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all the answers to getting what you want in life. Coming soon to the Jew to Geno. Dr Tony Huge, a drug addict. Salutations. I'm here in Thailand, and I've heard a couple of people call me a drug addict because they see on camera me using all kinds of different drugs. Well, there's a big difference between someone who's an addict, where something takes away from their life and someone who uses things to enhance their life. I've mastered using drugs to enhance my life, to make me more physically superhuman, more mentally superhuman and have a better quality of life, better quality sleep, mohr energy or alertness or sexual performance. You name it. I figured out how to chemically enhance myself in that way. Now, let me talk about my history, though. So you understand how this did not come from a drug addict background. It was the opposite. I would not even take my quill until I was about twenty eight years old. And I didn't drink alcohol either, because that's not a drug that enhances the quality of my life. Yeah, have a couple drinks here and there. I know exactly where to stop where it goes from enhancing to my life to taking away from it. That's the difference. Being a drug addict and someone who's mastered the chemistry of their own human body and using external chemicals to enhance life. I didn't want to even take Nike Will. My mom would always try to get me to take NY Quil. I wouldn't do it. Reason I even started taking NyQuil, which is, I guess, the slippery slope, the drugs that got me into or more okay with taking other drugs. It was like will because as a lawyer, I would come down with the flu. I used to get sick more often because I wasn't prioritizing. My immune system was stressed out. I wasn't sleeping as a lawyer working so hard, working sixteen hours a day and I'd catch the flu, and I still have to work sixteen hours a day. How you gonna get through a sixteen hour day without minimizing the symptoms of the flu? My head would be pounding. I'd be all stuffed up. I'd be like, delirious like tired and and not able to perform. So I tried. Nike Will and I had a great night's sleep, and I woke up with less side effects from having the flu. And I performed better. And I was like, Wow, this didn't take away from my life. This enhanced it. This lets me be more productive. This lets me feel better. And I know drugs are bad. I mean way shouldn't use them unless we need them. But once I realized wow, I could use drugs for the flu. What about using drugs? Teo, Improve my attention span improved my reading comprehension. Improve my physical performance. So it just opened. Nike will just opened up my mind to this or Universal. Now I had used some things like G W five zero five one six before I even started using my quills. There was some very carefully calculated performance enhancing drugs that I had used before the night grow, but it was really NyQuil because I was so against it. Just like I was against marijuana, like really vehemently against marijuana, explained in a future video. Why I hated marijuana experiences that I had that led me to that feel, that emotion about it. And now I feel completely different. I see all the benefits of marijuana outweigh all the risks. There's the background behind why I became a drug addict difference between, in my opinion, a drug addict and someone who's able to use chemicals to enhance the quality of life. Be small fool, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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