Using Salt in Your Diet | Aaron Reed

Do you use salt on your food? How does salt affect your physique? What is the best type of salt to use? Aaron Reed is going to talk to us about the use of salt in our diets and what the benefits and drawbacks are.

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very blind. It's great for heartburn. Indigestion Yoo Jin, Aaron Reed Coming from Moon by India tomorrow we go on the set to fight as gladiators are popular TV show way Got to get our diet rite today because gotta look awesome for the film on. I want to know if I should be putting salt on my food and you put salt on your food And if so, what time result to use? Well, right now you start putting salt on your fan. You haven't. It's not the best idea. You start holding water, you know. But if you've been self in your food's quite if you keep your sodium up uh, you'LL be fine. You know Australian sports, You get a big time. You first do it get overtime commissions. So other than that pig saw this way Teo has been a little brother. Just be playing on top of that. It's out. It's very it's great for heartburn. Indigestion, You know, scientific stomach acid thinks like that. Terms for the shoot. I'm gonna salt regularly go overboard because I haven't been able to stay at my birth. My set of eyes like the swelling's all my friends of freedom fighting game, son

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