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I'm Dr Tony Huge retired lawyer turned world traveling bodybuilder. And I want to know from Dr Thomas O'Connor. What is the blood work that I should get done to make sure that my health is in check while I'm taking growth hormone, insulin and steroids? Because I like to balance performance with quality of life. I want to balance big muscles with longevity. So, Dr Conner, tell me in this video what blood work I should get and then to will you analyze it for me and posted on your channel analysis of my actual blood work from the BLOODWORTH. You're recommending that I get and give me a full health analysis and what I can do to improve my health, knowing that I'm still going to take growth hormone, insulin and steroids. So how could mitigate the damage? Hey, Tony, Thank you so much for asking me to analyze your labs. This is gonna be a great opportunity for us together to show the world ofthe people using anabolic steroids, growth agents insolent things like this. How these agents may affect their health from a medical standpoint, this is gonna be great. You want to get a CBC that's you look more specifically at the red blood cells. You want to get a comprehensive or basic metabolic panel. That's the glucose, the kidney in the function. You want to get your analysis. Okay, let's look in the yard. You want to get a lipid panel with all the details of the lipid for the heart, and you want to look at human go money once. See, that's gonna be a long term average sugar levels. You want to look a pituitary function with L h F S H testosterone told one free may want to consider a sperm analysis, and you want to get if you're a man, you want to get a prostate specific antigen. Tony, I look forward to getting your laps back, analyzing them, discussing with you so we can keep you strong and healthy. Dr. Thomas O'Connor. I knew you were the right guy to ask about cancer and anabolic h gh and insulin, something I've been curious about for a long time and have my own opinions about and you really helped clear it up. So I look forward to doing future videos with you, especially your analysis of my detailed blood work coming soon because this channels all about pioneering human evolution but also balancing health with performance. Be swell. Swell, my friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution.

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