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Too much muscle, what's it, like coach trevor's, been almost three hundred pounds, muscular, but right now, he's, about two hundred forty pounds. But we were just having a conversation here in port of the art mexico with daniel of h gh dream body, about what it's like to get too big, because we're always talking about getting bigger, getting more muscular, gaining more and more muscle. But where's, the limit. Is there such thing as being too big ? And what are the drawbacks ? Trevor, you've been there. Tell us what it's like. So there's definitely a strong backs, and it got in i didn't even come up. We were we're talking about i was talking just how one of the reasons there was a lot of reasons, i kind of lost the love for bodybuilding and competing and all that, but one of the smaller reasons was being at two, eighty, you know, the biggest ever was i was telling him, it's, no different then being ah, obese person with muscle, and i say that nicely now, but that's, how it came up were talking about how uncomfortable it would be to be, you know, water up, partly we're like, yeah, chris farley, we're talking about chris farley and his help this depression is that he's overweight ? But and i was talking about how it was disgusting to me being around other guys, you know, that size having to listen to him, breathe just sitting down, breathing hard, something like their snoring as they talked to you, right ? And that was one of things, but it made me realize i was one of those people that i thought was disgusting. It was gross. It was literally like being a very obese person. That had big muscle and you only look good to other guys. I mean, if that's your thing that's cool, but that wasn't my thing. And if a girl doesn't think that's attractive and you're going after girls but you think that's the ticket to it when you're about that big, there is no benefits when it comes to the opposite sex. Really, unless it's a girl that has some issues or or really or truly loves you for you know who you are as an individual. With that being said, you could start from the morning on, you know are going to bed, you can't breathe, you have a hard time breathing. You have sleep apnea, you snore, you can't get enough oxygen. When you sleep, you wake up through the night, you have the worst, most uncomfortable sleeps you can ever think about, so you never get a good quality sleep. You're tired all the time, you'll fall asleep in mid conversation with other people, you'll be talking to someone he came and keep your train of thought because the lack of oxygen with so much muscle that's this um, yes, and and on top of that your daily life. Alright, you wake up. It takes you a while to get out of bed. Your body's achin you go and that's. Not even just from the gym and aching because of the blood and all that. And the hormones and such and you go. You take your sour, you have to wash your body. You have to use an extension. Going to the bathroom could be rough sometimes, especially if you had any pump whatsoever in your upper body and being clean like that. You go to put on clothes and it's a hassle to put on clothes. You're out of breath, tying your shoes. You came and tie your shoe. You have to sit down and do it with like a chair. There's. Literally. Anything you can think of that very obese person would have you have a you go to bed one you can't breathe already obsolete about me. But two, there is no position you can lay in that's comfortable because you lay on your side. Your arm's asleep. This right here is putting pressure between your bicep, your chest, your shoulder, your hands fall asleep. Her arms are always asleep, your legs are never comfortable. You put a pillow between your legs and they're out like this. Then you try and lay on your back, but your heads back and now there's obstruction in your your breathing, which already big and have sleep apnea so you physically can't breathe while you're laying straight on your back, you try laying on your stomach and then you can't put your shoulders up it's. Impossible, put your shoulders up at that size so you're doing different arm placements and turning all night and you have sleep apnea. There is literally nothing that is good about it. Your amount of food you have to eat, you're always bloated, you know, even when you eat clean and you're always breathing hard. That was one of the things i was telling him. It just disgusted me, and then when i see myself in the mirror as somebody that's disgusting to me, it was kind of like what's the point. You know, girls at that point really don't think it's attractive. Well, i would love to cross a lot of those bridges when i get there, but i haven't got a lot of those places yet. Um, but have experience some of it, like i started at one seventeen and twenty five, so i've, you know, you're growing jeans and and you start walking a little different, all that, like, yesterday in the you got the haircut done, and it was like, fancy little artsy little fucking place close to my house there and think about these seats anyway, i couldn't hardly fit in the fucking seat they have these things, i was, like, suppression sit in it, actually, because twenty, the guy brought in another barber chair from this other salon, they do girls on one side, guys, but another barber chair and i could just imagine i'm to twenty five i'm like, what would the problem be like that to eighty ? Like, you can't go ? You can't get on an airplane all that, but, you know, i would like i want the benefit of the doubt, i don't know, like i feel like it would be fun to roll around the earth like a gigantic ridiculous machine that just shake your head at nobody under fucking stands and you don't even understand you can't even breathe you're just a fucking monster of a fucked up thing like, i just don't want that, but i do, and i'm gonna get it, god damn it! Uh, right, so i'm, uh, two hundred twenty pounds right now, and i actually experienced some of these things myself like the arm numbness, what else ? Sitting in a car, things like that, just the muscles when they get so pumped. That's the problem is, when the muscles get pumped to get so big, your minute starts restricting the movement that i know guys, they don't look that big, and a lot of you guys are bigger than me, but for my structure and my jeans two, twenty pounds, two hundred twenty is a little bit too big for my body. Um, and i've got to compete at two hundred pounds, so i kind of i'm not trying to get massive for more. I'm at right now i'm trying tio instead of being like a super lean one hundred ninety eight pounds, i'm trying to be like a super lean two hundred five pounds and then i kind of think that's, my limit as faras being comfortable, and then i work on instead of just being bigger all around. I just focus on very specific things to bring up my body symmetry like my hamstrings or, uh, my upper chest or making my triceps more three dimensional things that don't add to the discover discomfort but do add to the esthetic aesthetics of my body. Any other final comments for close it out. One of the things you don't notice, either to, um and it's. Not bad, but your breathing too. You can hear yourself breathe a lot. You snore a lot at night and things like that. You can hear it. I hear you guys here know, but the snoring your snoring gets worse the more you, uh, the more size you've been putting on in your breathing when you just sit there and you move around, you make a lot more noise. As opposed to, you know, when i first met you, so it does come a parent. Your body doesn't just get to a certain point. We know and more bread, blood cells and things start all that accumulation. But then the other thing is to, you know, for most guys, and i know just about everyone we talked about it, a lot of people want to look good for the opposite sex and that's their main their main purpose, right ? And you get to that point and it's almost impossible to perform like, at least to the full extent of what you could do it and i perform i'm talking about in bed, we're down, you're like, you're like one you're out on it gives them before you before your yeah, you your body, i mean, your body can withstand it. You could do some crazy things, but you come out that you become out of breath, you get tired, you're profusely sweating, just trying to keep up with yourself. And you're trying to impress someone and you physically can't do it without being this hug your breathing and sweating. It's discussed super unfortunate turn the orchestra and and and now you're you talk about this now, who's to say who's not going to come up and give her a better time. And why is she gonna want to stay with you ? Because you look good that's not gonna happen so that was just my last tio. Find those damaged good girls, those those ones that you know something's wrong with them. They needed the crazy daddy complexes need, like, don't give a fuck about the skinny pricks that just one big retards around. Yeah, and then that's, how you find your house burned down in your car skied and, you know, your brother, sister murdered the same girl. Nobody about. All right, guys, let us know what you thought about this. 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