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professor here is from here for my three thirty extra credit appointment. I'm ready for you. So hot Dealer missed class the other day and said it was because she took too much tramadol. I don't know what Tramadol is other than when I travel with Coach Trevor. He's always buying it in the Mexican pharmacies. So I want to know what is Tramadol from Coach Trevor and then guru mean, who also has a lot of experience with painkillers. Go ahead, Trevor. So about it once in Mexico, just to different kinds and Mike spills and in once in Thailand. And one was because I had a stomach bug where there was blood coming out of my store and I didn't want to get any painkillers and Mexico. So I got the tramadol. It's a synthetic opiate. So what that means is it wasn't derived. Um, just by getting up the poppy plant on making like the oxy code and bike it ends, or the heroin that's going around, it's synthetic. And the reason the reason why I would take it when something like that happens, or we walk around a lot and my knees start to hurt and my back and such. I get channel because that was the only one that didn't have the the same effect that a painkiller would have on me, like the like New banner or Vicodin in or such. So I could was able to take this, get someone of some good pain relief and be able to come right off. And so you can get those up pretty openly in Mexico and the beats getting, you know, buying painkillers from other people. And it's a prescription medication. Isn't prescription still in the U S gonna doctor prescribed? Yeah, Used to be. They just literally changed the substance, the controlled substance number on that. So they just moved it up to the same class as Viking it. But it was pretty sad, because that's kind of how it caper is. Tramadol addicting to you personally know. That's how I use that toe wing off of the other things and then into crater and then nothing. Okay, now why not use something like Advil Tylenol aspirin with the difference? Because it's just a non steroidal anti inflammatory. And what that means is it just helps. Ah, block inflammation. And when you don't have cartilage in your knee. Call your missing tendons and ligaments. Information isn't what's you know, really the main cause of it. So you have a joint grinding on a joint, so you feel your bones doing this. And then same thing when you're going to the bathroom and blood's coming out. It's not just a title that's actually going to make it worse. Can mess with your stomach, Your stomach lining. Okay, guru mean, what do you know about Tramadol? Tramadol. The name for its old tramp. Andi. It's Ah, it's a It's a Orel pain medication that's not a direct narcotic, like he's saying it has narcotic like effects, but it's not direct. You know, when you're when you're in pain and you don't want to go for, you know, taking something that could make you high and Advil or Tylenol won't cut it. You know it's good. So for her back pain, you know, from that auto injury that she had that would just, you know, really help her where she wouldn't be as drowsy or as non functional. Or it's not as addictive also so it's on the very, very low end of the addiction scale. But it actually has a very pretty good quality of relief for the fact that it's not making you hi. What other drug is the most similar to it that people would be familiar with the name of? Well, I think New vein of in body Building, New vein and now be fain hydrochloride is an injectable agonist antagonised. It's a drug that's similar to all tram or tramadol in many ways, because it's also synthetic. It's not directly from the poppy. It's not directly morphine, heroin or Oxy Khan. And those drugs suppressed the respiratory system. And so, in body Building, we were experimenting with new being back in the nineties because this is was something that would make you not feel pain. That was, and we're going to a video more on new Bane itself. But new Main does have body Billy applications. Does Tramadol. The same is the same as what new name was. If they're Natalie, themselves were suffering and they needed to get through. Then it's It's actually basically like Orel, a weak, very weak oral version of new vein, which new ban is an injectable last quick question. Your difference in in New Bane versus tremble the high. You get a high from new paint and especially the delivery method. What you're doing it. You know, if you're being it, you're going to feel the rush. Tramadol. You don't really get a rest room, and if you take too many of them and trying to get some kind of high out of it, you just throw up. So Tramadol is not something people are going to abuse. It sounds like, Well, there's some weak minded people with that can abuse it. I've heard of the type of people that could have use anything. Yeah, I've heard of people doing it, and I For me, it doesn't make sense. Even though I did have a problem with painkillers, it's I just don't see how you could, because the feeling I don't really get a feeling of pain relief from it, but like I can. Second, Atticus set up. I've had several surgeries. I just recently had surgery for two surgeries for Ernie, as you know, and all tram is probably or Tramadol is probably the safest medication, and someone could take for pain. It's got the least potential of addiction of all the other pain relieving medications that air a step stronger than you know, eight hundred milligram Motrin. All right. Be swell in school, My friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution.

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