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PART 2 OF… Understanding TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) & HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

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This is part two of understanding T HRT and we've got here, Tom from synergy Health on. We've got Coach Trevor got Aaron read world salts, bodybuilder, and we wanted to start with one part to the growth hormone type of eight hormone replacement therapy. You were mentioning that you, uh your clinic does prescribe growth hormone, but this they're expensive. It is. How expensive is prescription American, You know, top of the line growth hormone. Well, it's up there. You could even check places like Sam's Club and Costco to see the prices on generally what people down here are getting into those growth hormone releasing hormone, a peptide called Sam Moreland. What seems to work well with the population who we're looking for anti aging benefits. And, ah, generally it's that's instead of injecting exogenous growth hormone, what you're doing is actually prompting your pituitary to release its your own growth hormone. And we've seen some success with that. So that's what we'LL start with depending upon the dose response there, if clients one of them on the th, and you know that's the next option. You say it works like, how do you know that it's working on our tests that you're doing, They do they do. They monitor test generally every six months to a year that the redo tests measure your growth hormone levels. You're gf? Levels, you know, gonna be tested on generally through feedback. We hear from the docks with with clients from clients, you know, and what kind of feedback we get. What is that? Well, they say, you know, for a lot of let the younger people who use a Morland might not find us an effective, you know. But I think that Trevor was mentioned. I say younger people are well, because I think someone's taken grow from them when they're young. They're already releasing a lot of growth hormone. I think it has to do with timing and step their senses and things like that. But some Marlin isn't strongest. Is synthetic growth hormone so? But again, it's a cost issue. They're both effective. But as well as we're seeing, I think h th is is definitely the superior. Well, yes, yes. Why's growth hormones so expensive? Well, American prescription growth hormone. Guess who controls the patents to the delivery methods because it's who controls depends. Okay, Even though it is bio identical. Still, there's delivery pains and diluted in certain kind of, you know, condition. Water, I guess. Huh? Think the way you drink it, Will you take the water? Tom, you were talking about how people will come to you and you'LL say OK, yes. You could use growth hormone that would increase increase your quality of life and then they want to use, like a generic crane or something. What do your doctors? How do your doctor's address when they want advice on using generic H gh? Well, it's available in America is in America is the prescription So generally that's right, they're gonna have to take their although the peptides out their research chemicals and peptides it. That's a lot of guys report using, but that's something outside the plane. Okay, so you're telling me that you can only give name brand, you can't get a generic or whatever. You know, that's correct in us, so you can get a generic of like any other drug out there, but you can't get to that, uh, after the patent expires. But these thieves patent's arm or created by hadn t delivery method. So the pen you know what the switch pan of the clique pens. They had different chemicals like Crest Caller, some kind of a FINA, which helps absorption or immediate kills germs allows for multiple dose, but that's the patent to get Texeira. Let's talk about storage of, ah, growth hormone versus, like testosterone. For when people buy these different hormones, growth hormone is much more fragile. Yeah, refrigerated, generally delicate hundred ninety one amino acid protein, especially after reconstitution. Yeah, it's got to be refrigerated beforehand. It should be kept cool as long as it's, you know, safely stored. It should be. It should be finding the shelves just exposed to heat and versus a testosterone has the shelf life on testosterone stashing the hormone, the hormone molecules like that to spend it in oil. They're generally safe. I mean, shouldn't overheat them or anything like that. But I see No, no point. No problem with that. Yeah, I think the biggest thing all growth hormone and peptides are amino acids right on a chain. So you have a sequence of amino acids, just like a piece of chicken or an egg. There's a sequence of amino acid just all combined up, bunched up, So when you cook an egg travels, you can digest it. But that changed the chain. And now it's not that chain, even though it's all bunched up. Well, this is a chain that was by humans, made into a certain sequence to deliver this hormone. That's that's what makes it so as soon as it gets warmer heats, it unravels. And that's how degrades. I'm just still confused on why it's so expensive. Just Pat. It's just, yeah, well, that's that's an and supply and demand, right? Once, once the supply catches up, the demand is increasing right now that general economics will plan to. We do have some questions from the live Facebook that we're going to do this more live Facebook so that we can actually answer questions on the video the same time because sometimes we try to predict what your questions would be. But it's even better. Hear it from you. Direct, Lee, Cody says, is to ml of test Sippin ate a good dose of T Artie with a test level of two hundred, so he's saying his blood test level as total testosterone is two hundred. Would two ml assuming it's between two hundred two hundred fifty in milligrams per ml. So he's saying between four hundred to five hundred milligrams a good T rt does for someone who has very low testosterone. Well, again, this individual and test dependent. They probably wouldn't start you off with something like that because it's not really necessary first. So it's a little on the high. It's on the high side. Yeah, they probably started with something sub two hundred around two hundred. You know, see how that reacts with your body and see if the carrier oil is good, whether it be grape seed or sesame oil or something like that. No reactions. And then now you discuss that We don't know if if the doctor prescribes the two hundred and then a person comes back and says I don't feel good enough. I feel like more would do better and their lab work comes back pretty clean. They're not having side effects from it than the doctor may be willing in your clinic. The doctor may be willing to go higher than that. OK, good. That's what I see. It's a It's a very progressive clinic. They're more about quality of life. They're not just sticking to what the insurance or what doctors learned in medical school thirty years ago. Obsolete information. People are self educating now with the Internet. I mean, it was everywhere we could do our own research. Plus, with all the years of bodybuilding science behind us, we have all that. We have been asleep. We've been, you know, we know what's going on. And you know our goal now is to get, you know, a mass number of different chemicals. We want to get healthy. We won't have a baseline, would have. Really the real you know, bioidentical hormones. You never know what you're getting from any huge e l or from any other country. But if you know you have real test, really G realign the straws. Well, at least you could start from there and you could see how your levels work. And that's golden. It's called Alright. Silence says total testosterone is to two hundred seventy. Is that considered low for a thirty eight year old? But the ground metrics I've seen Yeah, yeah, I think you know anywhere from around three forty eight, three fifty sub That could be could be low. But again you know, when you look at when you look at free total test in sex hormone binding globulin, it's It's an individualized thing, but the short answer to that would be it seems kind of, yeah, even if it's right on the skill you want, your quality left set at a number of that low when you can have it a little bit up here and improve it, get better sleep, get better. This and that the same might say with the thyroid hormone. You could be on that scale but low, but you're going to die it the rest of your life. Sometimes you want to choose Kate. What do you want, Teo? The total testosterone is low it to seventy, but the free testosterone maybe very high. That's where the sex woman binding globulin comes in. We got to see whether the sex woman binding globulin is eating up all the testosterone, not leaving a lot left for our receptors. And then maybe there's something else that needs to be addressed. Then just the total testosterone. That's why a complete blood candle is is actually important. It is actually really helpful. It's not just for the doctor to cover their liability about prescribing something without all of the data. It's actually really helpful. You're for your health to understand. You know, one one question, because up a lot with potential clients and clients we have is about cholesterol. Cholesterol is the building block for just Austin, another hormones, and generally the way it's being treated now. Bye. Fight like, say, mass medicine is they're trying to lower your your your LDL. You're each of your total cholesterol down, as if that's the you know, that's a big problem. Something get rid of the body. So that's taking its effect on our hormone levels by dampening down those or twisted about proportion are hormones have been suffering for years again with pollution, and his phone's off of that. One thing I know about cholesterol is your body produces question. Anybody makes cholesterol, so if you have low cholesterol, like make less also just eating. Trying to maintain it is not is not always going to be the same for uses for you, because you might be sharing this position. Have high cholesterol Right now, let's play a fact. But when one's love the others Hi. So it held Dios lo than your eight shells just going to go up and have low ld at the same time. But when you get too far apart, when they're too far apart, it's bad, so vice versa, too, so your body can produce it. But if you get that problem, Tio, it's crazy. One of the best things about coming into the clinic is a matter of fact is that's what we start was with that test when you know, I mean the lab work, the tests in the lab work, and when guys and girls see that for the first time, it's opened up a whole new realm of thinking of them. This is a picture of their inner health. I can't think of any doctor's office I went to before that ever had a comprehensive picture like that of me or anyone else and prescribing you Whatever this for that that's in itself is revolutionary to the individual. Finding out about your own values, Kyle asked, What can I take to help me during a two hour superhuman marathon? I'm going to relate this to TR to watch how I do it. Athletes testosterone level when they're working in our over training really hard. Or people that are dieting hard, their testosterone level tanks and the ones that take a low dose of testosterone. Not too much. You take too much testosterone, you're gonna have blow. You're going Too much conversion of ght and estrogen. But a low dose of testosterone for an athlete can be really helpful. So athletes should get their testosterone levels checked and see if they're low. And it's much healthier for them. I have much better performance if they brought their testosterone levels up to a normal range. Well, agreed. Yeah. Uh, what Esther of test do you recommend? Um, Well, first of all, this task, Trevor, what's your favorite, Esther Ready? Really? Ask Tate acid e. Never hear about test off capacity. What's that? What's that all about? Acid Tate. And then they only because I tell people every day. But that is totally seven. I was bodybuilding. I would say the end. And they simply because there's no solve Amit. So you don't have to put solve it in your body? Yes, with the problem. And then America, they prescribe sippy. Okay. Well, yeah. They prefer Lee watching Watson. Yeah, they'Ll just sell you sip your name. For the most part, that's been the most pushed one. And Scipione a, you know, requires that solve it in there and then at the same time, sipping it takes up a lot of the hormone. And but most people know it. You know? Oh, the doctors in America give you sip innate. So let's get sippy and that all the time. And they had it down right in Europe. And then they come out and it takes up less of the hormone, too. So you want to put that in your body and you get less of it. So at the clinic, do you see you definitely see symphony. That's standard in America. Can we even get anything through American Clinic? Yes, we can. And then they probe innate sippy. And I guess it's just what's popular, what's asked for. But yeah, and and India is becoming more popular again. So with short act himself, it's somehow sipping. It just seems to be the American, you know, red, white and blue testosterone. Danny wants to know way the flag cast in the West. Danny wants to know about using HCG while using test officer not as a pct, Not after a site that during a cycle is that prescribed by the doctors. Knew Klink A number of clinics that I've noticed they're doing that more and more saying a low dose of HCG rather than rather than use post cycle Ah, larger dose. You know, they'LL use two hundred fifty micrograms. I'm sorry, twenty I use of hcg maybe twice a week, maybe three times a week. So running it concurrently and generally I've seen not just the entire cycle, maybe for three or four weeks into the test cycle and and throughout this is what I'm talking about. I knew this intuitively that this would be a good idea to do it. Now the doctors are actually recognizing this as well. Bodybuilders on the Internet are still gun ho about not using HD Jeon cycle only using in P C. T. And they've all those reasons pro science reasoning behind it. But it's my theory of my hypothesis and what I've proven through my own experimentation to that. Running HCG on a cycle helps prevent the shutdown and helps you recover your natural testosterone levels much faster after cycle, your balls don't shrink. There's still back Acts functioning and you don't have that lag time during P. C. T. Trying to get your balls working. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Started taking andro twelve hundred two hundred milligrams a day. Can you compare that to a weekly test? Genc, that andro like Andrew Steen Edie all like pro hormone. Can you compose? OK, how does the pro hormone compared to a T E r t? I personally never mess it. Pro hormones. I think that's the most dangerous thing I've ever heard of ever since they came out. I just don't get it. I just don't You know, I never did. Well, why not use testosterone? Yeah, pretty much exactly. Or Or starves the new improved version of Of all this stuff, Yeah, that's their bit different. Like the idea those with back. And you know, when you know Angela dial came out our Nando Diallo's those. And that was since, Like, why not just use steroids that aren't liver talking? Yeah, that we know how they work better. Yeah, precise questions. I was working a G and see when all that stuff is popular and their early two thousand, that really kind of took up. Yeah, I'm never There was It was super expensive for all that stuff. They're selling it to kids in my high school tree, and they were getting the ***, and I was still, you know, doing it all natural. And people are accusing me of it. And then later on, everyone's got guy I know, and I'm the only guy without it. And then I got on stuff, and then they're like, Oh, you never did take anything going on. And I'm telling them I wouldn't be taking that man by some food. Sex question from Aaron is his doctor has taken him off testosterone injections and put him on Clomid. He wants to know what's Clomid going to do for him? Is that gonna be a CZ? Good as tarty? Coleman is used in tea party a little bit a fertility drugs, you know, that's another. Another reason to go toe clinics like what we offer, but it is uses an adjunct. I just don't see it uses much unless someone really needs extra pct or, you know, concurrent ct. Whatever you want to call it the TV. But h he has a good job. You usually use H g Instead of climate in your clinic, you're losing testosterone. Yes. Yeah. Trevor, what do you think about someone who doesn't want to inject? Don't wants to naturally boost their testosterone. Well, it's not exactly natural, but using something like a Clomid ex investing Nolvadex but specifically a climate that would Yeah, I wouldn't run the Nova Dex that that that's more of a steroid thing. Somebody taking steroids. But the climate, Clem Afin is a good way to raise it, and it's known to raise it on DH. They've used it in conjunction with HCG to raise even further. But now, as far as how long can you run it for? That's exactly what you're in charge of. You guys are the ones monitoring side effects because that would be a potential problem running out for, you know, years at a time and the same thing like a see Jesus. Why you guys monitor things like that and yeah, it was close, but I had the side effect of floaters and I could see my vision was getting messed with when I was on a high dose of climate for a long period of time. Yeah, so probably a low dose of climate for a long time or a higher doses for a short time. We'LL just suck it up. Yes, and injections Suck it out, Let it. I mean, it's freaky at first, sure, but if when it comes effectiveness and safety, it seems like the worst thing you could ever do. But it's the safest thing you could do in the most effective. So suck it up and do you have, ah, half second of a flinch and then enjoy the rest your life heroes asked. I will let you interpret this question. Is there something such as receptor saturation? Or can you cruise at two hundred and fifty milligrams of testosterone and forever Trevor? Well, yeah, that's what he is, you know, two hundred fifty hundred really sensitized to two hundred fifty milligrams. I know that when you talk about endogenous first exogenous, although it's an exogenous hormone, you're still keeping that level what your body would be producing. You know, you're just decreasing with age and the production because it's either going elsewhere or your own bodies. Production of its dropping that's going there if someone's cruising. This is another question, Mike. If someone's cruising on four hundred milligrams of testosterone. Do they need an aroma? Tae's inhibit? Or are they going to have to worry about too much conversion of testosterone to estrogen? I know a guy that gets he got sensitive, you know, nipples and things off. One male tests. So it's all going to be individual. You have to do your labs. That's why I always say, Do your lab work And that's what you guys like friends are there so many somebody, The minutia to it is endless. And that's why you just got to get your lab work done. Push. You're gonna know about yourself. It's invaluable. Kyle, this is okay. Kyle wants to know what dosage of testosterone can you go up to without suppressing your own natural production? And how would we even know if natural test our production is being suppressed when we're on? Uh, you know, you're not going to no one hundred percent what the number is that suppressing it isthe oppressive. But you can still produce your own disaster on on testosterone dependent. It's all depending on the person and the dosage you're using, but you'LL never really know that number specifically is it possible that one indication that testosterone is being suppressed is the decrease in F S H follicle stimulating hormone and Lewton izing woman L H yeah, that's a good way, But you'LL never know the number, so that that's why it's it's really hard to gauge, and that number is going to drop and it's always going to drop. Um, if it's completely shut up, that's one thing. But it's in terms of actually seeing a number of value of it. You're not going to know you can. You can roughly relate to it by that. All right question for both of you. Have you had ever experienced this? One of our athletes was not on anything steroid related. Nothing that should be expressing his testosterone. His total testosterone was forty five, not free testosterone. Total testosterone in the tank as low is, ah, twelve year old girl. And yet he was muscular, and I swear he is on no steroids, muscular, as if he was super sensitive to the low amount of sauce from when he had. So what happens is that there's, I mean, there's things from you could call it conspiracy theory, whatever, but it's been proved There's things from vaccines. There's chemicals. There's all kind of in the water, you know, Then I've seen lawsuits actually from parents at my high school about something that happened New York and other places. But there's chemicals in there that will kill fertility and different things in your body. That just happens to be one part. You know, there's stuff that will destroy your immune system from birth, and this has happened during pregnancy, so that kid could have been born with this. And what happens is when you're born with something like that, you're not producing those Andrews, your super sensitive to it very sensitive. So it could be like a female, you know, females very sensitive Andrews, because they've never been producing those cells. They're all fresh at the receptor sight. So this guy might have a forty five, but he has been. That's the way he was born, and he could be getting a big number from that. Or it could be something related differently with mild Staten. He could have a deficiency in that, and that just happened to have a low testosterone, which the likeliness of that is, you know, it's very unlikely but things like that, you know, you're born with it. You're not. You're not producing engines, you, Recep, you're engineer. Receptors are very sense of like a female. Have you ever seen the other extreme of this for someone's got very high testosterone, but they're not very muscular, and they exhibit no signs of having high testosterone like they're not sensitive to the dishonest. Yeah, because then they'LL have a very low free testosterone. I've seen that a lot where they have hide to sauce from very low free testosterone. They're usually chubby and have *** Trevor. Another question for you. What personally would you recommend to your clients that you that they run hcg during a very extended steroid cycle or a t r T cycle the most? So says Maybe on and off if when that excess it depends on the time lines. If they were going for a very long time on hormones, I wouldn't have them do a Tsuji the whole time. That kid there's a shutdown. There's a a lot of problems that can happen if you stay on for a very long time. So I would say either do it on and off through a cycle or wait till you're done, but not through the entire cycle. That's very long. The swelling stole my friends of freedom, pioneers of human.

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