Tony Huge’s Favorite Core Exercise | Serratus Anterior

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I'm showing Twilight Vampire my favorite exercise for developing that physique, that XYZ physique that he really wants because he's a professional model, an actor, and he wants all these lines on all this definition here. He also wants to expand his rib cage, and he wants to be able to hit aesthetic poses. This help stretch the rib cage struck to stretch the delts, stretched the chest shoulders so that he could hit more of those aesthetic poses. It helps build the width of the lattes. It helps stretch all the muscle that and give all the definition of these little muscles that otherwise don't really get hit. Because when we flex our abs, we think that we just work our abs and were that six pack right here. But now everybody's got a six pack. What they don't have is the side definitional, this surroundings interior, all this stuff up on the rib cage, and that gives that definition that really sets someone apart. This is one of my favorite exercises to do. There's some nuances you can use to make it more effective. Take a very deep breath right here, hold it, and then let the whole rib cage stretch out. It gives a much better range of motion. Stretches all the most is much better. Also, we can start with much lighter way. Go down farther with our arms straighter, or we can use a heavier weight spring enough off the bottom, which is how I developed some of my rib cage muscles. In the very beginning, we can also drop our hips, lower sea, drop your hips lower that's going to allow more of a stretch of sea. Now he's got more of a stretch when he lets it down in stretch position and then partials. So at the very top CEO, he's resting. That's fine. But if you wanted to keep constant tension, he wouldn't go up all the way. He would just do the bottom half of the range of motion, another one that you've heard me talk about on this channel long time ago. It's been a while since I mentioned it, but a lot of people have given me feedback that it helped them, for once and for all developed their surroundings Interior. Those muscles on the rib cage is where they take a handle of single handle on a pulley and they pull down in front of him and then a little crunch. They activate their obliques at the same time. They're pulling down a little crunch like this. Activate the obliques, and that hits all that surrounds the interior up in there. So pullovers and the one armed pulling to the front, activating the obliques in the Surratt iss, he scold, scold my friends, Freedom pioneers, human evolution.

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