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I'm nine days out from Miami National Bodybuilding Competition, where I'm gonna compete in classic physique and I'm getting some last minute advice on what type of training, how frequent I should be tripping and how much weights versus how much cardio I should be doing nine days before the show or tighten them the muscles bring out frustrations and burn off that last four pounds of fat that I need to lose to be ableto compete holding my head up high on the national level. On the phone here, we've got the guru, the original guru that brought a lot of the bodybuilders to the stage in the nineteen nineties who has given us his opinion. He's also going to be there with us in Miami when we're gonna reveal who he is and get into more of the science of his philosophies. Until then, we're doing these general update videos. We did the first video on drugs. The second video is on training. The third video is going to be on nutrition. The fourth video is gonna be on mineral manipulation and how I looked fricking awesome at a bodybuilding show and only twelve hours from manipulating my sodium. Potassium Alright, guru. What type of the training? How frequently said I'd be doing it between now and the show. The next nine days of training before your training. You for you, The body right now. One of us. Right now. This point, it's all about getting separated. It's all about trying to get subcutaneous water body that out of you and the way you do that, use withdraw and hierarchy Great. What? You're slowing body, that you're so close to the complicating and you're really gonna be happy about that. Pretend you don't know the injuries over money. Find you perform, you drink pizza's well, if it does weigh Has your fat if he knew you pretty well straight but that look in a different look that look when you start using heavy lady when hair mussed my decree water and we had a deal which is all are at this point in the game. You don't want to really create those stairs to that. You just want to create enough so that you have more separating and class more water pulled into the bustle, you know, and die of her holding on for you. You know you do you? Isolation, movement burning Teo do all the isolation of what we do all mine. You know whether people called silver. You know, table flies are regular dumb bell Flynt or made any sort of flying island had presents Me, You have a single made many related later, girl blind, good thinking. And these exercises will be going in a drop dead center with turkey part of your debt with twelve initially looking to get laid. You're going to jail, you're on. And any failure not just kill you on your home. You know, I told the team it's likely not one way. But you know it's working what you get for your without Something without solving machine. Really good playing voted stuff. You load a mobile on your partner before you, you have what and go on the Golden Gate. Heart intentions on the muscles for the entire number combined means that you're doing that. I think that number these video twenty Teo first part of his bed. Surprising fault. He second part that you twenty on the third part is doing your best to go over twenty one fine for one set. So you really have marketing exercise. But you know your party. So you look at yourself in here and you go to your compulsory poses. Take a look at your chest, will you? Can we just talk about the boat? You decided to take a look at your body. State work hard, like African Tortilla Pounder. You know, making yourself look that you had resembles What part do I have to bring out more right now? This type of work out of a very, very far here. You called cause yeah, be hard for you to be very, very hot. And you end up burning out really quick so you won't be able to do multiple senses. Take exercise. That's not the goal. So everything is really specifically designed at bringing up whatever you need. You in the photo again beside me for you. He's more history. Wellness. So what you going to tell me? You're not getting a body part any more Very brief for days to recover. You agree? You're covering the following day as you all touch up work out for you. You literally no Tio prevented the bows. Hey, specifically here around perfecting proposed. Not like Triers Fall season of order your free this workout, which has so sort of pattern to it. You got a baby on the side in the tech world. Dirty game. I will find your doing at that time. Is Mohr looking at refining the body from the water wrangle? You're home. You are. Okay. How much about cardio versus wait. So much of each Should I be doing? And how frequently should be training. How regularly wearing training to be a cardio fighting cardio Kennedy husband. Four times today with a recon teams have before because you are very, very low for you. Okay, but good people shouldn't. How many Emily days out from a show. Do you typically stop the train absolute before? So you know you can usually usually helps you everyday. Good, Because the ladies made you a water Trading is like fire felt training that covers going with myself way off being because there was water going to be cared for. You know, it's one of those things where you don't overdo it right now. You really do go in there. You You take three exercise and you three and you're right. You look at the bite of a liking. Kwon Yu would like you and do a few tens of whatever society you know, bring up those bodies. The part that goes not you and every day or so before you before the show. At that point, you aboutthe brain but you and at that point, But you should have a full body on duty. All of the different separation in the puzzle. You could work out of being fired. You know, only brings out the rating in the muscle because we're doing it on a little car north getting leader, No individual colors. You ever do anything like that? And the giving of us with hearing these lines everything. So the city is getting indifference, even notice the difference twenty four hours before way. Have elite great radio different because you not only do we have billion you with later the male manipulation, but we also have the ability to cart being seen there, Larry and happy. When you carve up people, you call them and talking. So there's something that happened way defying assault. But this off to the pickles and the must get the most threatening thing. Body OK, cardio before or after waits. Sorry that he's right. So the cardio before the workout. That's why Ugo is the only kind that everything that is usually unless it's that time we're trying to get your freedom because you're crying, you know? So so warm your full body or something like that. But when you're on your own, Hart, everything Well, don't be hard on you, right? So when you do this workout specifically denying digital crap that you put in your body over the year out So you want to cardio birds, actually, because the cardio allowed you to keep breathing like a stream of water. So the workout tends to be more towards the burning of the fat and even on the higher resident in his time here that but again Oh, God of a workout build around, lead that gold. Not pre implications, which is over will be here in Viper's between cycles, cycles of information. And, you know, when you gain rebuild, the world can be more muscle. Hello? I work out. Should I be doing abs frequently today? Okay, but they they they Oh, they really love you appointed doing. And you can tell me that you've ever had have worked out better than the hardest part your land do you? All your life. So you know the public agree? Think of our, you know, lucky division of everyone in a hat. All that you have already. So it's no use, Mom. So I figure you get that down for us when every breathing is one being most worth having. No. Do not wait for that waiting to vibrate because twenty, but during. But wait, Really? Don't Don't you think more singing? Give your heart But you have now seen the video individual well being, you know, a bit more. Okay, my turn for a change by morning classes. You put them up. But you, on dedicating now, still remembers. You're not training so hard. It's gonna be portable. Okay, so you're always going to couples put around that table And a couple people a couple different literary go for making them look as perfect as you can. Okay, How about emphasizing? How about repetition speed or emphasizing the contraction part? Do you think emphasizing the contraction, we're making it almost cramped. You think that brings aspirations because that's what he does. But really, you don't need a car. You're over your failure So get your other guy that you used Yeo contraction and you never being amount of. Just begin. That's the call of the about to burst so that you may you know, that being the case, you two want to be able to do the contracting. You go from a is one getting plenty of twenty five. Last five. When you're over, you're burning the contraction because you could track golden fighters. They already dilated. There's already so much mental going on that black people love you. Now you're you. You okay? They have a repetition speeded. General. Two seconds up. Two seconds down. Okay? No. You know, that's generally good rule for now. I do believe that a little bit slower does help in the beginning. So I think that the first team three down even the first five more seconds, I think reports maybe hurt your body. Do you president used part and it really does bring out a lot of mental month of my body. You're usually wrong. So what do you want to do? Kind of during that said, if you really want to incorporate all the day that, will you your people visual simulation. Well, Grady out for fivers. More separation, trying get deeper. Chronicle the better contraption trying black Southerners condition with the remaining all of making with Benji. That's all the questions that I had. Yeah, that was it. All right. What can we conclude the training video? Guys, Remember the nutrition for the nine days out from the show? The diet that's gonna come up next. Then we're gonna talk about mineral manipulation and please subscribe so you can follow real time in Snapchat. You want behind the scenes of what's gonna happen? What's going down in Miami? Swell in school, Friends of Freedom, Pioneers of human evolution.

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