Upper Chest Technique Using Pec Deck | Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed is going to explain how you can use the simple Pec Deck machine you find in almost any gym to effectively hit and isolate more of your Upper Chest.

Video Text

so I get a little bit more ball in my upper chest. Chest show is what everybody wants. Especially tall guys. We want look a fool, Okay? We just did, uh, flat bench. And then we did a hammer strength inclined press. Now we get ready to do some pec deck. You know, there's two groups on here you can grip like this, which is super nated renewed overhand grip. I prefer the overhand grip, because as soon as you rotate your hand, that upper chest rotates a little bit, increases a little bit more. So I get a little bit more ball in my upper chest. Upper chest show is what everybody wants, especially tall guys we want looked full. So you gotta have that really had that upper chest shelf. It doesn't just come from inclined. Press actually comes from the technique of biomechanical your mechanics actually moving in, twisting that shoulder a little bit to increase a little more contrition

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