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trend for Fallas. Good questions, My friends of freedom. You guys asked this multiple times on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube comments. So let's hear what Coach Trevor has to say about using trend for phallus. That's what I hear it come up quite a bit, actually, and more so just adding him as ah uh, cutter. That's what they always say in the cycle. It it does. That's fat burning properties. There's a few ways it does it. One is it has such a high binding affinity, you know, to the Internet were separate. The stronger its binding affinity to a receptor. The Internet receptor, the more phallus we will have, like with th e compounds so we can burn fat. And that that sense but its biggest reason. It does this. It's like we talk about every other video with It's the idea of sensitivity and being ableto partition nutrients more effectively than other steroids because of this. And there's a few of those mechanisms that you know, relating my gf in different growth factors that will do this So you are partitioning nutrients more effectively, which will in turn lead to phallus. It's not a direct fat loss source. But this is what I always preached in all the videos about keeping your your insulin sensitivity healthy, because that in the same thing increases you're nutrient partitioning the effects of that. And so they all come together. And when you have, ah, higher insulin sensitivity gf turns and things like this are more potent, more powerful. You respond better so you can effectively lose more way in. Retain muscle now. And as in terms of a fat burner, trembler is ah, fat burner. Things like a fat burner would be more like Clint Funeral your combined, you know it stimulates anything about that nature. Those are actual fat burner, so using a hormone to burn fat, it's not necessarily directly causing the fat burning, but it is helping utilize fat as an energy source. You could say that while preserving tissue, but I wouldn't call it an actual fat burner running it just for that reason. Back in the days when I hit a high dose trend, I was experimenting. I would sweat at night so much as much as if I was on D M V. And we know D, and he's the most powerful fabric moves out there loops, pound of fat per day, but I was definitely not losing a pound of fat on trend for how do you relate trends Fat burning to the MPs, Fat burning when they seem to have the same effect ofthe body temperature sweating. Uh, there's you can't compare the two d N P is a fat burner, and the way it works at Bernie Fat is completely different. Trembling. Like I said before, trend doesn't really directly burn fat as some properties to it that do with nothing, nothing that would call it a fat burner. Now, in terms of night sweats and side effects like this, they're just they're They're similar to the MP, but not because they're mechanism of action. The nice sweats associated with tremble own are the same as you know, the increased aggression and things like this. You're getting side effects from trembling because it's it's not made for humans. There's so many different things in your body that chemical processes that it messes with those side effects. Just the sweat just so happens to be similar to the MP, so you can't really compare those to when he's talking about fabric. Trump blows in a whole different category itself. It would be something I would say. You combine with the fat burner like the GMP could be a little more effective with Trine partition, but that'd be a trend. Malone is used industrially for cattle to so they cannot have to feed them anymore and put on a whole bunch more meat, which actually makes it like a weight gainer. Lean the Instead of putting on fat, we'LL put our fossil, which brings more value to the beast. So it gives the best they had estrogen to the trip. Okay, so there's that element that's that were not doing as body builders. But if Trump alone is helping put on that, does that mean Inhumans in order for tremble of be really effective chaperone? Or you have to run a deficit? Um, it's not so much a chlorine deficit. Yeah, that would help. It just helps burn the fat and retain muscle and actually have an ability somewhat not not like Primo, but somewhat build muscle and lose fat the same time. So that's the only thing you can really say about it, you know, that's a faras I would go with Trump was Yeah, I think one of the reasons why I tremble own appears to be such a good fat earners. It's not actually burning so much fat as it is preventing you from storing fat every meal that you eat. People don't realize on a daily basis. They're storing fat burning fast during fat burning fatso. If you can limit the amount of fat you put on for any given meal, you can't tell with net result. Whether you lost weight fat because you were preventing the putting on a fat or losing that, there's two sides of the equation. I think Trent below helps just like pro forma helps a lot with not putting on that first place crowds of burning fat, although they both do burn fat. Just think. I think people are misunderstanding that yeah, all right, so trend isn't a fat burner, but indirectly through a bunch of metabolic processes. It does help create an environment where the body can lose more fat than without. Yeah, you could make the argument and say it is a fat burner because it does like ancient receptor. In which case you'd say testosterone. Everything else is you, Khun aren't, you know, argue that fact that is suffering through that. But it's so much weaker than directed fat burners that we don't want to put it in the same category they just help with. Partly is in your tramp petitioning, which goes back to our theory that we think that people who are usually cutting our taking way too much steroids that the the emphasis should be in a cutting cycle on preserving the muscle, because you're not going to gain muscle while cutting and in such a glory deficit. And I had a large yeah, if you have to really get into a large deficit on diet that you can't grow into, you know your weight. Usually you grow into it the first twelve weeks out of a sixteen weeks prep and then the last four weeks, you know, maybe five weeks, four weeks. You're really just maintaining what you have might have to lose a pound herself. But it's all about how far out you are with you doing your caloric deficits. How much cardio that person has to do with the other element is health. To take trend to burn fat is a very unhealthy approach you shouldn't even be thinking that way as faras fat burning. I guess that would be, But it probably as faras the amount of fat burns for the amount of side effects. I'd say training clamp you to roll on the same level because clenbuterol burn more fat. But we'll also even have more side effects as far as long term problems with the heart and other things, depending on the dosage, because I mean a little bit of trends not gonna burn as much fat as a lot of traffic. A little bit of a computer is like a proposed a lot. A lot of our body builders are taking high doses of both and they could just have not recommend you guys *** DNP None of this medical advice. But that's why I when I discovered DNP er our started using it was a frickin miracle to me, because then I don't have to tax my health and all I get to lose way more fat than any of these other things like dread that cause a ton of side effects. And the next video we're going to do is about the side effects of trends people don't I know about because there's a lot of people think that it's just blood pressure and acting something. There's a lot of other things that trend does to the body. Long term that at least I mean, I'll still run around every months from now. At least everybody should be aware of this before they go into something like trends. Fat burning. What a waste of dress We're running for six months to a year. Ready? Trample up. Let's just say that I have that effect. So it's not worth of this powerful tools. If you use them, just make sure to be informed and use them correctly. Swell, fool. My friends of freedom. Find yours. I

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