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Egon, bodybuilding coach Trevor and I did a video about this earlier, but now we've got an actual professional physique. Competitors knee My who's repping the vegan diet were of the Sacramento bodybuilding competition. He gets it busy. Guys plea compete in classic physique. I just want one first place grass and he's a pro. Those he's you know, he's the next level up. He actually could win money if you into the show. And he got there using a vegan diet. Yes, sir. It's hard for some people to believe that it was very rare. I don't even know where to start. When did you become so just mentioning? I've been vegetarian my entire life. I've never had a piece of meat. Never had a piece of steak, chicken, fish, beef, anything. So the last two years, actually, I started getting love for involved Just where even the dairy products come from gangs and everything else and just kind of made a conscious effort, just like you know what? I don't need it. So I was going to cut it out of my diet altogether, and since around that same time, I decided to start bodybuilding and actually promoting At the same time, I kind of fell together. Weird way. But now it's just like I'm using my platforms of pro stats to just show people what the possibilities are. A plant based diet on show that it's possible to even compete a top level with some of the best in the world. I'm up there with the Olympians now, and just to share the stage with them and just to prove to the world. And you know you don't need me, you don't need way. You don't need it. You know, you get all your call your nutrients, all your sense of vitamins, all your protein, everything yu need just from plants. And on top of that, you're decreasing now, suffering in the world, you increase your good karma in the world. So it's just something that I just want to make people more aware of. How old are you? Twenty seven. When did you become a pro? About six. No, actually about in July. So couple shells to go, all right. And you know the big debate of how much protein that we actually need. And there's a lot of bodybuilders and think you need a lot less. There's somebody I think you need, like to grams per pound. Is there a certain amount of grams per pound hit? Or how do you know if you get enough protein? You know, I think that there's a There's definitely a certain not that you need, depending on what type of role that you're trying to achieve. Obviously, if you try to gain mass, you want a little bit of a surplus. You mean so you have a little bit more to slap on your muscle after these intense workouts in. But it's not as much as people think, and there's there's a lot of studies out there that show that you don't need to grams of protein for body weight. Teo put on mass or even to cut at that point. You know a lot of people when they start cutting up even more to kind of have that proteins bearing factories, you won't eat muscle. Why me now? But I found it works best for me is just like keeping my vegetable intake insanely high. So I bawl. You meet a lot. I don't count any kind of greens is mad girls because your body so exhibition of taking them, breaking them down, absorbing all of nutrients in there so nutrient dense as a post calorie dense that probably more than some of the other guys. But it's just eating the right foods, so I don't go out ***. I'm not saying meeting ***, but I'm just saying, like I selectively choose my foods and have a large variety, So I get protein sources. There's a lot of different conceptions that you have to like. Combine vegetarian food like plants to get like a complete amino profile. Yeah, combining combining protein. Okay, give up. Give me some examples of some of the best sources of vegan protein and what you can find them. Here's our state, your staple like What is your means? Well, I vary in I have a wide variety of food that I eat, but I usually so typical diet for me. Wake up! I'LL have like tofu scramble. Sawyer is a great source of protein. There's a lot of minutes behind soy as well. It kind of mimics estrogen right based office molecular structures like that. But there's also been studies on that disprove any kind of negative effects on testosterone, even as you clearly are not holding any aspirin. You know, one way to tell people the estrogen is holding water. Yeah, this guy's not only anyone lovely, because I'm about to go on stage a little bit, but, uh, yeah, wake up, get some tofu veggie, scramble some avocado. My second meal off proteins like a wake up. Call it out like a pea protein shakes like a beginning approach like either pee or hand before, right. Sometimes they have a combination. I I actually take that. Okay, I did like, this movie's like a fruit smoothie with boats. And then for lunch, I'll be like a entails and mixed vegetables. And sometimes I'LL throw like a meat substitution as well. So they also have these plant based. Well, they made it a soy, so it's just like it's like this, but it looks like chicken taste like chicken feels like chicken, but it's plants. So those air actually incredible for macro counting as well, because they're high in protein, low in carbs, fat and once again, since man of plant your body, it's much easier in your digestive system to absorb everything. It's got a little bit slower rate of absorption. So, like Prince and some guys take facing before they go to bed because of me, you know, any kind of plant protein, you take it'LL be more slower so you can actually have a steady supply of protein in your blood system. So it's like you're not breaking down. You don't need to. So I think it's like, I tell you the truth. I think I have, like, the biggest secret you gotta get in close for this whole. I'm telling you guys a secret secret because soon enough other guys are gonna catch on and they're going to do. I need to go and I'm gonna get big and I'm gonna lean. I'm gonna look good. I'm gonna feel good. That's the biggest difference. When I helped you, I help a lot of people. The biggest difference people tell me is how they feel in about two to three weeks, they feel more energy. They feel more alert. They feel like they recover quicker, their strength goes up. It's just about getting the right combination of everything. Education is the most important part, and that's exactly what I'm trying to do here. Okay, guys. So I know some ofyou keyboard warriors out there going like, smack talk about this stuff. So you're a five day forever. Still want his class? No. So So But But I want you guys to follow him, because then you can see if he's legit or not. You know, like when I'm talking to you, look in my eyes, You know, if I'm telling you the truth, you know, I'm always telling you the truth. That's what channels all about. I saw this guy. I've been talking to him. Trust me saying I feel the honesty, Remember, I'm a lawyer. Good. Have a good lie detector built in light. So wait. So So how do we How do we find you online so people can find out if my instagram my first name and last name So it's me, my and I am a I underscore. Delgado, d e l g h b o. And same thing is Facebook instagram. You two got YouTube channel out there? Uh, yeah. Just find that Try to post a lot of it from informative stuff. And you love in what city again? Bakersfield, California. Bakersfield. Ok, so he's like a seven hour drive from here so hopefully we get to collaborate s'more. Sure. I'm curious about this. I'm here from here. South. You ever thought about helping? So there's a lot of vegan guys out there that don't really have a lot of muscle. But that's why you know, it was this guy on the main target for those guys. Those guys, actually, a lot of surprises. So much how much you get from my own time, You know what I mean? Like, they threw me out of the press saying like, Oh, this guy's like creating unrealistic expectations for other begins something like, I don't do anything for anybody but me. I have a different golden everybody else. I'm trying to make it to the best of the best. Obviously, people have different holes. If you just want to eat rightto feel right, then by all means, you can do that. You can either do it to be a runner, a swimmer, a bodybuilder, whatever you want. But the possibilities are there. You just have to be Well, well, you know. I mean, this guy's legit. He's a pro, you know. He made it to be a pro. It's hard to become a pro okay and physique these days, especially extremely competitive. So he knows what he's talking about. And that's why you know what? I'm just gonna get anybody on the show. We're getting someone who's vegan and freaking shredded, and this is what everybody wants to look like. I mean, you know, Coach Trevor teaches. He teaches how to look like this. Fricking awesome. But most people want to look like this. So I get you guys that information. Somebody swollen, swollen, my friend of three to five years. Bye.

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