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just missed your question about whether Coach Trevor believes in training to failure. So that's what this video is here to answer. Yes, he believes in trail your training failure. In fact, when you ask Coach Trevor whether it's better to do high reps or low reps or this type of work out of that type of work out, his opinion is that it does not matter so long as you're pushing your body to the limit, which means failure. But there's multiple different types of failure. There's like mechanical failure and metabolic failure. There's there's a whole bunch of different things that could cause you not to be able to work out anymore. Do another rep. So it doesn't matter which one you choose. Optimally, you would you would hit both, right. So if you would like an intense drop set where you did heavyweight and you hit mechanical failure, but then you then drop the weight, go lighter and lighter, and then you hit metabolic failure to worry just completely exhaust all of the fuel left in the muscle. Both a teepee, uh, glycogen, and the muscles just tore up depleted. I mean, that's the ultimate right. Obviously, in a short period of time. You don't want to overtax self to where you can't recover. But what I see Trevor do an actual life when he actually does train hard or any of the top guys that I see train is they do, Ah, a lot of warm upsets. Uh, it's for injury prevention. It's to get the mind muscle connection, and it's to get the blood flow so that when they do go to failure, they're actually going to failure than not limited by any of those limiting factors. So it's not that it's not that they take every single set to failure. It's that they take the few chosen sets all the way to failure and beyond. Aaron reads a good example. Here's Aaron. His training method is high intensity, low volume training, which means he doesn't do very many sets one foot pound nails son, but he warms up. He does quite a few warm upsets first, because if you weren't toe warm up, you wouldn't be able to hit that set all out Washington failure. Well, I might be able to do it, but I would worry like so injuries. Biggest concern. My making about Does the warmup also help you with you to the mind? Muscle connection or the blood flows perform better. Of course, because the whole time that I'm that I'm warming up. I tried to just see where I met with the way I just see where I'm at. So I want to feel how I feel so gradually So the goal is not take Spend much energy during my warmups. Lot of people named warm up there like, you know, sweating and ready Okay are warm for me. I'm just trying to get safe. He'Ll run and save like Okay, I feel that I feel that Give it a jolt warrant? Yeah, Had a little more way Give a warning too, because that's what I may end up doing when I go in heavy as I can see, if someone's watching him work out, though, they may watch one of his warm upsets and think he doesn't go to failure. Right. So So So the point is that yes, we take every exercise to failure and beyond failure. But you might be watching our warm upsets if you see us not Goto. You also might catch us on a day where we're just doing, like, pump sets are just trying to burn some of the ice cream off, not actually trying to build muscle. All right. A couple questions came up during the live. Do you think megadose ng m k six seven seven is one hundred milligrams can replace h gh injections for hyperplasia. Mmm mmm mmm mmm Mmm mmm. I don't know. The answer to that I'll just give you a little bit of data is that I did review, uh, someone's lab work where they fasted, and they took thirty milligrams six, seven, seven per day. And it was roughly the equivalent of them injecting like three units of h gh like five times a day. Like like if they took fifteen units, a growth hormone per day. Now, that's more than most bodybuilders take. And that was just remem k six, seven seven. But the bodybuilders that I've seen that have crazy, extreme amounts of muscle, they use a lot more than fifteen units, a growth hormone. I know it's a lot, but the truth is, they, you know, like Coach Trevor back in his day, he was using, like, thirty forty units of growth hormone per day. And it definitely worked to create massive hyperplasia. Whether that is the result of most people's physiques or whether that was overkill. Um, I don't know. I don't think that in case six seven seven can ever rise to the level of thirty to forty units per day. Uh, but it certainly can create as much growth hormone is injecting. You know what most bodybuilders, uh, average daily injections for H g. H is, uh, c f s h e s h injury. I mean, style can repair for it. So a mean style H gh protocol is, uh I mean, inject small doses of hte creates throughout the day. Yes, that works. But the most critical time for injury recover is before bed. So if I'm trying to heal my injury, what I'm doing is I'm taking my largest dose of h change before bed. But but but the daily doses help also, but I'm gonna take Mohr before bedtime. And I am other times of day. The swollen school friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution

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