Vegetarians and Bodybuilding

Vegetarians and Bodybuilding?? While Dr. Tony Huge and Aaron Reed were in India filming “Porus”, a lot of fans approached them and asked advice for building muscle. Of course they said “eat meat” but its a religious belief not to eat and actually the state they were in, made meat ILLEGAL!

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selling meat, every serious you. Seriously, I had no idea. That's why. What? It was so hard, why? There was only one place in the whole town that had meat, vegetarians and bodybuilding. I'm Dr Tony Huges, Aaron Reed, and this question came up while we were in India. We just got to Bangkok. A few days ago, we were in India acting for the poorest show. We went to the gyms in India and a lot of vegetarians came up to us for advice on how to build muscle and our number. One piece of advice was to start eating meat, which they find offensive because it's, Ah, religious belief, Tio not eat meat. In fact, the state that we were in in India made meat illegal. Now we were lucky to find a place that was selling us. Meet Andrew. Seriously, you seriously, I had no idea. That's why. What? It was so hard why there was only one place in the whole town that had meat. They wanted to know what they could do differently to build more muscles and no amount of training, no amount of, um supplements that aren't meat based. I guess you could say they're even trying there, even banning create team. So when we were thinking wire vegetarians so weak, so frail, why do they have such high body fat percentage? Is because you think that if you just went on a vegetarian diet, you'd be lean and you work out hard to be lean. You'd be ripped, but no, they're very lean, very weak. Their bone structure is very small, and you could see the difference between the vegetarians that were raised vegetarian, their whole life, which is there under developed their bodies, their smaller, weaker, their bones or small. They're very fragile versus the people who have chosen to become vegetarian. Later, they built a strong fans have the bone structure. They have some strength. They definitely did not look like the picture of health like people try to preach. Should be in vegetarian thes People that have invested in our whole lives did not look healthy. They looked like they were no nursed, so we're gonna help them on a number of different levels. Number one, we're going to teach them about kind of philosophy and life advice and approach of maybe reconsidering doing what your religion or your parents tell you to do if your goals or something different. If your goals are to have an awesome physique, it's very unlikely to happen. Being vegetarian, it is possible there is a few, but people might very few. I was just a body Miller's. But there's actually no bodybuilders in really good condition. They're vegetarian. And if they were, they probably just be taking five times the amount of steroids to make up for the fact that if you can't even do that, well, here's the thing that okay, there's that back when I first wrote my book on natural Lifestyle, I challenged the idea of a gram approaching per pound of body weight. You know, it's kind of a rule of thumb. I know where it came from, but that's kind of it is what it is. I thought, You know what I'm gonna do? Half. And I'm going to see if I can maintain the same hard, lean physique that I have. A no so strict with my diet was easy from you. Make a couple changes, just stick to it. And the thing that I noticed in about four weeks was my I'm busy became softer wasn't it hard? Must a lean, but I wasn't his heart. And then a soon as I bumped my protein back up, I start getting really hard, you know? So it's like when we're talking these guys and they're trying to say what an idea with this change. Grow muscle. You got stopping this, Terry, and like Well, yeah, but I can't do this, and I can't do that. And I said, Listen to me, I'm a professional. And I'm telling you the best ways point a to point B to reach your goal. And you're trying to talk me into telling you away to go around the corner about it, get there when that makes no sense, you know? And that Tony no was being really nice. I said it won't just be a nice e. Tell you right now you're not going to get there. What I saw what I was trying to tell him is, you know, maybe if you can drink milk because no animals were killed in the milk. Look, I'm not supposed to kill animals. Is the religious belief so maybe if you could drink a lot of milk, maybe you'd get more protein and not just protein, but there's nutrients that come along with these animal proteins. Uh, if you could take caution also probably really deficient in fish oil. They don't need fish. You have definitely take somebody. That's a huge problem, for you know, the thing is on a car native standpoint that your brain is made of one third made of three essential fatty acids. So you know this. This could lead to a lot of other problems by being deficient in many three central fatty. Yes, that explains a lot. Kind of. It kind of does. There's other so that other nutrients in meat besides protein. So I was trying to tell him. Okay, let's just say that protein is remained efficiency. Your main problem. Let's get over that hurdle first. Then we can deal with other micronutrients so saying things like peas, garbanzo beans and soy problem with soya Zit is estrogenic, so it will actually cause a man to put on fat, and you're still soft on the busy. Now you're losing. It's not where you want. So then we're left with garbanzo beans and peas. Um, and the problem is that the guy I was talking to super nice guy. He was like, Oh, I don't really want to eat garbanzo beans and peas. And then that was kind of when I was like Okay, well, I don't know what to do. Why are you even working out? Really? You're not going to build any muscle. You're when you work out, you're tearing down your muscle. You eat protein to build the muscle. If you tear down the muscle and you don't give your body protein to rebuild the muscle, then it was that it was all futile. Okay, let me explain something. There's three macronutrients. The body runs on his fuel. Carbs, fats and proteins, carbs and fast. Give your energy protein is found in every cell in the body. Doesn't produce any energy. You can get some of their process called genesis. They will feel a little bit of energy, a little bit of sugar, But the end of the day protein is to maintain cellular function and recuperate, grow muscle and, you know, basically maintain the body. So when you don't have that there basically handicapping yourself because you're going to get energy still from rats and bats and carbs, but you're not allowing your body to run as well as it should, because your body needs protein, especially if you put it under tons of physical stress with training and you tear everybody down. How do you expect? How do you expect to build a house without the material? That's really what it comes down to it. You can run any supplement, any anabolic, anything until I tell people this the same thing. I guys that want to try to take a bunch of take a bunch of Jews so much gear and they don't want to eat right. Tell them the same thing. You know, it's like you need to get your nutrition first, you know, because you can run as much stuff as you want. Everyone get their nutrition. Isn't there any trains? Not there. Nothing's going to save, you know. So it's is the same in this situation with the lack of protein. This video is a general overview on the issues that we think that vegetarians face, why there are very few, if no really good condition, muscular vegetarians or strong visionaries. But we're not trying Teo castaway vegetarians and just put them down. We are trying to help them. So that's why in future videos we are going to go over all the different nutrients that vegetarians maybe deficient in for bodybuilding and maybe some alternatives, and they're never gonna have it as good as if they would have eaten meat. But we can try and get closer there through tailoring their diets and including some supplements. We're also gonna do videos, go over vegetarianism and health because I understand the religious belief, the culture. But if someone says that they're being a vegetarian for health ninety percent of the time, that's false, I say ninety percent, because there are certain populations that may thrive off lower animal product diet because we are slightly different genetically, you can't just throw every human being into the category and say Everybody performs better lives longer on meat or not on me. But most humans do and will explain why future videos be swallowed. Small friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. You ride, train hard, stay focus, gotta make him gain, son

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