Water Strategy Before Bodybuilding | How Aaron Reed

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bodybuilding show prep. Do you manipulate your water intake before stage or the day before? That way, huge and read. What's your water strategy for? Body. Don't drink a shitload of water and then stop drinking twelve. I am the night before the show and then sip on it with your *** meals. You're good. You did everything else, right? You're good because I don't like to mess with my water. I messed with my water. I looked flat like a basketball player. *** swimmer. So don't even mess with my water. I did at one time. They regret every time I've done it, so don't do it. And if you get a message, your water I know you could do crazy *** like basics and things like that for me, Danny Line Root works fine, but he does a really good job. Take a lot of that or you Your seat. Yeah, Yeah. Enhanced athlete to expel seven. Fifty. This is both the name. That's all you can tell. You need a hand like that. *** works. Uh, but I don't like the message

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