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it's time to start letting out my inner dragon, not that drag by ranting about certain things in the health industry like artificial sweeteners, they say it's going to make us fat. They say artificial sweeteners are gonna make us fat. That is Justus batter. It's worse in sugar. Two main points that they used to explain this one to. Is that a tampon? BANGKOK, Thailand This is my view out of the condo. Reason number one that they say that artificial sweeteners were going to make you fat is that it's going to cause more hunger cravings, that it's going to get you used to the feeling of sweetness, as if we're so stupid that we have no self control and eating. Aren't people tweet? You're going to make us eat more food in Number two is that they say it cuts of the insulin response. And we know insulin is an animal, a hormone, but it's also a fat storage hormone. And so the more insulin you have, the more of your calories you're going to store his fat right unless you're on anabolic steroids. I just think of myself as kind of an expert when it comes to insulin. In fact, here slim pills. Here's Matt Foreman, and here's actually an insulin pen. As a competitive bodybuilder, I have had to become an expert on the use of insulin. But Lauren insulin for fat burning and also using insolent, become anabolic and build muscle. Why am I doing in Arnold Accent? Arnold's day is long gone. I should be doing a black person accent for modern bodybuilding, Right? Has no me as a very calm person. So in order to bring the ranting out of me, I have to be on a lot of stupid things for these back to the insulin and how that's relevant to phallus. Most artificial sweeteners don't cause an insulin spike. It's a myth. And even if they did cause an insulin spike, insulin drops blood sugar and then insulin crashes and then you're back in fat burning mood. In fact, in body building, some of us bodybuilders use insulin to drop her blood sugar and make us burn more fat. Assuming in arguendo, that insulin was raised by the ingestion of artificial sweeteners, that assuming arguendo is a term that has lawyers, you you used to make us sound smart, so we charge our plants a lot more money. They're taking artificial sweetener. Chances are you're also not ingesting sugar at the same time, which means that if you have artificial sweetener raising insulin, which it doesn't and then you have no sugar to keep your blood sugar higher, you're going to feel a blood sugar crash. We don't have to guess as to whether it's dropping blood sugar. You would know it. Bodybuilders even used insulin to get into ketosis faster. That's the ultimate fat burning mode to get all of those carbohydrates that are floating around your bloodstream. Let's figure and get the store so we start burning body fat instead. I know a lot of bodybuilders that have used diet sodas to get them through competition prep, and they turned out absolutely shredded. And we're talking like five diet sodas every single day. Let's get serious for a moment and talk about why insulin really can make us fat, and then you'LL understand the difference. What do you mean get serious? You're not even a real doctor looking to the articles online about artificial sweeteners making us fat. The first one is from business insider says the simple reason artificial sweeteners can make you fat, and it's because it increases hunger cravings or the total amount of calories consumed. You're gonna notice a theme by the time I'm done with these articles. Second one is your artificial sweetener might be giving you a gut. Same thing. It's about increasing hunger. Then we get a pretty good article from more cola that covers a lot more elements of how Aspar tame specifically could be making us fat, it says. Ask Pertain may also cause waking, because Fennel Alan in Sparta gas and two of them, you know gases that make up ninety percent of aspartame are known to rapidly stimulate the increase of insulin and lepton to hormones that are intricately involved with, say, *** and fat storage, insulin and lepton. Also the primary hormones that regulate your metabolism. Yes, but in body building, we know that when leaped and drops too low, then fat loss stops because of metabolism slowing down. So something that consistently late leptin and stimulate insulin, which then speeds up the metabolism without actually in taking the calories, may actually help fat loss boiler. I'm just going to jump ahead and say that most of these articles don't take into consideration someone dieting and taking artificial sweeteners. They're taking into consideration someone who's normally just eating what they want, reading the same amount of calories and then showing a weight gain mostly, and most of the studies due to increased caloric intake. Not all artificial sweeteners are the same in this video. I'm just giving you perspective on the general message of the media on artificial sweeteners lately, which is based mainly on the aspartame studies. Consider high fructose corn syrup vs artificial sweeteners, though if you're substituting artificial sweeteners instead of high fructose corn syrup, you're probably doing yourself a big favor when it comes to fat loss. Food cravings on artificial sweeteners. Yes, that might be the case. Coach Trevor's always telling me that I should not eat so much artificial sweeteners because it's making me eat more food addiction to the sweet flavor. And then I end up eating twice a cz, much of whatever it is. And of course, it's always got some other calories. And if it's a food item fact of artificial sweeteners on the gut, Microbiome, yes, potentially could damage the good bacteria in the gut and encouraged the growth of the bad bacteria in the gut. The most concerning direct relation to fat loss to me is the damage to the brown adipose tissue to be eighty, which is located in the mostly in the upper back but some of the parts of the body, and it acts like a furnace and burns calories for doing nothing. Free calories burned but Inhumans. We don't have a lot of brown fat, so it's not a huge percentage of the amount of calories we burn during the day and also the concern of a gut microbiome being damaged than causing a cascade of other negative health events, which could indirectly limit fat loss. But how do we counter act that we take in probiotics and we take in pre biotics that feed the good bacteria? Should Mohr than adequately make up for any damage done by artificial sweeteners really comes down to his calories in versus calories out, and I don't usually say that, but the studies were all done on average Joe couch potatoes, where it does actually usually apply. But in body builders in athletes, we've learned the tricks to trick the body into putting more of the calories into muscle than into fat. And these tricks airway more significant than the benefit or the drawback of artificial sweeteners on fat loss. I'd like to just conclude by reflecting upon one of my bodybuilding friends that get absolutely shredded before bodybuilding. Show drinking a minimum of five diet sodas per day. That's R a minimum of five diet sodas per day because but he's on calorie restriction. He's on a very healthy body builder diet, also on steroids, and he's training really hard. And so he's not limiting his fat loss whatsoever because it's not causing him to in take more calories by eating more. His food cravings are actually satisfied by artificial sweetener. That's why he drinks those drinks so that he can die it harder but still satisfy his sugar cravings may doom or future videos more specifically on sub topics. As I mentioned in this video, especially each individual artificial sweetener because they are all different route, all artificial sweeteners are not the same. What they have in common is tricking us into thinking that we're eating calories, which could be used as a tool to either gain or lose fat body builders use it to trick the body into increasing metabolism, all dieting, or to help wean off sugar for dieting. What artificial sweeteners don't have in common is what can be dangerous. The toxicity of a specific one or the effect on the gut Bacteria varies between each one. The conclusion is that artificial sweeteners do not inherently cause fact game nor fat loss. You need to look at the specific one and keep in mind whether it causes fact and her fat loss maybe so negligible in the grand scheme of diet, exercise, supplements and steroids be swell in Seoul, my Friends of Freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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