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the truth about protein pattern. I'm Dr Tony huge, and I love protein patter. I know what we did A video with Coach Driver last week where we talked about how Coach Trevor hates protein powder, but he still does use protein powder post workout. And the reason why is most protein patters assimilate so quickly or digest so quickly that post workout your body can absorb a ll that protein, but the rest of the times a day your body can, because your body could only build so much muscle per hour and protein patterns digest so quickly as opposed to like meet sources of protein. If you have a hamburger and it's gonna digest over a six hour period of time, it gives you a more sustained release of amino acids. But if you pound twenty five grams a scoop of protein powder, it's going to be in your bloodstream so fast your body could only make use of, let's, say, ten grams of protein per hour, and you've given yourself twenty five grams. That's gonna last about forty five minutes, so half of that scoop of protein pattern. Is it gonna convert now? My misunderstanding before was that if I had too much protein, it would convert to glucose, and it would replenish my glucose stores and my muscles, but through my own personal experimentation, and I've competed in bodybuilding competitions somewhere around nine times. Now I've noticed that when I take a lot of protein free contest when my diet is very controlled and I've isolated variables, it converts too fat, and I ask your driver about this recently, he said that what happens is and this is oversimplifying. But if you have too much protein, it will convert to cars but then quickly converts to fat the same way that if you have too much fructose and your liver is already full of glycogen, instead of converting that into glycogen that will be stored in the muscles it'LL convert to fat spillover. And that's the same thing that happens to me. What? I have too much protein powder. So what have I done to solve this? I take a half a scoop of protein pattern or a third of a scoop of protein powder any other time of day. Besides post post workout still take a full scoop protein pattern. Now there are different protein powders that a similarly on absorbing, digested, different speeds. You've got the casing protein, which I just slower, and so I can take a larger scoop of casing protein. Then I can weigh, isolate or way hydraulic see, because those isolates and hydraulic states and even concentrate. I just so much quicker that if I take a full scoop, my body is only going to be able to assimilate. And by assimilate, I mean the bustles be able to use that versus getting converted over because these protein about another truth about protein powder that I think the companies are misleading us. And it's our fault for misinterpreting the studies is they say that you don't digest. See, we gotta get our terminology correct. You don't digest all of the protein. Well, you do digest all of approaching. If you take twenty five grams scoop of protein, you're going to get twenty five grams of protein out of your intestines and into your body. The question is what your body going to do it that is going to convert. It's bad because you've given yourself too much protein in a short window of time that your body can't assimilate it Or are you going to space it out and trickle like an ivy? You know, when you plug in to your vein and i v intravenous shot and you just trickle in nutrients like in a hospital, that would be the ultimate bodybuilding environment to give your body what your body needs and just trickle it in. This whole pounding a whole bunch of protein powder in one sitting isn't doing us any good, because our body can't store it the same way our body stores fat, more carbohydrates or soon certain nutrients. So the truth about protein powder is they're all much more similar to each other than any company would want you to believe. All protein batters can be made very useful and very helpful. It's just that they have to be taken, and smaller dosage is more frequently. If you're going to rely on them. You don't want to rely on thirteen powder because it does miss some of the nutrients that we find in meet whole eggs or whole milk. Some of these natural foods and used him as a tool. They're neither good nor bad. They're to be used intelligently post workout or in smaller Boulis is draft today, instead of pounding a giant amount in one sitting. This is why I prefer, uh, personally a casing protein before bed. Huge debate over that. I could tell in my body that my body is a lot less likely to convert a casing protein fat because it's more sustainably digested, and I don't feel like it's just going through me. I do feel like I absorb all of it, and that's why I also like the protein blends blends of different all proteins. One last thing about protein pattern truth about him is, uh, yes. Some of them have complex peptide, so your body has a little bit harder time to digest. They do get down on the lower intestines, the bacteria breaks it down instead of your body and convert it to gas. So if you are getting gas from protein pattern, then you know maybe you should be taking some enzymes with your protein matter, or take a protein powder that has a protease or pain enzyme in it. To help break down the protein pattern so you can better absorbent, swollen sold, my friends, afraid of pioneers, the evolution, my friends of freedom pioneers of human evolution. Are you ready to learn? Join the enhanced our revolution? Yeah, but some bad checks in with this approach is in my wallet, and I'm flexing it for else. Fragile ration rice I love by Rookie of the Year fronting with cash is getting moody over here, hon. It's on my bed section with roses in my water and reflection.

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