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friend isn't necessary in bodybuilding. I just started a trend with meant stack cycle here in the Philippines were in the Subic Bay, which is a few hours out from Manila. And I just shot up some cafe trend. Thank you, Alan and men. And it got me to thinking I used to think that trend was absolutely necessary for becoming a competitive bodybuilder, because my impression was that all of the high level bodybuilders wrong trend. Well, now that we've travelled the bodybuilding world worked our way through it underground of bodybuilding. And Trevor and I have interviewed because we call it surveyed, uh, dozens of high level bodybuilders, including many on the Olympia stage. We now know it to be a fact that most of amused trends, but I want to know how necessary is there alternatives to trend and we could get into meant later. But I want to know specifically Trevor's thoughts now, uh, in compared to your thoughts before Trevor on how necessary thought trend was to body, it's stayed the same was pretty consistent. When you're talking about competitive body building, it's not necessary at all. Actually, has one will have when I have to be a client that never ran. Trend is entire career. He never ran it before he turned pro. He's never ran it since. He doesn't like it. And so it's not necessary. Now at an elite level is when everything becomes fine tune where every little thing makes a difference. So if you're talking about a two hundred sixty five pound Olympian guy in Olympia stage and he's going toe to toe with you, you guys are, let's say, equivalent weight. Every single thing that you do matters are you. Are you saying that trend? It is a more powerful substance in body, building them the rest of us until you get to a certain point. It doesn't matter if trends in your regiment or not. But what happens is when you start getting to these wait levels in these condition levels, when you're talking like guys in over two hundred sixty pounds on stage, there's something you have to start incorporating things like trend. If you were to go take one bodybuilder, for example, who doesn't have it in their arsenal two hundred sixty five pounds versus the guy who does that would basically be the different given that they die. It's the same training with the same. Just took a doppelganger friend would be the difference that one guy would actually win over a year time. So that's the only difference that makes gets that very elite level, because you can do most of those sayings with other drugs. That trend does, with the exception of the GF sensitivity and those new tramp are shinning effects from trend. Those things, when in combination with other drugs like growth hormone and such, can't replicate that. So there's a certain point, that trend. It won't matter if you take one or not in your career. But once you start getting to the upper tap out of your genetics and then you start incorporating those drugs, that's when trend would actually be almost necessary. Trevor, when you're doing your coaching calls on your were also mean fans. I noticed that a lot of small guys were using Tread yeah, eso you saying that it's really not necessary use trend until they are to get to a competitive or pro level body? Uh, I'm not saying that exactly, but you could do it without trend one hundred percent. But what happens is. Most people don't have these drugs in their arsenal. They can't get real cream a bond. They can't get his real drugs. So the most effective thing would be the treme alone, and that's never fake. It's almost It's very hard to fake it. The side effects, the color, the taste, all those things you can under dosa but then use through the color change. So trend is almost a staple in everyone supplement routine steroid regime because a regiment, because it's one of the chief, assigned the cheapest. But it's widely available, and they could get that. But they can't get legitimate primo and do these other drugs that would be safer on Get around that. So trends and everyone's because there's half the population things. So I take it because it's the strongest and they don't save it for later use on, then the other half takes it because that's what they have access to. They don't have access to really good human great products for a regional amateur bodybuilding show. Do you think trend is necessary, or are you saying that it's really only necessary of the higher pro level? Um, it's only necessary when you talk about being one hundred percent necessary. It's only necessary at a pro level. However, it is good to add if they weren't a pro. Obviously, it's going to help you and shorter time periods do certain things that a woman can't do. But you can definitely achieve this without it, so it's not necessary by any means. But it is very effective, so why not use it? But when you're talking about is a necessary it's absolutely not necessary. Comparing meant to trend, How far do you think men based on your experience? Now that we've experimented with some of our athletes and ourselves, I can get us towards what trend does at a pro level. I think there's such polar opposites. You everything about those drugs are different. There's a lot of strength game between them both, and some people have highly higher calorie demands on men and with trembling, you get nutrient partitioning so you actually don't have to eat this much, and so I see them as completely polar opposites that actually worked better together. Then they would separately. So that's a hard one to say, because I until we find out more about men with its conversions with estrogen, and it's it's affects outside to the engine receptor way. Won't know we actually get research on that. We really need to find out how effective meant. Is that sensitizing us? Gf? Well, I have the wires of the at the high level of body. It obviously does that to an extent. Because of the estrogen increase. The amount of estrogen increases estrogen in nature will make you more sensitive idea. So there's other pathways. But estrogen itself will do it like there's some other underlying, you know, effects mediated through Matt. It just hasn't been any research on it, so we have to figure that one out. Whatever the reason, I say that it's not necessary and more so. An amateur body believed in pro level is one. You could get the same job done with other steroids that are much safer and get the exact same job done. You're going to look the same and only really starts the matter as you get to that high in level, when every little thing matters and the reason I say, Take something else, Lee. A premium bond. There's a a bunch of different compounds we can take our place of this. They're safer and people who understand the side effects of tread. They might understand some of the kidney issues that you get from trend and the brain chemical changes when it comes to aggression and sleep patterns and things like that. But a lot of people don't understand the long term effects. The trend. I'm on your brain and things like this because there's a lot of long term side effects that I think if a majority of people knew about him, they probably wouldn't take China's lines. They are taking it. We're gonna be doing more videos on men and trend combining the two the synergy between the two more videos about beginning bodybuilding and pro level advanced bodybuilding. As we travel the world, explore these compounds on ourselves and our many athletes that are guinea. Feds experience venting on themselves as well as reporting to you guys subscribe, like comment below on what else you guys would like to see coming to you from Subic Bay in Philippines. Be swell in school. My friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution

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