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hang out with people that you that make you cringe that you think are have a terrible lifestyle that violate all your morals. I've noticed that some of the most intelligent, most successful people that I've met are the ones that have traveled the world, not the ones that went to college, not the ones that got college degrees or profession skip the universe finger troubling. Instead, here's a guy that did that. He's, uh, left the U K. When he was eighteen years old. He's twenty one years old now. He's traveled the world. I find him to be an incredibly intelligent person who is now financial freedom living in his favorite country and then go Thailand, bouncing around other countries as he wants to explore more countries. Maybe Callie is probably supposed to be in preschool or something like that, but I'm figuring that the best education you could have is traveling with me. So I want to know from Luke if he thinks that he is become so much more intelligent for having traveled or if he was always this intelligent and if he would have stayed in the UK and gone to college, does he think he would be as intelligent as he is now at twenty one, being a world traveler. But I think it's important, Tio kind of remind yourself of who had taken advice from a learning from, and I think when you're taken to school or university or forced to be forced to listen to a certain person in a certain way of life. And I think when you travel and you meet other people who are open minded, your mind goes from being like this to being like this on. I think you learn to kind of live life on your own terms, and I would say you kind of create a reality and I think when you have online income and you have the open mindedness and you're not fearful and you put yourself in situations that most people don't, that's when you get the most out of life. Definitely, And I think people underestimate things like social skills and kind of like communicating with others and getting ideas and being courageous with like what you believe. I think that's way more important than following something that you're taught to get a degree, and I think I mean getting a dream. I think getting a degree is important if it's to get a job that you really know your passion about doing. For example, if you want to be a doctor, I think it's fine. But I think people these days are very much like sheep. They follow the crowd and they do the degree that everybody else does just to say they've got it. He put himself in debt and then after that they go and get a job that they could have got without the degree. And I think people were more open minded and thought their own back. You know, you don't have to do what I'm doing. Obviously, I'm doing quite a controversial. You know, it's a bit strange, but I think there's many different things you could do. For example, you know there's many ideas that you can come up with, but I think the confidence to do it. Is it difficult to come by for most people because people are very easily influenced bye. But people not bad people but wrong, wrong advice. So if you can get your hands on the right people surround yourself with good people, take their advice. I think you can achieve a lot more than you want, and I think traveling just about first you want to find what your goal is, and then you want to find the most direct path to the problem with an eighteen year old is they don't really have defined what their goals are. Instead, they go to college and other people impose what their goals should be on them. When I think eighteen, you're too young to make a decision for yourself. I think because people are taught to listen to their elders from such a young age, I think eighteen most people don't have the independence to make their own decisions. So it's easy to listen to someone else's advice. If you're taking the advice from the wrong people, I think sometimes most people should take a second to question what they're listening to think. Would it benefit them personally, rather than would it B beneficial to everybody else? You know, it's easy to go and do something that someone else wanted to do, but if you don't really want to do it, basically wasting your life. If you're looking for goals, we're trying to find out who you are getting perspective. Uh, learning who you are is more important. So if you have a goal and getting a college degree is the fastest way to get there, then yes, If it was gonna go to college to find out who you are, you're not gonna find out who you are in college. You're gonna find out who you are by traveling and seeing other cultures and perspectives meeting a lot of different people from different areas of life. That's I think, number one, actually. And don't just go to the tourist spots because that what that is, is that just a bubble extension around with more wage people? That's what I would say. A lot of my friends are very different in a unique way. None of them are the same, you know, they don't go to the gym, but they all offer some kind of advice. What makes them happy, you know, and I think taking a step back in really figuring out what you want. It's very, very all pushed even farther, he said. Hang out with weird people. You hang out with people you find offensive. Yes, hang out with people that you that make you cringe that you think are have a terrible lifestyle that violate all your morals because that's where you're gonna learn. That's what it's gonna challenge your belief system. That's when you learn perspective. You should have that feeling when you need people. Don't stay inside your bubble. Yeah, everyone in person, I think staying inside the bubble you will always remain in that bubble. You break the bubble and I think you'LL start to see everybody slightly differently. I think since I starts to live like this, not really care what other people think. I think now I'm happiest regardless of what other people think about what you're doing. You just have to do what gives you the lifestyle you wanted the end of the day and enjoy and enjoy every minute. Be small, small friends, freedom pioneers, human evolution

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