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we're here in Pattaya, Thailand. Talking about Why am I so vascular? When I'm walking around, especially in the sunlight, creates shadows on all the spider veins threw out my arm I wanted to know who is a friend of freedom that lives here in Pattaya. We saw me in person how I got so vascular He said, Was it the growth hormone Wasn't the growth hormone Because I got this vascular parity act from my first steroids. The first time I could be What caused me to be vascular in my arms and shoulders back is that I lost the baby fat. So you're a baby. You put on all this fat and you've actually never lost that layer of fat that's under your skin. You still have because you've never done a competition and got four percent body, you get four percent body fat, those receptors that are in your arms and shoulders and those are easy to activate. Those are easy to lose once you have already lost it before. Miss. There are fairly stubborn fat to lose him the first time because you've had him for so long once you burn him off forever on you'LL be able to shed fat off your arms and the fact that everything I'm saying try about picking Winch Hall and probably only gotten down maybe one percent percent of one percent think that's probably why I don't have same vascular charity. So push it to the extreme. Even if you're not gonna do a contest to a contest prep gets down to four percent. Take bodybuilding drugs to go along with it. You asked. The growth hormone makes you more vascular? Well, kind of because it helps fat loss. But Garrett hormone by itself doesn't necessarily make you a little bit fuller because conversion, but really all just peripheral stuff and get out of this body fat tools that people use for their competition to lose the body, that in order to get down to four percent, you got to use some kind of stimulant. This is not medical advice. Don't do what we do. We're just telling you what people do they clinch. Funeral is a big one. I know you have experience, but you took a bank. Does need to do is do like ketogenic diet. We drop all the cards out. One of the reasons your body is resistant to burning that fact covering up those veins because you're addicted to carbs. You're fine. Doesn't know how to run on fat. What happens is you switched from Even if you have low carb days, you're just gonna have low energy because your body's gonna be trying to pull from cars and then trying to pull for muscles to break down muscle toe, refill your glycogen stores instead of switching over, you've got to get your body into a fat burning mode. Look into something like artery G W five zero five one six and K stimulator, but your body and endurance and fat burning mode. Anything else the stability and okay or steady state cardio of things like him by. And then once you lose that that when it comes down to also water retention, that's something you could lose like alone has a permanent Aiken. Now I could lose the fat like what I did. Now that just falls off my arms against. If I did deified damp in the beginning, I wouldn't happen because it would have been more resistant would be hard to lose that first time. So the key is instead of just maintaining and, you know, looking the same. Like you said, we're going to a video about the fact that been here for ten years instead of just maintaining, take a window of time where you push it really hard, like a contest Crabtree alike contest. Lose that baby fat once and for all and forever more vascular by Friends of freedom not already subscribed, and you don't want to miss out cutting edge content on the daily describe.

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