Using Steroids While Being Sick

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All right, class. Most commonly asked question of the week was. Should i take steroids if i'm sick ? Class is in session. So this is for someone who's already on a steroid cycle. They wonder if they should stop when they get a cold or a flu. Now the professors here, guru a mean coach trevor and me, doc, tony huge had quite a heated debate right before this video and i don't think we're all on the same page. So let's get guru amines opinion first, then we'll go to coach travel. I think that if the body's being taxed, you know, buy something a little bit too strong in the body than those substances you should not take when you're sick. But there are substances which actually increase your immune system and of ours. One of them printable is one of them. Idea fornell are three is one of them. Girl carmen is one of them, so there are testosterone is one of them even equipoise. It that's fine to take two. But now when you're talking about drugs like anna drawl or the or als and stuff like that other than an ivar, you best off just taking it out and letting your body allow itself to not focus on processing the steroids, but more focusing on building the immune system from what stare words you have. But but if you come off the steroids and let's, say someone's not taking in an amar, they're doing just like a testosterone in a trend in an astra. Then i would just take the train out, okay, take the harsh compound harsh compound, keep the foundation of the site to don't come off everything condone because then you go up and down like this, and then you run like a lot of people do when they get off stuff, they get acne and they get side effects, so we tend to get those a lot more if you don't want to go off everything. But you do need to allow the bodies, ability, it's, own ability to regenerate itself. And if it's, you know, being taxed by trying to have to process on the harsher stuff the tran, the andrew or so so a trend and anna drawl d ball a halo test in a winstrol. Those are the ones off the check drops. And these are the type of thing i could think of. You want to come off of you winstrol ? You could stay on. Depending on what else you're on, but if if you're on a like, you know, test and growth and stuff like that, then you know you could drop the ones from put it back in its not an androgen. So where you will have it up and down effect. So that that's an either way kind of one you wouldn't need winstrol and anna bar and all those stuff. You kind of want to take it to a minimal. So if you were taking let's, say, five different compounds and say, anna drawl. Hal intestine winstrol. You know, primo, uh, test. You want to keep the winstrol primo and test you dropped and a draw in the hollow testing tremble own or anything like that. And growth hormone running all happy through because that's gonna help it's totally is gonna help your immune system. Stopping it would be foolish. Okay, good. Trevor, stop steroids when you get sick, could cold or a flu or any other sickness now the same thing he said, though, when you're taking oil on your tax in your body, if your liver is under stress, your kidney is not functioning properly. Your immune system attacks as well. If your body is doing with something else can't have the ability to just concentrate on the one thing steroids increase, you know, with testosterone, primo the same ones you were bringing up increasing, you know, the strength of your immune system, and this is the biggest thing people don't get sick as much on them to get sick when they come off of these things. And when you're talking about growth hormone, um, the direct relationship between t cell production and efficiency t cells are directly responsible for your immune system. It is your immune system, so if you're chief cell is low, you're going to get more susceptible being sick, it's going to take longer to recover anything that deals with that it's a benefit so i wouldn't come on an important hormone for healthy immune system is estrogen too. So we do want to stay on compounds or even add in compounds that do aroma ties. And estrogen has lost a lot of times. Yeah, foundation. So sasha was your number one and a lot of times people get sick any ready for a show and it's ? Not just that they're at a calorie deficiency. A lot of these people taking lots of roman sites, inhibitors there, estrogen shut down, and you're not gonna be. Oh, your body's ability to fight is going to take with you well, class. This was interesting, because what started out as a heated debate between us, we all found a consensus and common ground, which is that to keep the foundation compounds in, especially something like a testosterone or something that converse to estrogen, and then to take out the harsh compounds. Usually, the faster acting compounds, like a tran and andr, all a depot or hitler, test, listens. The oral steroids, basically, except for anand of our. So it looks like we've reached consensus. We hope you learned a lot to look forward to. Future episodes talking about advanced bodybuilding chemistry and pioneering human evolution. Be small in school, my friends of freedom. Action.

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