Traveling with Dr. Tony Huge | The Experience | Aaron Reed

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you ever have an opportunity? Train or travel, Dr Tony? Huge. You better take that ***. Aaron Reed, world's tallest bodybuilder Coming at You live well, I'm in route to film the hit Indian Siri's TV. Siri's porous Try. Answer a few questions for Bears Getsem content out there while I get a little bit of time. This is a great question. What's it like traveling with Dr Tony? Huge man. First of all, it's great. Never a dull moment. It's exciting. It's all about life's adventures and my opinion. There's two things that matter in life. Okay, your relationships and your experiences, everything else and traveling with Dr Tony Huge. I have been exposed to already several new experiences, and it's been amazing guy. The guy works harder than just about anyone I know is he's a non stop. His brains non stop. I love it when he's such a thinker, and so he's always tryingto add value to the world with the next best. I think that's not a gimmick. That's not crap. It's actually gonna add value like we'LL sit here and talk about things and whatnot. You know, we're talking about Cody and we'LL talk about cars talking about fats. And then we'LL talk about supplements and what would be good? Go with it And why this guy wants to do it. I mean, that's great. You know, top of that. You know, I keep hearing about these lady boys and whatnot in such a hard time about I think I think we'LL be going to Bangkok soon, so I'm probably gonna figure out first hand what that's about. But you know what? I don't give ***. I'm down to have a good time, and I want to see what's out there. That might not be my my thing. You know, we'll get a good laugh out of it, you know? So there's that, You know, I think this is It's offered to you the lifetime. You ever have an opportunity? Train or travel, Dr Tony? Huge. You better take that ***. All right? Don't don't wuss out. Get your feet on that ledge and jump the right train hard. Stay focused. You gotta make them gain side

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