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trend. Malone for women. I'm Dr Tone Huges, Coach Trevor, and we're talking about trend, which is one of the most powerful and most dangerous steroids for women. It's definitely not something we advise. Don't use any of the stuff now. Dr Division. This is for entertainment purposes only. I know a lot of female bodies motors, female competitors just straight up ripped *** females that have used or do currently used trend below and obviously much lower dosages that menus. When men used trend below. They obviously get huge and ripped and shredded, and it's probably one of the most powerful stewards of existence. Tony, the injection clown, is back. It's also very androgynous, which means a supposed to anabolic anabolic meaning, mostly just developing multiple cells, angiogenic meaning affect so many other things in the body, including masculine izing trades. So women get deeper. Voices grow body hair. Their face starts to look like a man. That face becomes thicker. Basically, looks turned the women into a man. But a lot of our female athletes that run it in lower dosages don't experience the side effects as muchas females and hired us so there. There are some ways to run in lower doses for short periods of time with less side effects, although potentially irreversible side effects. So from Trevor, what I want to know is what kind of dosages of females running, what kind of females air using tremble, log, what kind of side effects of using the experience from tremble for women? Okay, so, like you said there, there's a right way to use a better way to use it. It's a wrong way to use that. Most people use it the wrong way. And now with females. When you look at this stuff, it's gonna have similar effects of each team. You're going in the same, you know, effects with, you know, anything that's going to change a woman into a man. Basically, you really have the same effects and to the extreme. So what that means. You have to take a lot less, and you have to kind of test test the soil will and go say the end of our Winstrol and go through all these routes and see how you respond to these before you even touch something, tremble, tremble alone will be the absolute last steroid we're going to try once she's plateau down everything else we'LL not even that I was the same thing. I tell women, if you have to take tremble on to get your prep pro car, shouldn't be. You should not be competing. If you have to take tremble just to get a pro card, what are you gonna have to do to get that? It's never going nowhere else. You can go from track Now that's the most powerful Stewart the women a woman could date. It means that maybe meant it means you don't have the genetics or there was something wrong with training. Diet, nutrition lives is one of those three always. So just remember that you have to take all these different parts for something like tremble. There should be no reason any woman has to take tremble Lessons say they were competing on a level like Darnold Olympia. That would be something, because then you're all at the highest level. Now, whoever is doing the best things they're gonna win at that point if you can't get to a certain level without it streaming use. Now that doses I've seen, I've seen those low is ten milligrams a day and I've seen women take his highs. Thirty milligrams should be turned below asset a trend ace which by far would be a better choice than trim along anything because trainees has very short half life. So if side effects do come and they probably will come quickly with draft, uh, does it could be dropped. Or it could be cut out versus the end. They take one shot. It's in the body for two weeks too late. You get your side effects get worse Over two weeks, a woman should never use water. An enemy? Yeah, never in me. Even when you try and nail the first time shows casing in side effects that are talking. Tell her the best way found for women. If you were to run a tremble, it is instead of taking it every day, taking it a few times a week and spacing those shots similar to the perfect steroids like we did in this way, they know that you don't get these changes. They get a break for these changes started occurring in their body. So doing one two, three days during the weekend switching compound, maybe with this arm or even taking a day off. This is the way to combat side effects with women, and I think that's the problem now is these coaches? There is a right way to run a trend for women, even though I don't believe in it. But these coaches are telling him just like a men's cycle, do it every day, every other day. But whatever happened to cycling through before the side effects? I guess if you've seen lately, these women are having for a blow. Horrible side effects were seen everywhere the boyfriend or coach, or give Muse crazy things to do. And sometimes it's really low dosed stuff, but they haven't do it every single day. That's not always the best way from, especially it's Angela Bennett. Okay, let's say it. Everybody's different. Everybody associate different gender. Everybody has different goals. Would say that a woman is totally okay with or even wants to have the masculine izing trees. She wants to have a deeper voice. You have to have hair on her body. She just wants to be jacked, just jacked and justice strong as, ah, body builder man. What length cycle do you think a woman could run of trend women, women don't have comes. Same is dealing with man. We've run in the same amount of frequency same time when it comes to that. And they wouldn't need us much as a male. He would actually respond really good between by being today with and twenty five makes pale with their kidneys. Valium. I mean, besides your night giving plateau darn it up to three months at the longest, you probably still get the effect, especially repairman up train is potentially different than a lot of other steroids and that the body doesn't desensitized to it as much it is through other. Yeah, it's a sensitized the basic andro effects of its basic things that works through the engine or something. But the other effects of still stay you can take it almost like a basin. You're psychic for the fact that you're not feeling triple strength. Still working. Let's compare the dosages for men and women. Ten milligrams for a female is the starting point of a CE train A's for a s. So if it was gonna be injected every three days with that B thirty milligrams once every three days for a woman, because I would be too much. You're okay. How many milligrams per week of training? Solomon Starting thirty milligrams two. Forty five, I would like to say. Okay, so you're saying ten milligrams every other day? Yeah. So you said when we do a shot of ten or three days in a row and then changing stuff? Yeah, because you don't have time to build up. Thanks. You would still have time to build, but fixing state stuck with every other day. Okay, let's compare that. Men's dosage. Thirty milligrams is for a female and a male dosage of, uh, trainees on the beginners. Welcome, Ken Ace. I would say about fifty every other one hundred fifty. So men take five times as much five times, which seems pretty consistent with other steroids is that women take with her five times is sensitive to not just based on body. Okay, Even if a girl has more muscle, it's based on the fact that females will just want more sensitive androgen as they go around with such a lower level of these energy in their body. Naturally and then, same with new class. Everything changes during camera. They go through puberty. The difference between a man and a woman when it comes to hustle that all these things you have so much more and when there's so much more, we also have our receptors that all these everything's just there with work. Let's finish up with going through the benefits. Just looking at the most positive side of trend for women and then the potential side effects for women besides macular masculine izing effects. We already talked about that called Your Realization Bythe woman starts to exhibit male characteristics, even mental male characteristics. No, actually, Texas really, really *** Teo. All right, so the positive side is a woman would become very strong. She would recover very fast from workouts. She would build a lot of new muscle, not just inflate the muscle size, but also new muscle cells due to the insulin sensitization insulin like growth factor sensitization of the most cells to create the splitting of new muscle cells. Prominent and what other benefits of trend strength also size fat loss, muscle density the most gets harder for vascular, so that's why the majority of whom take it for the fat loss, believe it or not so much the muscle. But when they come into contest. They have this perception that Trump alone is going to be a maker. Break steroids and they ran trouble for a show. They're going to be able to grow for it into a show or look their best muscle, keep all the size they have and lean out, which actually isn't true. Love does a better job coming into the show are hard for diets and trembling. For most girls, there's trend below. That is a terrible choice. So let's talk about the side effects of a woman. Let's talk about the mental side effects mental, fit the physical mental and change the brain and then also the psychological changes. And then let's talk about happens to body potential motor inside fix. And we're going to cover the side effects of long term trend use and men in the future. But that's just a quick overview for women, but too worry about so what you have to take in consideration. Look at how in a bar in strong, even small doses these things, how they affect women mentoring so outside of the infinite level, outside of what Andrew's due to women and men, because it's going to be exacerbated. Now look at what tremble of those trend actually changes. Brain chemical composition. It changes your brain chemicals, and this is true and men and women and it's not. It's not meant for human use, but I take it these great chemicals change. Like you said, four from long term side effects. Really bad, just short term with aggression and things like that. That's because of the chemical changes. And estrogen is very important for these chemical changes to fight back. Tremble own at the same time locks those receptors from an estrogen having a positive effect on the brain. So when you take a woman sex woman like estrogen, you're keeping the benefits from happening. To break their side of fakes versus the men on tremble is gonna be skyrocket. Five. I mean so much more. But then also taking the consideration, how they respond, a wind strong and of our logos and things like this. How they behave differently because it's a very apparent how fast they changed. I'll take something stronger than that, what with their effect, and then take out the benefits of asked and what's gonna happen mentally. Think menopause time stamp. Now they are doing such a lower dosage, they still have to worry about kidney problems, potential liver problems from traveling. This everyone does. Women are sensitive to everything. So even at a low dose like that one hundred percent because the carpets and the way their body operates, even though it's the same human, their sensitivity to these things, how they filter is all different post of a man. So Lo does as even though music strength talks, this woman definitely have. So I'm not a big fan of coming off steroids completely. I believed in cruising or just running something all the time because I don't need to get my body back home, you know, stasis from something like a storm. But when it comes to trends at create so many changes in the body, it's something where I believe it is better to cycle, not because we get too sensitized to it, but because we have to get our brain chemistry and our body chemistry back to normal so that we don't experience exponential side effects over time by not giving yourself a break and getting back to normal brain body chemistry. Yeah, and one thing people don't know about type more into it, but the dependency from travel alone If people start making up for drugs, depression, all those things, a lot of the guys in the nineties that we're doing the drug to get off drugs, not because of them themselves. With depression, rain changes have trouble, so there's a lot more to it. So nothing against Tran, its powerful tools in the tool chest, only to be used under doctor supervision. Dr. Direction. It's not medical advice, guys. If you like this video and you want more videos for females because we do have been getting requests from a lot of females. Videos about females and steroids will do that. But us know what you want to see in the comments below and like the video to show us want more like this, be swelled school, My friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution

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Michael Eyngor

Whats the best cycle for women just so she will have endless energy all day
I thought about s4, since it has to least suppresion-most power to it
Or just test cycle is enough??