Tweaking a Steroid Cycle for Optimal Results

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Tweaking a steroid cycle for optimal results i'm dr tony hughes. This is coach trevor. This is daniel. Last time we were down here in port away, our coach, trevor and daniel met about daniel steroid cycle. Now daniel is an experience steroid user. In fact, he's a good source of girls hormone and gear through prescription legal means here in porta vallarta, if you want to contact him. And he was doing a cycle before. But he was bloated. He had a lot of fatty was experience side effects. He was going with the traditional notion of when you're booking, you just blow up and you get big like a blimp. Now i'm looking at him, he actually looks more defined, has more muscle, definitely put on more muscle. And so before we get into the actual protocol on how coach trevor changed his cycle, i want to talk about what differences you experience. Like what do you notice ? Faras less side effects. How do you notice your physique changed in the short period of time by changing your cycle up ? Okay, so i was to twenty the last time i met these guys the first time i met these guys, actually, and you know, that is a bad twenty. I was a little bit soft round. And i was trying to get big. It was off season. No contest in sight. That's typically what i would do, i would get big and then i would, you know, switch things around and try to get in contest shape around contest cochairman i talked he's like, you know, that's a little bit silly when you want to be in good shape all year. And i'm like, yeah, i actually think the conversation started by how did the big bodybuilder stain could shape all year, like some of them are just out here. They're always in contact, shape and coach drivers like, well, you might want to think about stop, uh, way want to get into right now what we did probably switches first talk about how your physique change clothes because i'm looking at the difference. But i want well telling what's your experience. As soon as these guys got off the plane yesterday, they both looked at me. Is that you got bigger ? It was true. I got bigger. But it's not a lot bigger system. Optical illusion. I'm only five pounds bigger, but because i dropped so much shit. You don't gain five pounds. Probably so. Maybe so. Maybe fifteen pounds bigger five seven buys everybody. So anyway, definitely more better characteristics as faras skin tone goes less side effects my skin's better. I feel a lot better when you're tested through the roof and stop your little bit grimy and aggravated and mad at everybody. Not the case with the new, uh, with the anabolic sup. Fuck it, let's. Just get into it somewhat. We did. Sorry, let's, talk about the cycle. Way put. What were you doing ? What were you doing before ? And then let's talk about how you changed it to get these rules. Okay, so i've always, you know, have my test stopover, aggie or sometimes too warm or like i pushed it. I think i was taken close to two when i met these guys. It's a lot of aa lot of testosterone. I was taking some queue with it. Probably some anna drawl. And that rubber and he's like he's, like, you know, in angela, i think you and i can remember. I just put a lot of stuff, but mostly andrew jannik steroids. Okay. So, travis, like, might want to think about dropping the test low, like, be in the game with it. You know, i think i have i don't have it in right now. But for most of last three or four months i was taken. I just recently took it out to try to get more dry, but i was taken five or seven hundred milligrams. Maybe we could think about five and then but had my primo up. The trick is the primo guys. He put the primo in more often than not it's pretty fast acting. So you want to inject it quite frequently, like i'm like every day, okay ? Or most days i'll do one or, uh well, i just doing one cc and then up to the one and a half or two cc is just depending on how i fucking feel that day and then the and then i'll fill the rest of the needle up with a little bit of a queue and trends or the or the test when i was taking the test. But the magic recipe guys is primo primo, primo. Primo, you got to get it up over a g for really work, right ? I'm gonna give the mike to travel and a flex it off. But he's going to tell you why the primo works a little better at higher dosages ? No. Yeah. So you just replaced like testosterone it's ? Not the most effective. Like we always talked about in building there's more effective things at building muscle. And as you can see, you're replacing all the grams of testosterone for something more in a box with less side effects. Has actually, that properties then, like we talked about early earlier that the hydro bold unknown increase things like that. And you're not getting it from anything else. So minimize the side effects, grow more muscle, lean out it's kind of, you know, no brainer once you know it, but people stink when they read because most people would just go on a forum or like steroid profiles and go oh, look, look how weak this drug is so mild anabolic and whatnot. But until you've experimented and actually read and seen research, why it's effective ? Basically what it doesn't your body. Then you can come to terms and understand it's affected because of this, right ? You can see what it's doing in your body if you look at how acts in your body see how effective it is, and then you can try it, you know, basically l this shit that this guy told me all the advice he told me it was one hundred percent bang on he's like you'll have better skin, you'll have more quality muscle, you'll gain more sizemore quality over time. Exactly what just fucking happened over the last four months. I want to summarize bullet points where people could take away from this. It was mainly dropping the testosterone because we don't believe in running high doses of we believe in running higher dosages of more effective, more anabolic compounds that have less side effects. You get better. How about the growth ? Hormone dosage is usually trevor's. Theory is instead of taking ah whole bunch of it once or twice a day to take smaller amounts more frequently. Did you adopt that as well ? I'm not really actually, i was just doing that to you three times a day. Well, that's pretty frequent that's more than most. But most people just do it once or twice a day. So three times a day. But he's advised me that maybe i might want to even break that up more. Into one you quite frequently with the insulin. I'm gonna start doing that, actually, because the guy's gold, all those devices is legit there so but what i've been doing with the insulin has been taken, like five in the morning and then five after a workout with my growth hormone. Yeah, it's, good to help get full body explained how that kind of make a little more sensitive. The room just ruin the sensitivity to because way we talked about it and another video guys can check out. But insulin, the only thing you're gonna do it, the more you run it is you could fill out maybe a little bit more on the muscle, but you're going to spill over and you will get fat the more you take and then you will have you wear down your insulin sensitivity, the more you take. So the only thing you will get by taking more insulin its side effects and ruin your chance of being condition later on in life. So i tried to explain that to him unless you're trying to fill out a certain you know that there's no other use for upping arguments on other than taking advantage of what you could do with growth hormones, so that means when we come back in another couple of months, we'll see the third generation daniel, where we have even mohr improvement, where he's even leaner bar and steroids for the insulin. Just for your information, everybody. All right, so we got some sub topic videos that are gonna come out of this. We're gonna talk about how to increase insulin sensitivity. We're gonna go maurin detail on other videos about insulin and growth hormone and different cycle theories. So if you like that, and you want to hear more about that, let us know in the comments below, like the video, and subscribe for more videos like that, follow h th dream body and be swell and swole. My friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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