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This is Dr Tony Huge cycle update. I'm gonna do one for me, and Josh is gonna do one. This is gonna be part of a new serious. We're just gonna update you on our site. Well, kind of like I did a health update. Siri's on Tony. Huge. So as you can see, I'm looking massive, and I just am leaving Kuwait oxygen. Jim spent the week with camel crew training and using all kinds of supplements. And I put on a lot of muscle this week. Like if I stayed here for a few months, I can't even imagine how huge I would get. The sky is the limit. I now fully understand what it absolutely takes to be a masked monster. I thought I knew, and most of what I knew was correct. But now I really know. So I added an NPP yesterday. Nandrolone final, appropriate age, which is fast deca two hundred milligrams my intent to do two hundred milligrams three times a week, which is a total of six hundred milligrams. And take out the testosterone completely. I shot about three hundred milligrams of testosterone roughly like four days ago. That's still in my system is gonna let the testosterone come out while the NPP well, he's coming in immediately. Fast Esther. But its transition to just a deca only cycle again but also using worlds pre workout. So either an and Roll D Bowl or even a Sarma three work out, uh, Loren and of our pre workout. I may also keep in a little bit its arms. I like the idea of keeping in, like five milligrams, ten milligrams of leg and roll, or ten to twenty milligrams of Austrian as a base and also toe strengthen. It binds to some of the receptors outside the most to like and tendons ligaments. Just keep those healthy. In fact, one of the reasons I started MPP, not this arm's MPP was because I wanted to lubricate my joints, my joint for feeling really dry, rickety, and I want to start lifting harder. One thing I learned from Oxygen Jim, is that chemistry is no substitute for hard work. They work out really hard, and I'm ready to train hard again with the new motivation and inspiration from Kuwait Camel crew. In order to do that, I'm going to have really lubricated joints ce arms. Even though Austrian is known for strengthening joints of tenants, the ligaments wasn't enough to lubricate him for the kind of training that I hope to get into and a hand staff flee. Jim, when we arrived in the Philippines later today, so I'Ll keep doing these cycle update videos telling you the benefits side effects. What I'm planning on doing whether I do anything different and so let me get to the side effects now. I am definitely developing guy. No, like it hit. Look, I'm gonna end up with these with these if I'm not careful, it really fast, Like, I just had NPP yesterday afternoon. And today I feel like I know what I feel. It feels like I just I'm just mentally aware of my nipple. Like I think about my nipples on ichi swollen. And then when I squeeze it, that is painful. But I've had this before. It's no problem. I'm just gonna pop one nolvadex land, then a little bit of extra nesting to bring the estrogen levels down on. Then I'll be good. No other side effects. Skin looks good. Old blood pressure. Oh, my God! My blood pressure's how out of control. I feel like I'm gonna explode. In fact, I think that's my limiting factor is my whole body's just like four tight. And I love this feeling and this is what I get from MPP uh, deca. The problem is really hard on my heart. I can feel already the pressure on my heart probably about two hundred twenty five pounds right now with a little bit extra fat. And when I hold this much water, I can tell it's putting too much stress on my heart. One of the limiting factors me getting huge is a body builder is I don't want to get so big that it compromises my cardiovascular system. And I'm right on the edge right there so that maybe the reason why end up ending the NPP cycle and switching back to sar mes because I don't hold any water on ce arms on ce arms in a dry hard I look like aunt's arms, like most people would look like on a high dose and of our low dose Winstrol cycle. So I like I like the way it looks like the way it feels it's healthier for my heart, but I also want to feel what it feels like to get Titan here. So I'm gonna do that for the next week and then transition in the back disarms or keep going If I can keep my diet under control, not blow up like a fricking balloon. Swallow, swallow my friends Free and piney of human evolution.

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