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I'm Dr Tony huge here with a J, my friend and international travelling Playboy and I have a tip for him and a tip for you about how to keep people's interests howto keep people's attention. So they listened to what you say because no matter how good your message is, if your delivery isn't captivating your audience, they're not gonna listen. Notice how I was just varying my vocal tone. Ality Notice how my voice goes up and then it comes down and I have some personality behind my voice. Well, a J for how brilliant he is when the camera turns on because he speaks very well. Hey speaks almost like there's an outline in his head. When I asked him a question, it's almost like he's reading a script in his head. He's very technical, very intelligent, but the problem is, he doesn't vocal his voice. And so some people, um, especially if they're not intelligent enough to understand what I'm saying, will lose interest. So I just want you to give me an example of how your your voice is monotone when you're thinking hard. So So tell me about your favorite, because this is gonna be like a very entertaining thing. Like, where's your favorite place in the world and how exciting it is to you. But use your normal, like, pretended t use any vocal tonality. So if I had to go with one my favorite places in the world, it would probably be maybe Thailand, maybe the Philippines. Philippines is a great place, and yeah, okay. Wait till you see the monotone It is. So my tip for you guys is Make sure the barrier vocal tonality so very simply, every once in a while, throw in a very high voice and throw in a very lower and you can use hand gestures of having other videos. But just remember the term vocal atonality. If you want to keep people's attention, that's important to success. Because if people are listening to you, you can't do business. You can't be successful. Small school, my friends. Freedom. Pioneers of human evolution

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