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training in failure. This is a bodybuilding weightlifting concept that could revolutionize the way you train and your results. I see a lot of people when I travel around the world training completely incorrectly. If they were to employ this one principle from guru a mean that he showed me yesterday in the gym that you're going to see another work out, they would have tremendous results. Now the theory is that you the set doesn't actually begin until you hit failure. Can you explain how that works? Exactly. So when everybody else gets a set and they start doing it, said they ended ten ten Rebs would be to failure. Well, once we hit ten Reds, we get a spot. We get a couple of forced Rebs, we do a drop set. We go past that. Even so, you hit ten reps is just to get to failure once you get to failure. Training in failure is what keeps you from having to do a bunch of redundant sets. And what ends up happening is it. Listen to it, But there is a There is a place for pyramid style William training. I'm not trying to say that it's not good. It actually does have its place as a buffer in in the middle of, ah, rotation of different workouts where maybe one style would be pyramid. But then the next style it is going to be a pre exhausted workout. Okay or drop sets super sets. We did a pre exhausted drop sets for cats on DH. That was just one of the things that we did and what work out didn't begin until you hit failure. But after you had failure on the first exercise, all the other exercises we did you didn't have to do three sets of it was just pretty much get a set in, do the drop set and you were done. So I did a round table video and posted it on YouTube, saying to a bunch of different athletes, Do you take sets to failure? Do you take every set to failure? And most of the athletes said they take most sets to failure. Some of them said that they don't take the first or second set of any exercise to failure because if they do, they lose their strength for subsequent sets. So how do you respond to them saying that if they burn out on the first set, they're going to not be able to lift much the rest of work out. It's a different workout. It's a different workouts. You like that type of a workout you're trying to be strong for. That's a pyramid style work out. So you're right. You wouldn't want to train to failure because you're tryingto you know, train for strength. It's it's it's a different prerogative. You know when you want, when you want it, that you go for that. But when you're talking about what we're talking about, this is like a normally it would be an hour workout compressed into forty minutes. More like Mike Mentzer style, like a heavy duty style training. So when people say that they trained a failure, all I have to say is watch of Dorian Yates video, watch a blood and guts video and and ask yourself, Do you train like that, man? Because if you if you mean it, may not have to be, is heavy and who knows what the training partners you know and it is space. But But it's the point is is that the intensity of the workout but you can't keep it up all the time that you try to do this kind of work out all the time. Your immune system's gonna drive and you're going to get sick. So that's where you do pyramid style one week, and then you you go all out one week and you don't worry about Frank. The theory is, if you train a set until failure, then you've used what your body's used to do it right. It's only when you go beyond failure when you dropped the weight down or you use intensity, technique like technique like forced reps or negative that you've asked your body to go above and beyond what it could previously do. And that's what requires your body to adapt. And the growing of muscle, the increase in muscle size or the splitting of muscle cells isn't gonna happen unless you're giving a very strong message to your muscles to adapt. Now, what a lot of athletes are doing is they're using things of crutches. They're facing things like steroids, and they don't have to necessarily train to failure to grow muscle on steroids or memory would have better results. But I think a lot of the misconception that we see is we're starting to blame people's gains more on the steroids. Then we are on a training run. If they were toe add this type of training to the steroids are taking into the chemistry there taking, then they would have even better results, which is what I think. The big difference was that we just talk about, like the Dorian Error again, or that I think the big difference was training. You look a Hiss Tyler training and you look at everybody else's dollar training and they train hard. But Charles classes, who looked at the workout videos of the way he trained Flex Wheeler for the show in Flex, didn't really go to failure. He did a lot of reps. You get a lot of angles. He looked really good, but he didn't go to failure. Well, wires during needs. He goes to failure. He does strip says, drop senses four strips, all that other stuff, and you could see in the end the muscles granier the muscles more tight, more compact, more dense. So it comes from two different things. Strength is obviously one of them, but also training in failure not just getting to failure, getting to failure and then training in failure. Like so. If you had to pick two different types of workouts to Dio, would you dio like a strength work out where you are using have your weight and then a hybrid trophy would call it hyper turned training in failure as a second type and the maybe switch between him. If I had to pick two, I would. Those would be the two I happened, actually, rotate three. Um, and that's, you know, another one of my coaching techniques. So I wrote a three of a One of them is the two of them are the ones you said, And then there's a third one that's a little something above and beyond. It's got some special exercises in it. It's got a little bit more pre exhausted super sets with drop sense, but also like a giant said. So there's a couple of this is all. So that's like instantly bring up a weak body parts like if you've got a certain body part, that's weak, and this is how you crashed that area so that you can grow because you're not going to grow from just going the regular pyramid. Start training and you're going to grow. But not the deal that significantly catch up a weak body part, All right. Subscribe the Seymour videos on intense training techniques, bodybuilding chemistry and unraveling all the secrets of becoming superhuman. He swelled swole, My friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. 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