Tony Huge Prolactin Analysis | Dr. Tim

Dr. Tim will be analyzing Tony Huge’s prolactin levels based on his blood work analysis.

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Analysis of my pro lacked in levels according to my blood work with Dr Tim. What's the optimal range for Prolactin? Okay. And what is my results? Based on my observations over the years, most guys optimally perform ten to twelve. Uh, Donna Graham for middle leader. Some guys could get away with fifteen or eighteen years. Is that zero point one six? So practically no pro? Exactly. Yeah, Kabir goalie. Block it. But But that could be bad to have to lower your center. I mean, too low of anything. Just like too high of anything is not good. We were trying to find balance so usually again on my observations. I used reluctant as a barometer of huh stability. So if a guy comes in, never used any kind of steroid or never used testosterone and I see a high prolactin, which means eighteen to twenty five or thirty sometimes to me, that means that his system is very unstable. That means one day he feels good. The next day doesn't feel good. Some days he recovers. Well, some days he doesn't. Mood is all over the place. So we have to bring stability to system. There's many ways to do that. You could give him Kabir, go lean and he'LL go down right away. But that's not a long term solution. The long term solution is take pressure off the system. So maybe his body is struggling to produce testosterone. And we talked about in many ways that we can reduce the stress on it. See Alice Clomid, Tamoxifin hCG, non testosterone ways to take the stress off. So that's how I used reluctant for the everyday guy who walks in here Now, guys on cycle, it's the same thing. It's stress on the body. It's instability, but it's stress that you put on by taking multiple components. It's not controlling your estrogen and whatever it is that you're doing, So, uh, the theme is the same. But the way you approach it is different. So if you control your estrogen, you control your collected very plain simple. Don't start taking Kabir Go lean just because you read it somewhere that that's what you're supposed to take. Take it because number one you have symptoms of hype. Reluctant, which could be sex with his function. Irritability, instability, mood, instability, no, and get a blood test. And these are the ways you're gonna know if you need it. And what does? Were you taken by curious point five milligrams every four days? Okay, so again, based on our experience here, we rarely give more than point two five at any given dose because we're not trying to smash the number. We're trying to control it, and they let your body adjust to it and control it itself. That's the ultimate goal is for your body to balance and control everything. But when you start changing everything and your body starts compensating for something that's too low or something too high and you're never gonna get that balance, so the take home message of any kind of normal rather be two stops replacement therapy doing his cycle is balance, consistency. That's what you want to do.

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