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Dr Tony Huge. Here I met a Pallotti studio in San Pancho, Mexico, deep on the coast of Mexico. I have never actually even watched Milady's before, let alone participated. But I'm now one week out from the body building competition in Tahoe, competing on on lease arms. No steroids this time, and my muscles are very tight. Denise, What is Pallotti's Lana is. I would say it's just a really nice way off working out through the bread, emotion off non gravity of the spine. Just focus on full center. I wouldn't say break up, but it definitely takes your pains away. Just a really nice internal shower through control a genie. In a full hour, I notice that there's a stretching. There's also fall contraction of the muscle, and then also we get every muscle from every angle. You had us keep varying our foot position on our hand position. So for bodybuilding, because when I'm trying to bring out definition, I gotta bring out all these striations and all these different little muscles, and I noticed that we hit the muscle from every angle thoroughly. Yeah, we work from the base off, and it's really just a lining in every way. That complex and just the body can over definitely all about the range of motion to be flexible all the time. To repent. Is every workout the same basic structure and exercises or work out change? I'm just kind of the same structure. Where do you stand on the same structure where we work, you know, bigger muscles. First, we have a warm up in the beginning, but it's all about the spine and challenging the least. Yu keep this fine in one place as we contract the into the cultural muscles is what we're trying to develop, so the bones are staying place. Otherwise, we're going outside. We want to hold ourselves from the inside so we will use different ways. And as you become more and more stable, you can challenge even less resistance. And it's just about yeah, maintaining that, No, but it's all different challenge, too. So I've had a hard time feeling like I'm getting enough oxygen lately. I feel like my muscles are too tight around my rib cage and I feel like I'm not breathing deep enough and your guided breathing exercises, along with the exercise with Pallotti's exercises deep breathing was really helpful. It's kind of like yoga, because I have done no good before breathing. How does how does Pallotti's in yoga? And he's breathing and stretching, Exercise related. They're related the sense that if you're working a part of your body, that part of the body's requiring a lot. And if you're fully pumping the oxygen through the system, the blood cleans plants is and then runs through that area, and it literally just washes away everything that can be painful or peachy, or even who the lactic acid with delight is. You don't really get that sword because it all it's part of the system working out, but you're not accumulating anything. Just cleaning and just wiping it all out is how, he explained his guy, just laughing. Oh, Joseph, plotting that first people are us. You live still? No, he's had German guy, and he became really, really famous in New York in the forties, but used by Tio and yoga and all that. But here we used to recover our people from the war. People could've walked for six months now because such bullets and he will we have them in the back so they can have articulation on this. Fine. I noticed that these beds have adjustable attention, fans. So you can you actually do, like a muscle building. Heavier work out by putting more resistance bands on Talyn. Obey the one with the lettuce is not wait because, uh, the way turns to shorten the muscle, where with persistence, You really listening. And it's really you're not working from the outer muscle like figure out there, but yeah, you can definitely add more repetitions and, uh, and not some more weight, for sure. But we tried to keep challenging this fine way were, yes, we were walking out muscle completely. We were getting a fall range of motion. I thought every muscle like, really exaggerating. And you kept reminding us of best that was really helpful to really stretch out and fully contracting muscle for you. As for me, which were strong, that's it. But there's some people that over in stitch, So we also teach them how to stay within the range of proper because your love now too much that also So we work with both types off off bodies. How many days a week to someone usually do plus three, sometimes two or people you like to come every day, and it's a full body workout. It's time. So it's a full body workout. Monday. Wednesday, right? Yeah, so it's one hour fully in another bread. I don't like to drop the bread, even on the rest of it. Just bully like a slow work. Like someone like you learn to work yourself out with waiting. Now your body, your body looks familiar to me. It looks like a and advanced yoga instructor body. How did you build your body? Was in a lot of yoga. Looks almost like you have a swimmer's body because your shoulders are wider like this. That's what builds your body, I think. Start things. Okay, God, just swimming. And the lot is for sure. I started because I was looking for children for everything around. But with Gladys, I define I was strong and kind of bigger and with such as, you know, the tiny lines that you wanna have like it that appears so. It's really nice. It's a toning tone. It's like a burning sensation. You're not really engaging the hardest morsel itself like wires. You know what else I like does it hit a lot of my muscles from angles, but I told him my weightlifting and a lot of angles that I don't need a lot of weight. Like my own beliefs. I don't need big block, the obliques, but I have to hit them from every angle like we did, because I got to bring out that definition for body will see all that's a wrap, all that up. We won't know that first portion really comes out off, you know, just toning exercise where you not really need. But even your body weighs or anything else, especially those were tears, because if you are putting too much weight on them, I feel like that will give you actual because there you're twisting possums, so you want to keep their flexible and strong. But that was like this huge, like you're still strong, but you're able to move around, you know, so you're moving from where angle and you can still live your legs off. You know, I was impressive once two leg, and that's how ballerina that. That's why they do not like that isolation off being fully lost, their being able to move around anyway Well, I believe in fate. And I think that the day that the reason I'm here today is because I really need it to open up my lungs, get more oxygen in my body, bring out some of the muscle definition of small muscles that I have hit before recently and get me ready for this bodybuilding. Oh, if I were in first place, I know some of it to you. Yeah, let us know in any time. All right. Thank you. Body alert. Yeah. Yoga body hottie alert.

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