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What's your body Fat percentage. And how do you track it? Uh, right now I'm sitting in about five and a half percent. Um, I use an electrode machine, and personally, I'm not really crazy about scales or actual numbers. It's all how you look in the mirror for the day and I just manipulate that again. Not worry, Bob. I didn't really know what your body I don't know, because again, I think it's one thing that it depends who's measuring it and how you measure. It's different every time I do not go off looking here, I can estimate about what my body fat percentage is. I would say that I'm about five six percent body fat right now. Uhm ideally, on stage and be around three to four percent. Somebody could be a higher body fat percentage on the stage, but they could They could actually place better than me because, uh, they may actually have a better overall look. So I'm not really so much focused on what my exact body fat percentage is. Um, just what looks best for me. It was a six point five percent body fat. Now it's two weeks, So you think you're what, like five per cent partner. Let's see what five percent looks like the Yeah, absolutely shredded. So five percent means nobody. That period, the only thing there is is a tiny bit of water. He's going full out. So do you ever track it? And if so, what would you use? Honestly, The mirror, Uh, you know, the little machines that you grab all those things, None of them are really accurate. And then you're kind of on a number That seems to be everyone's first time, round number, same scale. So it's kind of by the mere by someone else's I and seeing that you look shredded it your paper scan and you see all the grands of a muscle. That thing could say ten percent. Well, you look best at ten percent. So why try and beat a number? Probably about six hours. Last five percent for Freddie tested. Wait, Check this out. Look at me. Oh, my God. Right now I know about fifteen are a little less than that in my culture. Does that everyday every two weeks with what type of tax free measurements. And take what the Valley, California calipers and tape. Mitch, I don't crack my back. Just go. But here, that's, uh, my way of I'm just asking what percentage on stage is just asking about your way? It was a matter. I look good. I look good. I look like I looked good winning a show. A ten percent. I look like crap. Losing your show five percent. Remember, don't go off body fat percentage, go off the mirror numbers. You get kind of comfortable hearing a number. And, uh, you know, sometimes it's not what the judges want to see. Just because you're a four percent body fat might not look like it in the mirror, so the mere doesn't lie.

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