Using Growth Hormone to Increase Height

I have someone on the phone (who I cannot name) that has used Growth Hormone to increase his height through his adolescent years. He is now 19 years old and will tell us which type of Growth Hormone he used, what the dosage was, what time of day he took, and what the effects were.

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I now have here someone who actually used growth hormone to increase their height and body size through adolescence. He's, currently nineteen years old. He's going to tell us which type of growth hormone he used, what the dosage was and what time of day he took it and what the effects were. All right, my friend of freedom. What age did you start using growth hormone ? Which type ? In what dosage ? So i believe one type that it was your children and i started at about thirteen years old, and i believe it was a point. Six point, eight milligrams. No, and you don't tonight one cop. Okay. And how did you know to take it at night ? Uh, doctor told me to. Okay. So, guys, thie growth hormone is more effective for growing a cz for his increasing height when taken at night. Not all doctors know this. So for interview there on a prescription growth hormone, increased height, you might want to revisit the time of day that you're taking the growth hormone. Coach trevor has actually coached a lot of people in the use of growth hormone, increasing height. And he's noticed that the effects are much more pronounced when taken at night. And what was the amount of dosage again ? Did you say of nordic turpin off it started, and i leave point six or pointing. Believe those point. Eight milligrams. Okay. And what were the net effects ? Do you think you grew more as a result ? Yeah. I mean, i i was negative off three percent off the chart. Um, starting it. And i grew about a foot in, uh, but three, four years. Okay. Now, growth hormone by itself does build muscle, but not near as much when it's combined with anabolic. So in bodybuilding, you can't really just use growth hormone and get fricking huge it's a combination of growth hormone and the bodybuilding drugs, the anabolic steroids as well as the insulin. So what did you notice ? A ce faras ? Ah, body fat and muscle gain by during the time you were only using growth hormone. Nothing else. When i started out, i was early training. I believe so, but i'm going to the gym before entering my fucking year of high school. Man. The whole time i was on the growth hormone. I know without going inside of a gym so there would not be really invaluable park for agrees. What's a master bodie got lost control dio okay. Since when have you had any experiment with experience with growth hormones secreted dogs now, yes, i'm getting seven, seven used it for one month, okay, any any comparison to the injectable growth hormone you could make ? Honestly, no, um, different wise, i can't really tell you much. Um, i've never gotten really, like, you know, the num hands on it on the growth hormone either than pitching seven, seven, and you have six, seven. Why, you said it was a ghost and ten milligrams. You talk today morning tonight. Okay, so you're saying the effects were similar between the oil growth hormone, m k and the injectable growth hormone ? Yeah, i mean, i can't really compare it off. Hide wise, because that wasn't like getting my check in that time frame often. But it didn't dedicate, definitely, on my appetite. Any. Did you notice any side effects of using the growth hormone ? Either one. Possibly a little bit of hand. Crew, you know, like the with your hand, your fingers. Me, i got really better, you know, like like dirt, not area and some prescription face creams. Okay, anything else that the audience should know about thie use of growth hormone and adolescents to increase heights ? No, i mean, i feel like if it's done correctly with good don't you get it from the technologies that point ? I feel like there's really no downside to it except off. Now, when i get my blood work done, my gf one is still on the higher under the range, but my serum is next to nothing the last apartment because they point for are you saying you think that taking work you oh, you think it did suppress you ? Yeah, yeah, okay. And and how are you going to make up for that in the future ? Is that with the secretive dogs do for you now, i i have a package for a minute that come in the mail with a above it, so i'm excited to see how that would work right now by using anything for that purpose. One thing is that me and kate haven't actually does have studies on adolescent fun, like a bug google scholar. Then you'll be able to find some studies on and i don't remember the dosage all can go back. And research it. But there are studies on it, and i wonder if something like six, seven, seven or some borland would be a better alternative for that purpose than exogenous. Because you, even if you get insurance to cover your endogenous carmen, has been added, i feel like i have suffered negative consequences overtime from. So i believe that it created god would be a better option if it appears to be considerable strength. Okay, very nice. Well, sounds like you're one of the guinea pigs, and i'm sure you'll come across other people that as you communicate with other people in the community that are looking to do the same thing and give them some protocol experiments, okay, all right, well, thank you, my friend of freedom. This specific individual does a lot of experiments himself, very open minded and very knowledgeable. So we're looking forward tio making his brain on his future growth hormone experiments, he's swollen for my friend, the freedom.

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