Understanding Hrt and TRT | Part 1

Let’s get to understand HRT and TRT better. Tallest bodybuilder Aaren Reed and Thomas Clinton (TRT/HRT Synergy Health Director) join us here in Florida as we explain all about it.
Most people get confused between HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

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Doug schoen, udo enhance athlete and we're talking about understanding hrt and t. Artie, we've got coach trevor got the director of a r t h rt synergy health in fort lauderdale, florida. We've got aaron reed, world's, tallest body glitter and baby mama is the part one there's gonna be a multiple different siri's about this number one i want to know from the director of synergy health is is t rt becoming more mainstream ? Well, it certainly is especially is now with the internet, as one of the most valuable resource is we have to get out really information stuff that's not filtered by bigger companies and corporations were able to educate ourselves on what really is healthy. And of course, now we're able to get to the root cause of issues and not just treat symptoms of disease. Well, tr austrian hrt are steroids. I mean, they are hormones, they're steroids and and he used to be a very negative taboo about steroids. But now we're seeing people are using it for health and longevity. Body builders knew about that. We carry that sticking with this for a long time. But things like just astor and growth hormone their bio bio, identical hormones. So they have receptors in the body because the body makes those so and there are other steroids and drugs which are analog. But bio identical hormones were you were usually thinking about well, tr t stands for testosterone replacement therapy. Hrc stands for hormone replacement therapy. So obviously refers to testosterone. But the broader scope. Hrt what other types of hormones are let's ? Start with men getting prescribed them by the doctors in your clinic. Yeah, well, we start out with a comprehensive metabolic panel. So with the right blood tests and your analysis, we were able to tell where your levels off your electrolytes vitamins, minerals, hormones, a whole host of things. So we get you a chart, and then we really haven't untidy about what your individuality is. What is personalized ? Not everybody. Their universe. Same dosage of the same hormone everyone's needs are different. Our life styles are different. There are a number of commonalities that affect us pollution, processed foods, petroleum's things like that in what's it's ubiquitous everywhere. So, general, we've seen a decline with, you know, in in, you know, with endocrinology i guess you could say so but everyone's needs are different. And that's what ? The test before we get you set up. What is this ? What are the side effects of having low testosterone ? Oh, depression, little lobito, insomnia. Just generally a whole host. A lot of things we're finding every day when someone when someone starts treatment, how long until they notice the benefits treatment could start ? Hey, could start seeing a difference in his last two weeks. There's little is two weeks. You know, i know for me, that's. I've seen it right away. And, you know, a lot of athletes that we see now people have you started in the past are coming now realizing they did it without having tests. Just kind of go on shotgun style, whatever they needed and realized i had a dinner with blood test. Things have been a lot more accurate, safer dosages and prevented the ups and downs in the need for so much pc team. So i jump. Bodybuilders usually cycle ing steroids or cycling things like testosterone, taking very high dosage. And they come off with a cruise when people are doing t r th artie, are they staying on all year round ? Some do some don't, you know, it's a personal preference, some don't really need to. I know a lot of a lot of our clients don't really need to it all, but basically it comes under the premise of the individual they like to kind of keep on a nice diurnal cycle everyday and keep things even that's a goal to shoot for and then others like to go away and travelling don't carry medication, so for two, three months with the proper use of pct, which is post cycle treatment like h g and straws, they're able to normalize, give their body a break for a few months and then come back and break back into hrt depending of other needs. Interrupt me if you guys have questions when i ask another one testosterone esther's what esther is your clinic usually prescribing that testosterone and they'd recipient made a cro p in eight city needs to use the most popular, although appropriate comes on, you know comes up more often to people like the shorter acting sussed it on, i always thought was developed specifically for tea party that's quite popular, but right now we're sipping it he's going. To do anything, you're going to be the biggest, too, that we're using. How about dosages ? What dosages are people usually getting prescribed ? Just the average and i've always different because they have bigger doses just but you see what an average dose it could range anywhere from, you know, all right, let's say around two hundred, two hundred fifty makes a week every ten days. Okay ? That's on the higher side. So, you know, there are clinics that air mohr centered around quality of life than, like disease treatment, so it sounds like your clinic is more about quality of life because obviously a two hundred fifty is going to feel a lot better than seventy five milligrams, right ? Right, yeah, if you go below the threshold of thinking could run into some other issues there, which people have come back and if you just replacing, which, if you're under replacing what you're missing, that could lead teo, you know, another scenario altogether, but around two hundred because they said the two fifty is a let me ask you this. So let's say you get a three hundred pound guy that you're gonna change up, obviously doesn't just have a few things we'll again we look at the levels of that metabolic panels that tells you where you're at a lot of times. It's quite the opposite. Fine. I mean, i'm just, you know, just going back and forth through, but it is a good question, but it depends on the lab analysis. Some guys might be higher and eat strangio esther, dial on e to some guys might have more bio available or free test, so you could be making a lot. But if you have a lot of sex woman binding globulin sucking it up, you're not getting the effects from it. The test of, you know, help too. Like i said, you buy a winnebago out. Yeah, my question when you talk about hrt, are you looking at those lab numbers and and seeing maybe they have a moderate, you know, free to saw through our high testosterone, but our total to susu. I'm sorry, but a low frida sauce drone when you're prescribing, are you also in charge of doing things like looking at the estrogen, the dht and noi okay, maybe this guy needs is a lot of that's converting an estrogen and prescribing unlike the nationals, are any type of guy or looking at that, treating that instead to yeah, i think one of the good things about rcmp are comprehensive metabolic panelists were very precise about that. It's, one of the most exhaustive that i've seen out of any clinic. In fact, we do look at that bio available test free task tt total test levels conversion to e one two and three so we keep an eye on that g h g f levels, we check that we monitor all that you know, our doctor, a forum, you know, american anti aging arts medicine certified. So you're fixing your actually finding the problem of fixing well, actually looking exactly the same with individuals that were addressing the issue. The root cause not covering up with something. It's hey, this is a good idea for this disease we're treating to that symptom so so to prevent conversion of testosterone to dht and too great of a mountain. You can use something like finessed. Write a prescription medication. There's also herbal thing. Psalm saw palmetto, which is very effective, shown a lot of medical studies. Do you use one of those or the other any preference ? Personally, i don't. Although we with our system we have something called the metabolic code which comes with with it's basically an adjunct. And it gives you a lot of those studies that gives you diet tips. It gives you herbal tips for things like that for st p, c t or hair regrowth or elope. She anything like that ? But we have a lot of suggestions. Any questions like that ? We want you to bring him to the clinic green to the docks and go through it. It's going to be a very person by very, very personal experience. Yet. So of course, everything's hippos. Everything's kept secret so nobody knows. You know what what's going on with house ? How frequent are your clients doing the testosterone injections ? I think. Usually for the most part one every a shot, every set of seven to ten days. It's pretty much the protocol for this. So that's that sounds like it's pretty easy. Actually. Some doctors who don't know what they're doing we'll do a shot once every two weeks and then the levels fluctuate so much they feel like crap. Sitting in there in in life. Yeah. So so have you what have you gotten given thought tio recommending even more frequent injection, especially if the dosage goes up, like twice a week again ? That's why we're looking into things like exhaust on appropriate, you know, to address that short range stuff. S o i think every day we're learning more and more, we're starting to see new routes again. Some kind of looking in the pellet see, like the long term delivery of pellets, we tend to favor them or the injection because we're able to control that. Maura, we think that's a much more valuable resource. How about aural testosterone ? Is there a good oral version now ? Yeah, nothing bio bio available. You know, if you consider andrea or something like that that's that's it emphatically so really ? Yeah, i know, but generally for the most part, i think that sippin age appropriate and esther's like that generally address the need perfectly, you know, combined with that of straws on a t g. I think we found a really good formula. The triad is where ? Dues. Where do your doctors usually recommend doing the injection ? I like i am blue is a good one or you know i am shoulder into muscular shoulder into muscular glue. King demonstrate where ? On the glue. Yeah, you could do, like out of quarters. Upper outer operatic watching, preclude. You know, shoulder, rear della's. I'd like to call. You know, the media part. They're generally since there's, maybe one injection a week with a muscular, you know, st five or an inch needle. The deeper muscle groups like that are well suited for that, but gentle with h g. You know how that's done it's peptide hormone with the insulin syringe. It could be very, very small from, you know, five eighths to happens. Five, eight, even less. That could be anywhere in the in the fat subcutaneous. Uh, so hcg khun b used to have to force your body to produce a lot more of its own testosterone. So have you ever as your clinic ever used hcg ? Not necessarily as a pct after the end of a testosterone cycle, but instead of testosterone to raise testosterone levels, the science and that was leading towards that current use of it which kind of really takes care of the need for having to go back to using pct and coming down in cycling. The goal is to kind of maintain a good level all the way through. So when you come with your test instead of taking jack enough to test twice as much and seeing a rebound effect, you could turn on you exhaust your endogenous production while you're taking the exogenous test and kind of keep things even steven, you know, even keel, so to speak. So that way you're not gonna have some peaks and valleys. I have a friend that was prescribed hcg to boost his testosterone and it must work because that's all he's taking and he's got a lot of muscle. So it's as if he's on testosterone and he's prescribed two hundred fifty i you twice for weeks. But he got his prescription a long time ago. But i don't know if he's ever revisited the dosage. Is that dosage seem consistent with what you got ? Common protocol. Indeed, i've seen anywhere it's really communist e two hundred fifty times two or three times a week or five hundred times two units a week, you know. And then, of course, the ad in the anastrozole, i think it's about a milligram, so it was a half a milligram two or three times a week, which, you know, decco that's individual case by case what ? H g, i think we're noticing it's taken a lot of the burden off to have any reliance, so much heavy testosterone, especially for people who don't really care about bodybuilding or anything like that. People just want a lifestyle enhancement, the libido and things like that. H g is just is marvelous subcutaneous testosterone injections. So i haven't experimented with this myself, putting it into the fat. The theory is that if you injecting the fact they're a little bit less blood flow, it disperses a little slower. So something like a t r t doing it once a week could actually be enough to keep blood levels stable instead of doing it twice a week. But it was a little bit painful for me, and they left with oil bulge. Are you seeing a trend towards doing subcutaneous or most people still doing intra muscular ? Well, you know, when you specifically point towards that front spot right here in the gut, you know, if i would do something like, like gh there or insulin or anything. That water, but i'll get, like a mouse or something that would hurt. But if i went anywhere else indeed subcutaneous that it seems that went a lot better and easier. Just that area in the front wall to me. Never gonna go to us. Sensitivity. Yeah, my skin is really thin there, but i could see it's dissipating for an hour. Two hours and not really comfortable with that, but i noticed sub q anywhere else. There's no trouble. Trevor, have you ever done a sub cue oil injection ? Um, actually, uh and i might didn't hurt it didn't hurt, but i know why it didn't hurt. The only thing it left the lumps too. And it's not wasn't a hard lump, but it just looked like fat sitting on top of some swollen nodule. And it was there for a long time, so yeah, i i don't like that. It's not not sightly and ed. For me, it was it made it soar. Yeah, that that's one spot. It just stayed away from you. Probably six. Six out of ten times. I would do it there. I've got that. You know that little reaction that maybe that's not. A good idea. Maybe there's too much blood work. Let's, talk about getting me a prescription. I already have a prescription from mexico. Waited videos on that before, but let's say, i want to go to your clinic. I wanted a prescription and i've used a lot of steroids, but might just austin is low because of the steroids, and i can kind of control and i can make my testosterone lower lower. So the for the doctor's file it shows medically have low testosterone. Is our body builders getting prescriptions for testosterone ? Other things ? Well, in the past aa lot of doctors weren't on board with this, and hrt wasn't something that was that wasn't the primary function of the office. Now, it's different you're going to talk to our doctors ? Are doctors ? Well, you talk about what you're on right here and now. And we know we have a lot of athletes in our clients. So if you're on something and your levels are up there, the duck is best to know that because we should still adjust and help control your levels from there to make them artificially low. You just kind of ah, you just try. Just to go in just to get a low test, you know ? Okay, so i can come in and i could say, i'm taking two ccs of testosterone. This is what ? My testosterone, that i want to maintain it at this level. And then i'm presuming that the doctors will look at my other things like my dht, my estrogen, my prostate, my blood pressure and tell me if this dosage is hurting me and if not, i could actually get some real medical advice on how to fix these other problems instead of lowering the testosterone dosage. Try that first it's freaking awesome. Yeah. Yeah. A new day and age. The revolution in health care. Yeah. And i think one of the differences is a clinic that it takes. Insurance has to follow the insurance policies. Insurance is not gonna allow a doctor to prescribe testosterone for someone's who's in the medically recognized normal testosterone range. And the problem is that testosterone range really crappy because it goes from like, it depends on the insurance. Well, like two hundred seventy five little testosterone up to eleven hundred, this huge range. And we might want to be somewhere closer to nine hundred. So you go to a normal doctor, your kaiser or something, and they're going to say, oh, your testosterone levels three hundred, you're twenty five points higher than then and what ? The lower part of the range. So we're not going to give you testosterone you're like, well, thank i feel like crap. My testosterone is low. I know it's low, but you mad. So it's, the kind of thing i think you have to go to aa self pay clinic. That doesn't take the insurance. It isn't it limited by those rules. That right ? Yeah. You remember bioidentical hormones are not patentable, so they're not gonna make any money off of bioidentical hormones. So why would they tell you about something that's ? Pretty much your body is missing, but hey, it's really easy to get near the sea to solve. But there's so many more, more valuable drugs out there that are stock options. People need r a y so that's kind of. What were the things that cost to the hrt causes test. So you've got the cost of the doctor appointment, the consoles and the follow up appointments. Right now, the lab work can be written off with insurance. So any question of that we contact ? I mean, contact our office. Of course we could navigate you through that. But insurance won't cover this because this is more of a proactive, you know, type of health care. So this decides who wants, um, regulating all this anyway, right ? It's, our secret everybody's gonna know right backwards. Now you're going forwards. What other types of hormones are we have prescribing for let's ? Just stick with men first we got testosterone hcg and astra's. All what ? What other typically you see a thyroid, you know, now and again. And generally, i mean, you kind of stick to those ranges like that. But, you know, there's other body, you're on steroids like you, anna bar a winstrol providing, actually providing is one that's medically prescribed more than some of the other ones you see, is it cause it rare or common that some of these other ones getting prescribed well, again, like i said, our our doctors, surgeons that well respected in the community, they could've just any medical issues. But when it comes to th r t r t, we stay specifically to bio. Identical sze yu. Know, but again, these air medical professionals, they'll help you with any. So what is what it means by by identical xyz, the naturally occurring hormone testosterone, and, naturally, her recording her hormone and anna bar is not an aunt of ours. A man made it's like a testosterone, you know, a new and improved, supposedly testosterone, that s'more, anabolic, less angiogenic, supposed to have less side effects. It's, aural, you know, but it but it's, a steroid, and its prescribed to prevent muscle wasting. Things like that not generally accepted in the e r t h r t community, although it may be someday questions children all right. Taking care of people, not killing them, be swath of human evolution.

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