What is DHB? The Powerful Steroid No One Talks About

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D h be powerful steroid. Nobody talks about dr tony huge of enhanced athlete dot com. Here was coach trevor coach trevor w t f might. What is d h b ? This is that's, the hyderabad known it's. Its own classifications like dht czar. And they call it its name is one dash to saw cerone. And it really confuses people. They always see it and think of meth a one test. And but when you think of it that way method one test would be like your old version in terms of the fact that you take diana ball versus geek you same thing one's aural one's not one hundred percent different side effects and effects of the drug. So is it strong ? Is that anabolic ? Does it build muscle yet ? It's it's really strong it's a lot stronger than what they say on paper somewhere prima ball in which premium bond is ah ah d h peeper derivative it's, just five out for reduced boldenone basically that's all it is and which comes the name die hydro boldenone it's twice is anabolic is testosterone and a little less on the andro side. Like, believe this sos on ninety when i saw that last but the like i said it's not like on paper, you can't judge it by paper because the effects are very strong, very apparent, actually more so than prema bone. Although i still prefer prima balling, it hardens you gives you tremendous strength. You would just imagine it as the dht version of q like master ahn is to testosterone. So it's a it's a lot stronger and its effects. It's. Very good, anabolic. Very good animal. But it produces those really hard drive gains and almost no side effects. No, very similar to premium bond can actually help with you're s h g and whatnot. And without all the bad side of those, you know, you use the words anabolic and energetic a little bit differently than most of us to use them. Like the practical application of the drug, whether it's, anabolic energetic not whether it's, anabolic randa, genic on paper relating d h b to d h t the hydra, testosterone, right. Dht is a natural occurring hormone in the body. It is what testosterone converts to testosterone convertible estrogen and dht and certain other steroids. Do they convert to ght also ? Okay. And and do certain other steroids. Convert to d h b. Okay. What ? What ? Steroids convert to d h b. So without taking ghb directly, you know, orally or ejecting ? Ghb what other steroids do we take that convert to ghb that maybe people are using ghb because of the stairs they use convert to it, but they didn't even know they were using the h b get the main one i give credit to is not that converts, but it is a form of a derivative of ghb, which is primo bond. A lot of the five five alfred do steroids either confirm or are derivative of ghb, which gives it some of those strong effects when you're talking about it that, like you said on paper, it doesn't show this on paper, right ? Maybe two hundred rating starts twice the strongest disaster, but look att, die hydro testosterone and look how much you know if you look at the effectiveness of ght over testosterone. Imagine that of eco place, you know, a very strong dry gaynor that's, actually very effective, you know, with its unique benefits, but a very strong, much stronger version with its own properties as well. When i go on a steroid website or buy from a steroid dealer, they only have a selection of a few of the actual steroids that exist and then people think that those are the only steroids like deca testosterone, trend, equipoise, streamable and an ivar. But there's actually a lot of other anabolic steroids out there that nobody's talking about nobody's using and it's just because there's no demand for it in the market because people don't know about it now meant m e nt trust alone acid tate that's another example of the most powerful perhaps the best story steroid ever created that the on ly reason it isn't more popular is pure ignorance. Do you think that the ignorance of people is playing into the fact that ghb isn't being talked about, as in the hb is actually something that should be talked about, but it's not just because people don't know about it. Yeah, big time there's a few reasons one, i think even if you do educate people, they're still going to make the same dumb decisions until they learn the hard way for themselves because, you know, i preach prima bolin and a lot of people know, you know, growth hormone, prima bond have ran enough ran the real things or some things i've talked about, they know the effectiveness, and they will. Never steer away from certain things, however, people know this, but they never do it because they're so their minds so somewhere else in another reason for that is those those handful of steroids that everybody knows about give you the most side effects, giving the most water attention like strength gains and, you know, for the most part in there, they work every time they're very cheap, and they've been produced by manufacturers for prescription. So it's easy to refer to these as this name, this name, they've been studied, we can see it on paper as opposed to somebody telling you, this is the side of fact, this is what it does, and so yeah, i think you know, all these things, they just need to change their mind set and realize how do you know these work in your body ? And you may not put a million pounds or this much weight on, but how you're doing it is the entire purpose of this you're not gonna build more muscle, necessarily faster from using a ball. So so are you saying the ghb is one of these very high quality muscle builders that don't result in a lot of bloat, and one of the reasons it may not be as popular is the same reason why primo isn't popular more popular because you don't see the instant results of blowing up your building quality must over a long period of time, and people are more interested in that instant gratification they can get two days after taking d ball when they put on five pounds of water. Is that what you're saying ? Yeah, and i mean, even when you refer to wind strong, because it's so, you know, popular, but it does give you that super dry effect overnight, and so they see instant result that's what it comes down to and sure, you know, d h p is a little more expensive, not more than promotes a lot cheaper actually, however it's the same concept, you know, thes most people taking it forty pounds overweight, you're not going to see, you know, this tremendous gain from it because you're so overweight, and i could see the fibers and these changes, and it is stronger than prema bawling because it is pierre ghb, but here's the thing, the effects of primo bond i still like more because of you know how it works down the road. D h b is a lot faster and in the way it's gonna act, but maybe not is protein sparing us primo box. It gives you those same effects. So, you know, it's all about learning these things and and just stand yeah. So i sense that we're gonna be doing some more videos about ghb in the future. Like where to get it, what the dosages are, what effects that you and your other athletes of experience from it, what are the side effects ? There's ? So many questions that i have for you on it. That's all we have time for this episode. Guys, if you like us exploring these other chemicals, if that's the kind of thing you want to see, let us know there's a lot of chemicals out there that trevor knows about that i know about that you never hear about anybody talking about. I want to bring these to the forefront because my goal is that we don't just keep doing what tradition says to dio we explore, we create our new have our own evolution, and we got to do that through developing the science of these things and learning from each other. We can't just keep repeating the same b s old school twenty years ago, bulking cycles of de ball and testosterone, and then expect to evolve in in in our progress and learning and learn more. Okay, so that's, what we're going to dio weird experiment on ourselves. We need blood work. I'm gonna tell you all the secrets we know. So keep following. Subscribe like, and be swell in school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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You should make a video on GHB. Maybe even how to extract GHB from GBL.


Love you Tony keep your Videos and spread information freedom !


Where can I get DHB and what’s dose and cycle length?


Did you every find a source for the dhb?


i am doing test dhb tren anavar, it’s phenomenal, bought from hulkdna dot net