Trenbolone VS. Deca for IGF Sensitivity

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I've got coach trevor on the phone here. We want to know what's. The big deal about trend. Malone and i g f sensitivity. And there's also deca and angelone fina propia nate. So these different nandrolone do nandrolone sze have the same effect on gfs trend. And if so, why aren't we using nandrolone instead of trends so that we'll have so many less side effects ? When the main reason that we used transfer the i g f sensitization at least the enhanced athlete anabolic matrix uses transfer gf sensitization trevor, is there anything really special about trend ? Or can we get the same idea of sensitization from decca ? Um, well, trend is special and you can see on the studies how trend is so effective that nutrient partitioning on one of the main reason for this is not just insulin sensitivity, anything like that. But the actual sensitivity the i gs and that's what we're talking about here when you lump everything together and something like, uh, uh, androgen spectrum and you start saying this is a protester or a natural on steroids having similar effects, they might have similar reactions in the body. When everything is mediated to an androgen receptor. They're all gonna have their own mediated offense. And a way to describe this for you is look a interest. In receptors and in love venice, every steroid binds so one receptor. And what does that have ? A different effect. And the main reason is because there's something else steroid hormone binding proteins and what these do is there biologically active and those sites there embedded in self men membrane of a target issue, right and it's like a secondary messenger system. So all these things worked through different pathways, how i always mentioned in the videos and with nandrolone specifically our trend specifically, one of the ways it does this is through estrogen, and having a higher concentration of estrogen makes tremble on more effective with ideas. Sensitivity in angela has a similar effect, but not towards idea directly. Estrogen is related. But the reason why nandrolone itself has anything to do with i, jeff it's more of a second, their reason. And this is because on the s h a p p, which is what you would call the steroid hormone binding protein it's. Actually, in every study that shone in humans, not just rats, it does actually increase your glucose metabolism are glucose disposal and lowering insulin levels. And what this will do is making more sense. To the tide ? Yes, when you have a higher insulin sensitivity, so i jeff gets higher and higher your sensitivity i jeff as well. So it's an indirect relation toe idea of sensitivity. Ok, i follow you follow up question and i'm asking this because tie in clark has a protocol of using high dose nandrolone deck our npp and josh and i started at the other day hoping to get some of the benefits of the gf sensitization. So i went online and looked up studies and all i could find was studies about mandrell own increasing i g f wasn't determined whether it was through thie, estrogen conversion or some other effects, so i'm hypothesizing it was just because the increase in estrogen that it was increasing gf and there and i couldn't find a study of the nandrolone effect on the actual muscle cell in increasing sensitivity in the muscle cells. So you're saying that yes, it's true, the secondary effect of of the indo active fact of increasing the estrogen and just being an androgen in the first place is goingto increase idea. I know where the extent of the trend, right ? You're talking of a very small percentage. And what it is is its ability to act similar to, like a glucose disposal agent is what you would say not to that extreme, but it lowers levels of fasting and regular blood glucose levels in the body. And the more you do this and it goes into the liver goes far beyond this. An extreme it just makes you more sensitive to insulin overtime. Which time sensitive tie jeff is well and it's not a direct correlation between the two. Specifically is the secondary ahs. I told you, just how the s h b p's are messenger systems and the nandrolone doesn't directly increase estrogen personally, testosterone would it's more like we talked about progesterone land early converts, twenty percent of test. I mean, estrogen, according to the yesterday. Yeah, but its main effect, his project. And so when you're making dosa these things, you're gonna you start taking the plate five grams of saying one gram of tremble of you're going to start getting an estrogen increase in estrogen itself is utilized for idea production like you were saying. So you're getting a very secondary small secondary benefits you okay ? So what if i use the need. So how about i'm going to use deca aura nandrolone and i'm going to add the slimming pills, enhanced athlete slim pills or any other insulin sensitize er glucose are insolent medic! And so i'm really sensitizing myself to insulin, and i'm gonna use insulin. Animal news i g f in germany is an angelo. Aren't i getting all of the benefits of trend blown ? And mohr ? No, you're going to get a lot more out of tremble on in a combination of estrogens. And you went with in angela. But let me put it this way when we talk about the matrix. Anabolic matrix, why you gonna go after this one area ? Right ? We have engineer receptors. And, like, is that depending on how strong the binding affinity is to stare with how long it stays on there, um, in the side of face or not, why not do tremble alone and your nandrolone ? And you get these increases from either or or from a combination that to do your slim pills, the growth hormone or night, jeff, and then add your vitamin d hi physiological high, super physiological dozen of your vitamin t three and like the council trail, not the cold. Call several and increase your body's ability to reproduce. Regrow androgen receptors in your sensitivity to androgens, and be able to get that. Basically, one plus one equals five ratio between doing that combination, rather than only going after one that answers my question very comprehensively. Thank you, coach trevor. Be swelled school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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