I know that there's no end it's like a video game, so you could never beat, but you keep making progress. I love it.

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