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Dr Tony Huge of enhanced athlete dot com and you guys have requested a new diet, and I've got a great diet idea for you. How would you guys like to be on the split pea soup diet? All you can eat is split piece for five meals a day. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I know it will save me a huge amount of money because split peas are very inexpensive. Infact this package right here came from Wal Mart, and this is a pound a pound of split peas, and it's only about two dollars. Got thirteen servings. Each serving has twenty one grams of carbs, but nine grams of that is fiber, nine grams of protein and some of the reasons why I like split pea soup. It's because it's slow digesting its high in fiber, so it makes me feel full when I'm dieting. It's a satisfying stays. Well, it doesn't go bad. You can package it and Tupperware and bring it to the office. It's a complete protein, which means that you could you could survive off the protein and split peas on Lee. You don't need to combine it with other foods like like vegetarians have to do with most other type of vegetable proteins. It's non fat, and it's hypo allergenic. I cook my split peas by just throwing it in this pot overnight and letting it cook for four hours and adding herbs and salt and potassium salt for flavoring. I do rinse the peace ofthe first I feel the crock pot with water, and then I dump out the water twice, even though they're done cooking after about four hours, it keeps it warm all the way until the morning time. And then when I wake up in the morning, I just throw it into the fridge. Here's one of my favorite seasonings to add just the organic No salt seasoning from Costco because it's got a mix of all of the different seasonings, and it's really inexpensive. Also, Kirk came in at some good flavor to it and garlic, also from Costco. I then add the salt, and then sometimes I add meat to it. If I'm going extra high protein a little bit, lower rock our side, and the meat that I would usually add would be something like this ground turkey. Usually, I would do ninety nine percent lean one percent fat. And then here's what it looks like. I like it a little bit solid, but you can add more water to make it more watery. But when it's solid, it's easier to transport. So I can bring it with me to the office. And tougher makes great baby food, too. Yeah, well, baby, Callie reluctantly swallows the split pea soup that Daddy made her eat. Let's check in with how Coach Trevor makes his body towards shock. You buns. Canadian bike, Anna will, ***. It's golden brown, not burn and use it for this flavoring in the bottom of the pan. So you're gonna use that flavoring in the bottom of the pan of your base to cook everything. How you gonna do put some water in its deluded, important? Well, if it was real bacon, we could've did that. But we have to buy a Canadian, which is, uh, you know, look the same. Roy show. We're adding the goal. It can show what type of subsidies are here. We're not gonna have this Rosemary and bay leaves. We'll do that after we put the broth. Where's vegetables with Carrot? Carly? Now that he grounded the carrots from the onions and the garlic. He's adding the chicken broth with the assistance of baby Callie Organic. Ever put this foot peas into the broth into the soupy mixture, and it cooks? For what? How long tolls? Dunder, You just let it simmer for an hour left some of that water evaporate and it gets until you wanted. You know, stick is, uh, sick is you like it? And if you need the convenience, you khun, buy a can of split peas for almost nothing as well. The only thing is, sometimes they add sugar, so you want to get the one that doesn't have sugar. Some don't have sugar. Here's what the amino acid profile of pea protein looks like. As you can see, it's pretty similar the way protein, and there's been a whole bunch of studies done showing that P protein is Justus anabolic

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