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chest tear stories with Dr Huge in Boston. Lloyd, I'm gonna give you my test, their terror background first, and then Boston is gonna give you his story. So I was about twenty years old, many between between twenty and twenty two years old, and I tore my chest by getting under three hundred fifteen pounds and with no warm up, I used to think incorrectly that if I would warm up or I would stretch the muscle, that would get weaker. So I kept a lot of tension so I could just jump under the bar and smash because they used to be able to wrap three fifteen for six wraps starting at age sixteen and and less with no warm up. So, uh, then one time as I get a little bit older by early twenties Or maybe it was around nineteen eight in something around there, I just got under it, and I just pushed it and it just snapped because I haven't worked chest for like a month, and I just get under the bar, hit it, and then it was really painful. And I was nervous. I was thinking I should have it reattached. Thinking that surgery. The stars never gonna be the same strength. I'Ll just see what happens. I got full strength back in my chest. Super compensated the other muscles. It is still corn. You can still see it. It's visual. As far as being on a bodybuilding stage. I know how to hide. He can't see it here. Can't see in here. You can't see it here. Come over here. You can't see it there. So really, for bodybuilding, it doesn't make that much of a difference. I also did fill it in with simple, painless pops. See the gavels right here that I've only done it about four times its term. I mean, kind of permanently kind of filled it in, and it's hurting you shot. Well, I put it in with a one inch, twenty five gauge needle. I heated the oil up and I put it kind of deep, and I massaged it around so it didn't kind of not up to much chest. Just got a flat muscle. I don't want it bulls on area too much. So today it doesn't limit me too much. And my self conscious about it anymore? Not really. I think of myself as a Mitsubishi eclipse, which I thought was always cool, you know, on the hood of old Mitsubishi Eclipse. It's got a bump on one side, so I'm like a rice rocket. All right, what's your chest hair story? Story story? So I'm always not like yourself. I always warm up properly. I'm always warm up. I've very conscious about that. It just took one time with one training partner that says I was on my lot set of Chazz. Last exercise chest is like the third or fourth exercise flat bench. I had three seventy five on the bar and just have one time I had the training for. I usually train so of them saying one more, one more. Rep. When I was already done beating that, meaning my muscle fatigue, I was already gone. And I try to get one more rep and that it was like a wet tower like that. I had a racket right away. I knew someone wrong. The next day, I couldn't lift my arm. I didn't have any bruising but had swelling, and it's been since last May. So it's been, what, nine months so much and I'm still I still have a still like It's fragile, like you want to train it. You thinking about hitting it with some sinful type. I don't think I'm the only thing. I'm gonna do any of that. Like I said, I was looking for surgeries like I don't have insurance. So it's crazy expensive, And it says bodybuilders have a sixty percent chance of returning after surgery this time. How does this change your trust training? Now we'LL slowly get better Looking better Fun I do have to work around No plot bench, no rule flaxen I go very light on them Bill plot. But other than that, I can't stay away from that aggravates the psychologically or self conscious about it. No, because I know I'm not going to ever be like it was if I was gonna go on stage and I knew I was going to be, like, ultra lean body got, you know, the meaning that was going to show visibly, invisibly, I don't think hundred percent I wouldn't because I'm not. No, I just care about being able to train one hundred percent one day where I get my chest sticking it back where you think you'll be able to if if I have Ah, republic like yours where you said you don't feel it at all now, right? I will. It took a lot of time, but yeah, it did. It did recover the other muscles around. It seemed to get stronger, Dylan. And plus, we have a sighting. Hanson Oil. We could always feel it. The gap to explore that together. Alright. Thanks for sharing your story and be swollen School, my friends. A freedom fighter in human evolution.

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