Training Frequency Benefits for Recovery | Bodybuilding Coach/Guru Savvas Kyriacou

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you're able to train a bit more frequently and recover faster, who have to conserve our energy for recovery, not utilise all our energy to train to the main thing with everything he's got. We'LL have to conserve our energy for recovery, not utilise all our energy to train. And there's nothing left for recovery. That's why it's there. It's coming to it. That's what people are abusing and a small paper taking massive dosages. Even we must. Gypsies don't don't work anymore because the body so usedto the amount of chemicals in the system, everything goes haywire. The never system doesn't respond correctly, you know in it. But when I do that way, have the answers is here. There's so few trainers out there that are their proponents of more frequent training. It's amazing. A lot of people say only work it once a week, but as you said before four to five days, you're muscle is fully recovered and then you start going backwards. Your proposal starts going. You start not, say, losing muscle, but starting going back to how you were before you before that last one. You looking forward and looking back is like doing this and by and by keeping the the exercise duration shorter and taxing your central nervous system less also, you're able to train a bit more frequently and recover faster. You khun, do maybe slightly more body parts of sessions that are just coming in the gym for an hour and a half and doing chest you Khun do chest than by I mean I do chose bison transit but you can just chess than shoulders for example in Okay then that way you can do everything be more frequently which means you don't have to rely on CE There is the girl twenty five kg That sounds like a lot for me but let's give it a try. Come on. Fifty five pound flies is Ah a week because a week exercise for me But But that's fine You don't need a reptile flies if you do, I'm right Duff is no no one normal mental being involved in this What? Tell me when to start burning Stop Russian police I'll tell you when to start burning mixed up You're right they're messy Traction Harder I contracted in st I'm telling you one more Perfect According don't rush slowly down and then off. That's what you call it. Okay, feels good. Can you talk your way? I'm sweating from flies. Don't usually sweat from flies. You know, it's really it's really funny how when you right when you say slow down, that's one of my body wants to speed up and catching me. Doing that is throwing me into something that I'm not used to doing, which is enough to tax my body. That's simple change right there. That's what I said about. Tomorrow's going to be so sure you're gonna be cussing me tomorrow. What?

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