Training Natty VS Enhanced? | Lui Marco’s Perspective

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Actually, I got a question for you. Louis. Marco, are these gains? Lawyer or oil might be ninety percent loyal, but I saw his video tries off. Something sees so many percent loyal. He's exactly right. Ninety on the point, Not ninety one, ninety percent loyal, ten percent oil. It looks bigger in real life. Thank you. Doc's turning huge here with Louis Marco at the Dubai Fitness X boat. And my audience wants to know the difference between training natty and training on gear. How should a natty train? Because a lot of the pros that call all the programs we sear designed by people enhanced steroids. H gh insulin. So how does a natty make the best games versus someone whose hands? Well, obviously, I don't know. The other part of the inn has sparked fast for me being forty to think that penguin years as the way you recover it makes a longer, longer time. Far as I understand it got a white has that protein sentences and they're basically recoveries. Watch Quarter that us three much. May my my muscle needs to rest at least a four week. My biceps. My try. Stop smiling my quads That's the main difference of Father. See. One comes to training recovery. So how much volume you do? Processions of lifting Never change, actually, since I had a love with Dorian Way of training, who's always, he's heavy way rep. Range. Maximum six man for big muscle group formed party of my exercise is about five six and show on small muscle group. Maybe four. That's it. So So this type of training and he doesn't really take much time. It's not really time consists. Not any busy business professional or anybody who's got a life could do. Super intense short training each muscle once per week. To be doing that for years, not to change lower injuries if you stop broken, cannot fix it. So I think the critical thing people must be missing is the training intensity that because if you're not training intense a novel, then once a week is then I could be enoughto right before my treaties, and I cannot imagine a natural seriously training a muscle group more than once a week. I think we're talking about ABS cows or on the matter with my biceps. It's impossible for me to twice a week just impossible to fail. So you sore after the workout. I'm hard this floor nowadays after to work out. But if I try to work the biceps like, let's say Monday is back on Thursday, it will fail and that the power will not be there. The will not be there. All right, we'LL keep it loyal, not oil, And be small swole my friends of freedom finding or your revolution.

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