What Causes Stomach Bloating? | Food?? | Dr. Tony Huge and Coach Steve

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What causes stomach bloating is the next question. My say what happens to me and how I solve it. I get stomach bloating from food allergies that cause inflammation, and that includes milk. So even if I were to take a lacto spill with milk is not just the lack does seems like notes a little bit inflammatory arm its own. Also oatmeal and some other food. So I take tumeric pills with my meals that seems to reduce the inflammation from the food Just normal. Oh, interesting thing about tumeric. Concur cumin and fight Isobel Technology and absorb ability is that it is my opinion, my theory that we don't want anything that absorbs super good if we're trying to fix abdominal inflammation, because if it absorbs and point in the bloodstream before, gets through all the intestines and I actually want the cheap tumor just curry powder, yeah, basically, just to go through the intestines to reduce the information to get tested, too, he said. If I actually haven't talked about that before, but if I, if I have the flu or cold or I've got serious digestive system issues will take fifteen grams of gloomy twice a day like make it, uh, didn't take it with me. Lt's over between with meals. Yeah. No, because you slow down the absorption should give your body time to assimilate. Just let it pass through. It's usually a few Thank you. Taking all your girls before they work out okay in your bloodstream. Fast but lettering fast. But you don't want that for everything. Something's like multi vitamin you want to take with same excluding. Maybe sometimes BC is just want to take it with the meals for your body. Time to simulate music for the purpose of I'm just going to throw out an exciting one because we talked about this earlier. Anna Draw. Do you love Anna? Draw all of imagery. Fifty milligrams a day and then it's all right. It's enough. Taking stomach didn't get side effects from E. Take Control them with ***. Quite a lot of mineral attention, Andi. I have very high sodium magnesia diet because I really feel it's beneficial. But if you don't change that on a deck and an eternal cycle, you start told a lot of money. So I needed to take a Lasix once in a while just to flush it out. What do you think about megadoses? Potassium. This's a tiny and clark thing that we did some videos on. I mean, if you make those potentially needs carbohydrates to accommodate it because they call and they handed me cash in pools, carbohydrates into muscle for me and in stores there. What happens is when you go for your glycogen, you'LL lose all this passion. It goes into the bloodstream. It needs to go somewhere. So your kidneys have limited filtering capabilities. That's why sometimes it spills over into his skin or choosing so and then you know you need some time to process it to you. If you make it out to cash, do it only in a scenario where you have a car so that the potassium, the new saw the salt alternative. That's potassium with every carbohydrate meal. Adding some of that would be helpful. The absolute fixed that where

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