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Testosterone and Decca dosages. The ratio between the two Dr Tony Huge of enhanced athlete dot com here with Coach Trevor and we had a question from one of you two fans because we do read all the comments and responders many of the personal messages we can. The person said he is currently doing two hundred fifty milligrams of testosterone per week and three hundred milligrams of Decca per week, but that some experienced coach or something that told him that he, ah, that he needs to increase the testosterone, always run Mohr Testosterone van deca or or any nandrolone or any trend, any of that type of the nineteen nor steroid class to run more testosterone than it. Otherwise it will shut you down. So we were trying to interpret what that means. What exactly he means by Shut him down. Coach Trevor, what do you think about the ratio of testosterone and Decca dosages? And then we'LL get into his specific recommended dosages. Ah, so his his question. Yeah, that was kind of when he said shut, you might yourself down. You take ten fifteen twenty milligrams of nandrolone Unit's shut start showing yourself down. Eso shutting down your natural testosterone is really easy with an Andrew behind. What he's trying to get at is the side effect decade, you know, in question is taking too much of that. Is it going to cause those side effects as if you had no testosterone? Okay, let's go. Let's Let's say this. If you take a deca or a trend on Andrew alone and you don't take any testosterone, then we know that your natural testosterone will crash completely. Because deca and trends are far more suppressive than the testosterone based steroids. By suppressive, we mean suppression of your natural testosterone production. So what happens to your body when you're natural testosterone zero and you're taking nandrolone like deca and with no synthetic testosterone? Correct. Then you get the side effects of a nineteen based shutting your two sauce thrown completely off and raising your progesterone so you can be right in front of Beyonce. I mean, so you think that'LL help cause guy? No, uh, would it help cause a guy no, be able off to sauce? Oh, no, no, no, no. But the side effects of with no testosterone, your primary sex hormones. So think about what testosterone does. Oh, I thought you were talking about Beyonce's boobs you're talking about Beyonce. Wouldn't even turn you on your sex drive have begun. Yeah, that's probably not it. Well, if you didn't take the sauce is probably enough flag around the world to get you, You know, doing it because it is that bad If there's no testosterone in your body, Okay, so sex drive goes to zero. How about sexual performance? Like getting hard instead? That same thing, that all that takes a hit. So what else? What if someone doesn't care about sexual performance of sexual desire? What? Are there any other side effects of having zero testosterone? You You can't be tired. The way you dispose with and process glucose is a big thing, so it could even impact your muscle growth in your performance. So that's why I always tell people that you want. You just want healthy levels of it. You wanted to be able to do its function and taking two grams of testosterone. What are you going to get beneficial if that's going to benefit you? More than five hundred milligrams with Well, how much testosterone do you think you would need to take with deca the minimum testosterone to preserve sex drive and performance and glycogen storage and the other benefits that come along with testosterone. So it depends on the person A lot of people can take just a little deca, and it doesn't matter what they take. Maybe they had fake to social, maybe was something else, but they take just a little bit and they swear up in that. I can't get it up. I can't do this. I can't function on this and they just take a little bit of it and whether that's the underlying cause, or maybe there's issues somewhere else. But aside from that, as long as you're taking around two hundred milligrams a week of testosterone, synthetic testosterone, you're going to be sexually, you're going to function sexually, and I mean, that's that is your primary. So it's kind of hard to tell if you can feel that the glycogen benefits, glycogen storage benefits and the other muscle building benefits of testosterone are working on a short term basis. But you can definitely feel the sex drive, so just the dropping off of the sex drive is a good indication that it's time to maybe replace your testosterone with some synthetic testosterone at that point. All right, What about with dosages? As we go up in dosages with Decca, do we need to increase the dosage of testosterone? It can. We stay at two hundred milligrams. Theoretically, you could stay at two hundred milligrams. There's going to be testosterone in your body. It's going to do its job. If you ran more, deck away. That whole theory, I mean, the whole bro talk, I guess, is what you would say. It just doesn't make sense. It makes sense on an endogenous level. If we're talking hormones, your body is producing naturally. Like if it was producing Angela on deck and eight for nandrolone and your body and you raise that so much, shut it off. That's a whole different level, right? But we're talking about since that. It compounds when you put a synthetic compound in your system, whether you like it or not, is there, and it's not going anywhere. Same misconception with the growth hormone insulin thing and having no simple carbohydrates because the insulin production, but you're taking a synthetic form, so it's in there whether you like it or not, You're not gonna have to take more to compete with taking more of another compound unless you're talking about, you know, receptor binding at the receptor level, one being more than the other and having to run something else more higher dose because of that. But that's only when you come in terms of that, OK, and so you're saying it. First of all, this is not medical advice. Don't do anything we do. We're professionals. The's a prescription medications only use about a doctor's supervision. This is not to encourage or entice any type of behavior. This is educational entertainment purposes only. So you're saying that if you were going to do eight hundred milligrams of deca, which is a pretty high dosage, you could still stick with two hundred milligrams of testosterone is a base to preserve all the benefits of testosterone. Don't increase it with the Decca. No, if the higher the higher you get. Teo, if you were taking a hundred milligrams of Angela and two hundred milligrams of testosterone, if you bumped your testosterone eight hundred there side effects, they're going to be a lot more, so it's going to make the side of fakes a lot more. You can up your dose. Ostro get up into four hundred as opposed to two hundred. But even I've done in. I believe it was three hundred was when I was taking, and I ran up to twelve hundred million. Makes that then Angelo and I was running three hundred makes its the saucer, and I know no problem whatsoever. I've done the same with trend, and that's my client's having the same exact same results. I haven't run a very little amount of testosterone dependent where they're at, but there's other people. Like I said, they touch just a little bit of that compound, whether it was a gram of it or one hundred milligrams and they're shut off when there was a mental thing or it really did they swear up and know So all right, so three hundred milligrams of test and twelve hundred milligrams of decades, What you were doing is that fairly standard. Do you think? I mean it is that on the much higher side of Decca, first of all, and it's and it's most of time, people say you need to run equal amounts. Testosterone, his deck. I mean, that's the bro science on the Internet, which ever since you told me that's wrong, and I experiments it with myself. I'd say I have to agree. Yes. Oh, no. Come on. Come on. Say hi. Say hi. Body alert. Yes. What do you What could we do for you? You want a picture with us? Okay, sure. Three hundred milligrams of testosterone. Twelve hundred milligrams of Decca. Totally find no sexual side effects. Yeah. Yeah. And that was me. That was me. And I know a lot of other friends because I ran an Angela on a lot higher than that, but I've had hired to sauce around the same time. So the best result Aiken give personally was I was doing twelve hundred, and the brand that was using was three hundred MiGs of testosterone. So I had that effect. And I have my clients to the same similar things. Not twelve hundred MiGs of Angelo, but always keeping the top. Just Austin on a constant Ahh, lower value. And you only want the benefits of testosterone. Sometimes you do raise it for certain things. So I'm not saying run two hundred MiGs every no matter what you're around, there's times where you do up its specific times. You would up. It may be taking based forms, but other than that you're going to keep. And in the end game is you're gonna keep your sexual function at that dose. So it's there whether you like it. Well, ever since I introduced you to the rest of our circle of athletes and you've been recommending two people to drop the testosterone dosage toe, only the minimum required two hundred milligrams per week and then increase the other compounds unanimously, every single person said much less fought side effects and much better benefits, So I'd like to thank you. Trevor, this is part of the anabolic matrix. This is part of the theories behind the physics of the anabolic matrix, where we uncover the secrets to the human chemistry and maximum muscle building extreme fat loss and doing it with less side effects and less cost. So keep falling Anabolic matrix. Siri's. It's the same between the positive effects. When you say one post one equals three. Like we said on the anabolic matrix, with growth from on this and that same goes with side effects. Always keep that in mind. One's raising a bad, you know, estrogen here. One soon progesterone. They also work together. It means going today. Swelling. So my friends and freedom.

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