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Let's talk a little bit more about T ball turinabol, The oral steroids. It's an oral steroids. But do people also having a use an injectable version? No, I'm pretty much only in Orel version. So Trevor tell us what T ball is mainly used for. For bodybuilding. I mean that for building muscle terms of performance enhancing. It would just be more for Taylor towards body building because of the side effects are very low. I mean, they've been We're talking about this for women and children using terrain, a ball for women and children. Very strong anabolic properties. What's the general dosage for it? For different uses. That's a performance increase, which is usually a lower dosage versus, like a bodybuilding doses for men. For a muscle building, I would say that would be It's really its main use for anything with muscle wasting or burns or anything like that, because you're not getting the Andrew effect. So what terrain? A ball? I couldn't say for performance handsome, but I would have to say if not as high as bodybuilding dosage is just to get some effect out of it higher. But when it comes a bodybuilding nowadays, you're starting to see anyone taking it there, always starting out fifty milligrams, you know, really see people take under that, and that's going a lot now with most oral steroids anyway. They're starting a lot higher milligram dose, but fifty teo hundred is usually what I see trainable, going almost by everyone. Better to take it multiple times for day or just once per day with a rentable, I would say multiple times per day, especially if that's your only compound one hundred percent multiple times per day. I do like to take corals or have clients use or ALS mainly like pre workout and utilize it for a certain other effect. However, Turnabout doesn't have more of an extreme effect When it comes to how it works. It's more the way we would use terrain. A ball would be better by spacing it out throughout the day anyway, So give me an example protocol like how many milligrams how many times per day, depending on the guy on the situation, I would probably do because of its half line, two times plenty. But even if they wanted to do three times three times at twenty five milligrams to pay on who the individual is, or ah, twice at twenty five milligrams. But again, it's going to be tailored to the dose of that individual and what they're trying to achieve. What else? They're running with it. If they're running too sauced Roane and everything else in between, I still would would used trainable more frequently, as opposed to just kind of like a pre workout. One of the drawbacks of oral steroids is liver toxicity at fifty to seventy five milligrams. What is the level of toxicity compared to oral steroids? In your experience, I would say, if you compared Diana Ball, fifty milligrams terrain a ball, fifty milligrams. I can't give an exact number, but it's nowhere near the same. I mean, I would want to say half would want to say half, because from the lab's getting done on terrain a ball, it can raise your liver enzymes literally between a ten to twenty milligram dose difference between an individual, the majority of people taking it. I'm taking a moderate dose of it. I've never really see it go much more than just elevated a normal levels. When you're running the corals, there's a lot of people I get questions about. Do I take the days off on the days I'm not training? I tell him to keep running the drug, especially if it's just a drug it's using. Most corals are pretty fast acting. You want to keep it in your system? No, Um, what's your take on that? It's one hundred percent again towards what is their their cycle. If they were doing a turinabol only cycle, there would be no reason why they would want to come off on their off day. That makes no sense, however, if we're running like a dynamo or something pre workout, where we're taking a really large those pre workout, there would be no reason we would want to take on our off days because you're just going to keep causing more stress. And it would be a lot more beneficial to take those certain days off from that drug while other ones are in your system. So it's all about tailing your cycle. That makes perfect sense, though, and like so when God taken or a lt's a good idea to take the liver protectors just like is a rule of thumb. The most important thing we always hear his health. But when delivers under stress or any possible damage, but just stress itself, your absorption of nutrients drops, your immune system drops. There's so many factors that come into play that Khun hinder your performance, your gains and things in the future. So, yeah, your drugs don't even work is good like that. Like the hormones you're taking it to get benefits. And if your liver is not optimized performing properly, you know I'm going to get the benefits and other drugs that you're taking.

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