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Steroid profile of N P P, which stands for nandrolone. Final Propane eight. This is the fast version of Deca, which is the nandrolone can away. Deca is a long acting steroid. It takes weeks to build up before you even really feel it in a month, probably for really kicks and nandrolone. Feen Appropriate has a much faster half life. I'm Dr Tony. Huge dance athlete dot com. This is Coach Trevor. He's going to tell us what he knows about NPP from personal experience, the experience of the athletes and not just reciting some of the information off the Internet. And you can go read that stuff. This is personal experience stuff guys. MPP, right? So he just said it right there. It's the female. Appropriate is just faster that's attached to it, meaning the breakdown rate of that hormone in the fatty acid. So it has, ah, roughly three to five days. Where says you're looking up fifteen plus days on the deck, a deck oni. It kicks in quicker kicks. A lot quicker, however, is still a lot of like the joint benefits do take a little bit longer to really start working. Whether you're taking longer Esther or the shorter Esther. It's the same exact drug, just a different Esther. It's going to take time for both of us for the joint effects. But the upside to FINA appropriate is the frequency that you need to do. The injections is what keeps a stable level of the hormone in your body. So you hold less water. The actual Esther of the hormone does nothing to how much water you're going to hold, people say. And then they will make you hold more water than propane A, which is a hundred percent true. It's the frequency of injects because you have your hormones doing this when you take any day and you look a blood value timing on that Sasaki thrown, you have this like it does this straight line and then peaks high and at peace I and it comes back to a steady medium. But it does these peaks. So the more that the more that you're the less frequent you do n e nj, the more you're going tohave levels going up and down and more, they're going to go up and down and you're gonna have side effects. That's where most side effects of these drugs. So you saying the MPP has the increased risk that you have tto do the injections more frequently, and if you don't, then you're going to have the roller coast during your hormones. So how often is an M P P injection recommended? Remember, this is not medical advice. This is entertainment, educational purposes only. These are prescription medications. Follow your doctor's recommendation. So what? But my belief would be, I guess, with my athletes is in every other day and theoretically, depending on if you want to be a pin cushion or not, everyday would even be better. And that's with everything that you take. It doesn't matter what it is. The more frequent a certain hormone is in there at a stable level. Less side effects, no matter what it is, tremble own etcetera. However, some hormones do work better, taking a higher dose less frequently like the trump alone. I believe myself, but keeping steady levels is your biggest thing. So I've read every other day every thirty days. Okay, so you have people like me who are really busy, and it's sometimes hard to get hidden injection everyday, the longest that you could get away with it. You said one, two, three days. So every third day. Does that mean like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, like Monday Thursday, two days in between one day Thursday. And But then, here's the downside. Now you have to take more volume at that time because most profusely appropriate is dose one hundred when people sell it, although it could be easily be produced at two hundred everywhere you're going to get the stuff. For the most part, it's coming in at one hundred. So the sheer volume that they're going to have to do is about three ccs of this stuff at It's certainly at one given time. So the deca oftentimes is two fifty two hundred fifty milligrams for male leader on three hundred milligrams from really, but but it also because it has a longer Hester attached to it. There's less active drug compound in it. So what are the what are the normal or recommended dosages of NPP versus the recommended dosage of Decca? Considering the fact that the Esther's taking up more of the decade here is actually a funny thing about FINA appropriate, it takes up a lot now Propane it doesn't take up much acid. Tate takes up less. Um, and Ananta imitates a sip. Units take up a lot more. But final program that you would think actually takes up less. But it takes up about the same, if not more. So you are actually getting less final programming. It's roughly the same as and then they. But if it was pro peon, eh? Or acid e, it would take a bless, you know, appropriate. The esther actually does take up cleave a lot of that off. Okay, I want you to talk about dosages next, but real quick first. What about combining NPP with Decca? So you're kind of front loading with e m. P. Piece kicks in immediately and then following up with are taking the MP and deck of the same time so that the MPP kicks and immediately. But while the deck is waiting to kick in Yeah, actually, I do. We used to do that a lot when I ran longer compounds just out of sheer. Maybe I was injured or I didn't have something. So when I was ready to start, I wanted to start. Now you know, I want has that when they're trying to get somewhere you've seen for that I want to be the best. I want to do it now. You want results now, So I would do it. Combining very short. So I asked her is I could see that the screen kabbadi story masters with longer asters and to kind of kick it in quicker. But you guys got to realize that these hormones, even though they'Ll work on the Andersen level right away, when you start taking him and you can't front, load him. The secondary effects of these things take a lot of time to build up in your system. So whether you front loaded or not, it still takes time for these things that work. I need the water and the joints. You know, the tremble artefacts, prima bonafide. All these things take a lot of time. So to change in your body, these processes have to change. And those are all signals that were being said and the consul and to be sent to change. All right, what do you think the average recommended dosage online is versus the dosage that your athletes usually used because sometimes it's the same like with Winstrol. We said It's pretty similar. Your what you use similar to what's recommended all over the Internet but with other compounds like Streamable and you think should be ran much higher. I can't remember what else. But what do you think about deca dosages are? NPP does so with nandrolone. It isn't I mean it is. It's an effective drug when it comes to what it does and what you could use it for. Is that the best builder? No, it's not the best builder, but there's certain things that this truck has. Nothing else does that is effective. So using it to combine with other things, it's usually how I would do it. I e. The questions. We're getting joint, really, you know, pain in the joint with the water from that using it for the benefits of secondary benefits of the drug and adding it that way. So I would take less of it and just added into a cycle, right? But if we're talking about relying on this as our anabolic rely on, this has an anabolic having a steady testosterone, you know, and this is your only animal versus maybe there's another anabolic with it typically the final appropriate Nate, I would like to if I'm relying on it. I would like to see it ran around weekly. The bare minimum, about four hundred of this stuff, and that's that's minimum. So you can see the volume that you have to do with this right? And if you're spacing it farther apart, you have to do a lot more and more. And I would say about six hundred is pretty effective, and I would definitely just really no reason that go much over seven hundred eight hundred of the FINA appropriate would be kind of overkill. About eight hundred, however, in Angelo the Cohen, eh? A hundred could be top out those. It would still be effective around that about using deca for at least a decade. Because NPP and deck are the same thing. It's just a different half life and how long it takes to kick in. How about using it for cutting versus bulking? Is it better for one or the other? Everyone uses it to book because you hold water on it much more than anything else, although you know, appropriate tens all less because, like I said, the frequency of the injector. Now the problem with Angela and how it works. It does actually require calories to be beneficial. Now, everything in general and hormones do require lots of nutrients and calories of work. Nandrolone just honestly happens to be one of those ones that requires much more. Keller are higher calorie intake, so if the calories aren't there, if you're not getting enough, Angela is actually pretty. It's not useless, and that terms, but you still have to eat more so taking it for a pre contest. Like I said, I would use it for the joint relief because your joints to start earning as you get closer to the competition now, using it for competition, for the game to hold on to size and what not to do any effect like that, I would say it's probably one of the worst, one of the worst. It takes a lot of calories. Where to be effective. Ueno, Deca and MPP holds a lot of water, and that's what gives a lot of the bodybuilders that really soft round, big puffy look. Usually when you see that it's from that, or maybe and a draw, maybe a high dose of Diana ball also and testosterone. But how? How Khun someone minimize the bloat from From Angela. I mean, is there ways to prevent getting all that bloated and posse? One of the first civilised ways is keeping your estrogenic control. If your surgeons and control your progesterone is not going to be a CE hi, so always remember that you can keep those together, you're going to get less bloating. Keep your estrogen as should always be at a healthy level. Your progesterone will be healthier even when running those compounds. And then there's natural diuretics to take away that bloating to like Dan Line. You shouldn't need to go as far as taking a prescription diuretic, but you can, especially with people getting like the moon cheeks and really floating this. What is it about deca that causes the blood water retention? Progesterone is its biggest thing, but some of the water attention it goes to the joints. That's just that's a secondary benefit. That's how the drug works. It does in sodas, progesterone, Soto's estrogen. It's affecting the sensitivity to sodium through the estrogen progesterone. Okay, because I remember you said on NPP and Deca, we gotta really reduce the sodium intake than ever to keep the water. Retention. Now is why, when I recommend a diuretic, I always do the Dia sides because the way they work is in blocking the sodium instead of just completely removing all of your electrolytes and not really carrying where the water is coming from, Which is why your potassium always get so screwed up on things like Lasix. So if you control your sodium things that help block sodium, drinking a lot of water also is a big thing and just not eating out. When people both they're always eating out. They don't care what the So there's a lot of sodium. Uh, try booking with Master Own and Primo Trent. Things like that. You know you're not going to be and nearly as bad and save. You know those bulkier drugs for your cutting tried out and see how that works. What is the point of adding nandrolone decker npp on top of testosterone when it has its own estrogenic side effects as well? What if what if joint relief isn't needed? Can we just increase testosterone? Or does NPP have mohr anabolic benefits beyond just the increased blow water attention and joint lubrication. Well, one. It's a pro jester, and we talked about the effects of estrogen and positive night positive muscle growth with estrogen effects. Estrogen has in your body to produce muscle, you know, happen estrogen. It's almost impossible to build muscle. It is needed, and there's benefits of pro jester and at the same time in building muscle. So you do. You don't need progesterone and that amount, but adding things that do cause progestin there is a benefit. The side effects of the progesterone does help increasing muscle, but too much of this stuff it's just unwanted side effects, like any drug. And on top of it, it's an anabolic, and it works differently and how it stimulates the anabolic effects from this drug as opposed to testosterone. That's why they work so good. Together, they were really good together, even though they both cause bloating. One is pro gesture, and one is that it is going to affect estrogen. So you combine these soon you're getting a benefit from both of both sides of the spectrum, so if they're not, they're the same in terms of you're going to bloat from both these, and it's kind of why would you want that? And at the same time, Angela, there's a few tricks in Angela. Matt told you before about things you can run with Angela on the studies that show that increase in androgen receptor regulation of regulation in the creation of the interest of receptors by using Angelone and other things together with Angela. So there are benefits to running it, too, and that if you can see up regulation of engineer receptor by running a drug, you're going to see more muscle growth to overtime. So there is a positive benefits coming from other angles. That's kind of like the anabolic matrix theory we have that you're you're combining through for synergistic purposes the anabolic, the energon receptor stimulation and then the growth hormone. The local growth factors the insulin and you come and it's better to take a lower dosage of each one of these things, and we use the synergy between them. Well, it's similar also within just the anabolic column. The energon receptor column of the anabolic matrix that we're creating is there's three different main categories of of hormones, and there there's the testosterone based things There's the nandrolone based, like the nineteen, nor and then there's also like the DHT based. So You'LL find the synergy between taking a testosterone or testosterone similar compound along with a nandrolone compound along with a ght compound instead, and lowering the dosage is on the city's. Instead of just increasing the dosage like a lot of people do, they just keep taking more and more testosterone. The benefits just really start to plateau and the side effects just keep starting to increase any last thoughts on MPP, nandrolone or deca before we sign off another? No, I think that pretty much covered it. It's, you know, there's better things out there, but there's reasons for running it, and it is very good on joints, and so is the minimum doses you could run to have any kind of joint benefit. I mean, we're just a hundred milligrams a week, have some minor Ramon benefit, and a lot of the wrestlers I know they were always stay on two hundred. I know a lot of good national body Miller's and some I A P B that stay on two to three hundred yearly. They're always on it, so always on that always on to Sasha and Low Dose. So even when there are not t r t, those are taking time up. They're still on that with tears. Is it true that you know when you take testosterone, it's a precious your natural testosterone, but never completely. But when you take a nandrolone deca trainer MPP, it pretty much shuts down your testosterone production almost completely. Is that right? Yeah, that's true. Then it takes longer to recover natural testosterone production. Nothing. Not not knocking it. I mean, it's totally fine to shut down natural testosterone production. A lot of our athletes do, and they're able to regenerate it just fine by using HT CG, Clomid to Oxford or General Pct and most of these guys, it's their career. It's their life, like the rest of my friend, the clients and friends I wrestlers. This is their life, you know you're getting paid for this and you're beating the hell out of your body. If they're not taking this, they're going to cause more damage, you know, having that joint relief. It's not just temporary relief, although it is when you have the water going in there. It's like lubrication, right? So it's not grinding. So over time the bone and joints are grinding like this, as much has lubrication, so you get less damage over time, so they are actually preventing future damage on top of it. So for them shutting down their testosterone, taking longer to recover, maybe they might not fully recover. It doesn't matter that it is their life. That's their livelihood. They have to rely on their physique. They have to be healthy. Otherwise, their paychecks not coming. Same with some of the bodybuilding. Is NPP one of the drugs that's likely to be faked Or when someone buys MPP, are they probably getting the real thing? For the most part, they're getting the real thing when it comes to an Angela on deck deck O and a fennel appropriate seems to be a little bit more because you can put two social appropriate in there. And a lot of times people put too sauced ronin, and they and Angela and you should, you know, getting here at your getting your blood levels checked, right. Your metabolic panel is always I always recommend this, but when you go in to do this, all you have to do is check hormones in your body. You can check your pro gesture and you can check your Trojan. And when you're going to get your blood work, you're going to see Okay, my cholesterol's find all my things are fine. That's good to go. But how come my pro jester and is not existent and I'm taking out X amount in Angela X amount of trend, then right there can tell you. Okay, your suppliers kind of sise shafting you. So it's killed two birds with one stone you can. You know, if you don't care about your health, at least care about what you're putting in your body and know you're getting the best result are getting the drug you think you're putting in your body. So from nandrolone is caused by the progesterone side effects. Things like tamoxifen not is likely to cut it out. So things like Kabir Goalline, Dawson X and what Trevor doesn't like creamy pixel. Our what's used to control canasta issues on Andrew loans also keeping estrogen low in general because estrogen and progesterone feed off each other. So I think that's the biggest risk with the with the deca is really the progesterone increasing, which is synergistic in a bad way with estrogen. Estrogen progesterone are related. So using something to keep both the estrogen down like an XMS stain or aroma taste inhibitor along with the caber Golan should minimize those side effects. A lot of people get a lot of social dysfunction problems with progesterone compounds deca in trend. So that's another reason to run the cave to get rid of those effects. That something. So we did this video because you guys requested it. We do. Listen to your comments. We appreciate feedback. Please subscribe. If you want to be the first to see stuff like this, the Facebook page, would you live question answers and watch my snapchat enhanced athlete if you dare to see what happens in my personal life. All right, close us out by saying, Be swell in school, My friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution Oh my God, be swell and sore. Swell and sore. Friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution useless either gotta have a hot girl for a girl that can follow a script

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I have a question for coach trevor or tony. Im currently running npp and test. Im getting puffy nipples from it i already use arimidex. I know coach trevor said that you need cabser for the prolactin levels. But i already have letrozole could that work for a substitute for the cabergoline? If i hear back from you guys i thank you very much


Good info as always but c’mon Tony I think Trevor knows how to hold a mic