Training Legs with H-Squat | Coach Steve

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So it is a squad. What it does is it creates leverage right here. You guys ready to see the craziest leg machine? What do you call this, Steve? Eighth squad. Look how high I am. A pin the air. Wait, Go! So it is a squad. What it does is it creates leverage right here and the reason why it's so high, because if it was lower, it would have been enough leverage to get accurate amount of weight. So here's a little bit of the springs to get at attention and and, of course, for the for the crazy guy's amongst us. We use a little bit more bands and ripen around, so you get way more tension in the top of emotion against you and insane amount of rage. Emotion, as you can see when you can go all the way back all the way to the front, and it simulates a squat without putting too much pressure on your back. That's what we use it. For course. Tony's gonna put a little bit more weight. You can load this up all the way to the front, then get a decent about. The hardest part is getting in and out of the machine because it's literally three steps up Seeing how you stuck. Yeah, I'm just being dramatic, swollen school, friends of freedom, pioneers, even evolution.

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