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In the previous video, we discussed the cause of my knee injury being uric acid levels being too high in my bloodstream. Wait. And I told you I'd give the protocol that I used to bring my uric acid bubbles down and cure my knee injuries. In the previous video, I talked about some of the things that I took that just treated the symptoms. And in this one, I'm gonna tell you the actual cure that worked for me because today was the first day I was back in the gym, right? Didn't feel excruciating. Need pain that I've been suffering over the last, like, four months. Um, I used apple cider vinegar. I do believe that this can I have the bottle of apple cider vinegar story show? I do believe that this was the main. I believe that this was like, ninety percent of the reason, um, that I finally fixed this condition. I drank three quarters of this bottle over three days. That's how much apple cider vinegar I drank. I didn't mean to. It's just that when you pop the lid off, it's got such a look How big that is. I keep trying to pour a small amount because the angle of this and the way the lit is, it's like you pour a third of it out glass in the one time. So I drank so much like burns a hole in my stomach and my throat every time I drink it. But it worked. Mega dozing apple cider vinegar worked. Fix my knee problem quickly. I also increased my water intake because the uric acid is the result of the kidneys not being able to excrete enough of it. So more water means Mohr being able to flush out of the body. I took in more green tea. Green tea is a really popular treatment for high uric acid levels. Uh, makes you pee Mohr, and it's also an anti inflammatory. And the reason why the uric acid and gout causes the the injury any problems because of inflammation of the crystal. So it also has a secondary effect treating the symptoms. Uh, besides just being a cure of flushing out uric acid, I was using the fish oil and turmeric add to treat the symptoms before temporarily, but I continued to use it as part of my cure protocol. Same with the TV five hundred and the growth hormone growth hormone both injectable form and the, uh, Orel form the secretive cog in K six seven seven. Uh, he's also treated the symptoms. They didn't cure it, but because the downstream effect of the inflammation still needs to be cleaned up. So you see the damage that was caused by these fragments, these crystals of uric acid in my knees I need I needed to still reduce that information and then repair the tissue. So, uh, these things, like officially on the tumor in the green tea that help with the information on the TV five hundred a change to cure any and Healy damage that was caused from my own immune system, attacking the area from the inflammation or the damage from the inflammation itself and then vitamin C. It's not something I it has actually something that I added a little additional because I started increasing my vitamin E c and take recently, but not because of this protocol. It just happened to start craving things that contain vitamin C, so certain fruits that were very high in vitamin C. Looking back, I would have as part of my protocol increased vitamin C and take more from as in a supplemental form than a fruit form. Because I got way too much for toasting here. And and, uh, so I read from the Internet to hae a fruit dose can also, I lied to your castle problems. Don't with us, you're not. This let's over. Here is the things that I did not do. So these cannot attribute these things to curing my gout or my knee injury or Mihai uric acid levels. And that was to lower pure ings. When I went to the doctor and had them analyze my uric acid levels, Doctor said I needed to decrease poultry and take, and I'LL read it straight from here. Duck, chicken and duck and liver, he said, were the were very high and pure. Ian's on the breakdown of periods is what causes the high your gas and levels. Well, then I look online and other foods that are high in pure aeons, and it looks like lots of different meat is high imperious, not just chicken and Doc. So I don't know where that doctor got that idea, but I didn't really increase my decree. I didn't change my period and take it all. I didn't change my diet, so I can't attribute even though that was on obvious cure. And most people should look into this for me. It wasn't part of my cure protocol. Less alcohol and caffeine. I think it probably had more alcohol and more caffeine during this period of time. So I certainly can't contribute this to the cure, Reduce sugar and take definitely did not change. My sugar intake diet starts tomorrow, Uh, losing weight. I did not lose any weight during this time, period. So that's why I put all these up here because I put the things that I believe that helped cure it here and this. I think that this was like eighty five percent and I'm just speculating, but mega dozing apple cider vinegar, I think instantly cured it. And the water it sze these two in conjunction with each other. I think those two, I mean just instantly made it feel better. I think that my the time that it took me to heal and recover was so much faster than most people because of these additional things. But I think these are the actual cure be swollen school, friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution

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