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This is dr tony huge of enhanced athlete dot com. I've had a lot of requests from you guys about how i came to be and how i became so successful, and your definitions of success are very different something you think i'm successful because i'm surrounded by beautiful women. Some people think it's because of my body more because of money or my professional life, being a lawyer or my lifestyle, being able to travel the world however i want whenever i want in style. So the freedom of time for my living environment, living on the river, uh, or my toys like my ferrari and, uh, my motorcycle's, my wakeboard boat, my yacht from my jet skis. So you all have different definitions of success, and i don't i don't know what specifically, you determine that by so i'm just gonna answer in general, how i got here, i did start like everyone else with no money, but i did come from a family that had money, so i was used to nice things and nice vacations and nice travel, decent vehicles. Although actually my family wasn't really into vehicles very much or flashy things were very conservative. With money, but also kind of high class about it. Um, i started doing real estate, property management, maintenance, repair, construction when i was seventeen, eighteen years old, and then i started doing computer repair, and then i started flipping cars, just sales, buying wholesale at the option auction, fixing him up and reselling them while i also was doing a computer repair and property management actually all at the same time and going to school a full time as well. I always worked a lot of hours never did very much social stuff. I didn't even go to my high school prom on then after that, i never partied in college, i never drink, i don't think i had any alcohol in tow, it was a little bit older, and then i've still never been drunk or done any recreational drugs, so i think that really helped me, uh, stay focused, keep all of my time and productivity, and i started at a young age wanting to be superhuman. So this isn't a new saying about, you know, it's enhanced athlete about trying to find ways to become super human. I've been doing that since i was about fourteen. Years old, i started reading books about health and medicine and science and future of biology, even from a spiritual level. I used to read metaphysical books. Listen to final beats, try to control my brain. Waves, meditate, um, practice taekwondo. Got a black belt in taekwondo. Started weightlifting when i was fourteen years old, not really knowing what i was doing. But by the time i was seventeen years old, i was an absolute expert. Weightlifting, because i read every magazine from age fourteen to seventeen, like flex magazine, muscle of fitness, yes. Muscular ? I can't remember iron man magazine was my favorite of the time, so i read every single issue of every single magazine during that three year period of my life. You can imagine how much that wass i never read any fictional books, even the ones that were in school, the fictional books. I would just buy the summaries on him, and i didn't spend any time doing homework. Uh, whether it was in college or in high school, i always did my homework in class, so as soon as it was a sign or between classes, i would do it. I never brought it home with me. That way, i could use my home time to be extremely efficient. Um then was with girls i decided at a young age because i think girls really take up a lot of time and energy, so i decided at a very young age. Oh, i wasn't going to let girls control me, and i didn't want teo like chase girls and waste energy chasing girls. I decided instead i would develop myself, and then the girls would come to me if i if i needed it. So i got a girlfriend, when i was seventeen years old, and we became like work partners, and we focused around work, life revolved around work, so work was not a nine to five thing. For me, work has been a twenty four hour a day thing, even when i'm sleeping. Even at age seventeen, i'm working in my sleep because i'm waking up with ideas and solutions to problems. And i like the puzzle challenge. I used to like computer games, too. But after a certain point, life became its own computer game and its own challenge.

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