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Dr Tiny Huge of enhanced athlete dot com. And the question is, what is the best bodybuilding breakfast? We're trying to build muscle. We're tryingto lead book. Put on muscle without putting fat. Give us enough energy to work out hard that day and be healthy and have our metabolism not be damaged by things like simple sugars that make us less insulin sensitive in the car. To answer this question, we have legendary bodybuilding guru, a mean Allah E coach Trevor Kane, Bishop who just got his I f B B pro bodybuilding card, and myself doctor turn here. Let's start with a mean because, I mean has some great new approaches to dieting for bodybuilding that all of us athletes are going using. And we actually want to know this topic for ourselves. We're actually gonna use whatever that means about to tell us. So I mean, what are we going to do all of us bodybuilders to put on more muscle? We're going to combine for protein. We're going to combine whole exits. If you're a two stage rat right now, that's you don't have to necessarily deglaze the whole legs and a thie source of animal protein like chicken, bison ground turkey, say, for somebody, let's say st for you. It would be three whole eggs, six ounces of uncooked or four and a half ounces of cooked meat, the same weight in vegetables, about six ounces of vegetables, whether it be asparagus, broccoli, onions, bell peppers, you know, making eggs like an omelette without, you know, without any cheese. And then pick a source of call place called Bride Grease. Oatmeal is good. I like person like grits, and I like buckwheat. I think they're Buckley is really good. And if you if you do, use ah, sweetener of sorts, so I prefer berries. So if you make the buckwheat truly hot, if you have frozen berries of Jews and your shake, you could throw the same frozen berries in your oatmeal or your buck leader cream of rice or our grits, and it cools it down for the right temperature so that you could eat it without burning yourself. I also like to use the all the milk that we made the homemade all the milk that we do like to put that in the old meal or making a little bit creamier just so you kind of enjoy it a little bit more, but there's no sugar in that either. So this sounds like the meal has protein carbs and fat and kind of balanced. I mean, I thought that for bodybuilding, we kind of needed to choose if if we're gonna have a caloric surplus way, kind of need to choose between going really high fat and very low carb or very high car, very low fat. But this is kind of a well balanced breakfast. What do you think? I think that for breakfast. I think it's actually good that your body you could say you have a little bit of cards and a little bit of that so you can store a little bit of fat or make the car to go a little bit longer or make the protein wearing a bullet. I think that's good. First thing in the morning. It sets your day up to be Mohr. You have more energy. You're not going to crash from a lack of carbs, carbohydrates, and you're gonna have fat. But at the same time, it's really not enough to accumulate or build anything because you haven't even worked out Yet At the same time, I think if you choose this one or the other, like when I d .'Oh one or the other for pre contest. What if you're joking on fifteen hundred grams of carbs and low fat you're in some sensitive is just going to give out a few weeks. So needs either Be moderation are changing those things, and that's what we always talked about. Moderation kind of turns out to be the It's a simple saying, but everything in moderation. I was never big on the vegetables in the morning cousin around time to do it, and I never really vegetables. But this all weekend mix and vegetables with my food actually did make a big difference on how I feel in my energy. You know, I don't really do much anymore. It's still made a huge difference. We're gonna come back to mixing the vegetables with the protein, but first I want to know this meal does take a little time to cook. And if we wake up first thing in the morning and we're hungry, is there something we can eat faster to get, you know, before we take a shower before we on the shake tonight that I introduce you to that we recorded. We can show them it's the only make that we've only milk that we make ourselves from blast almonds, water and sea salt blended it filtered through a nutbag, frozen berries and unflavored, unsweetened way protein. Isolate. That's what she would drink first thing in the morning. And then you what? You know, a few shower and then do it and then get ready for breakfast. It works perfectly because that because there's nothing sweet in it and there's no nothingto spiker sugar or anything, and it's first thing in the morning, it still seems that you're getting the protein with that and no carbs. So it's somewhat, in a weird way, still fasting from the glycogen. Let's just say not you're not really breaking it that hard, getting some berries and do not you know you're getting enough to do all the stuff you need, but you're not breaking it with a lot of carbs, so you'd really be able to eat thirty minutes later, twenty or thirty minutes later. I do like having the healthy fats with breakfast in very moderate amounts, because I do feel also that it slows the digestion of the carbohydrates down and maintains my blood sugar so that I don't have a roller coaster shoot up in blood sugar and then a drops that makes me hungry and makes my energy crash and brings energy level down and makes me less insulin sensitive. So I do like a little bit of the fats in the morning, just a general theory through the rest of the day. Are we also having healthy fats for the rest of day? Are we trying to have it like morning and night? Just quickly? It doesn't make a difference if it's morning or night. Just more are it's best to kind of choose stable per meal. So if you're going to go higher fat, then generally you want to go lower carbs. Okay, so that is that is a general rule. Alright, Andi, I do like the oatmeal as the complex car. Give us some other examples. You said oatmeal of grits would be a little bit of a faster car. What are some more examples of, Ah, breakfast complex carbs? Honestly, you could use potatoes. A lot of people like potatoes and eggs and chicken breast is worse, Really good. Or you could make a bison patty. And are you Khun do yams and you could make baked potato fries, which are good anytime you're funny. Weird thing about potatoes is on. I don't remember if it's red or white potatoes that if it affects one more than the other, I definitely know what effects it does affect red and white potatoes. I don't know effects sweep into saying, but if you cook him and then let him get cold, let him cool off. We'LL actually digest much slower. It's much healthier for you to eat cold potatoes, but you cannot stand Stand it personally. I don't care if my food is hot or cold, so I'll choose the cold potatoes. It's noticeable enough to where you'LL feel your body reacts the potatoes like a complex car. You'LL feel feel sustained energy instead of the quick rush of blood sugar and crash that you would. If you eat hot potatoes, you're going to make sure that they don't turn brown because then you mean he lost the task. You might oxidize some of them do something they don't, you know? Yeah, so how much should we cook this breakfast chucking eggs. You know what? If you cook your eggs well done versus medium rare for you know, it's It's a good question because I think the more you cook it, the less protein you're actually going to get from it and you actually destroying the qualities. That's not the You should eat it raw, but, you know, I like the taste of over medium. But when I start thinking I'm trying to put on muscle, I like the taste of over easy. Yeah, I'm gonna work on the eggs myself. The benefit to cooking the eggs war is it does actually help break down a lot of the peptides. Eggs are some of the most complex protein peptide chains of any foods that we eat, which can be a bad thing because it's harder for body to break down. If you drink raw eggs, you usually only get like half of the protein if I remember correctly from the studies. But you'LL have to look that up for exactly versus if you cook him and it helps break it down. It's much easier to digest much easier on the digestive system, and if you have a lot of complex peptide proteins, frequently in excessive amounts, like eggs, especially raw eggs. You can develop food intolerances, food sensitivities, food allergies to the eggs, and then you've got a completely eliminated from your diet. So there there's the benefit of cooking Atmore Benefit of cooking at West Is that the eggs if they still have the yolk in them? Because that's where the fat is inside the yolk. If you overcook that fat, it does become toxic, has become cancer causing. And it does denatured the fat, very unhealthy way instead of being healthy fats that we do want from the egg yolk. So get the yolk is inside the egg. It is Mohr important to cook it less. If it's egg whites, it's less important you could cook it. You could cook it more. Go ahead, Trevor. We're uncoupling process when you do. He didn't have a complex. The chain is of amino acids because it's the closest of breast milk. That's what they say in terms of quality of protein. So when you cook this, it actually done coupling part of this in the proteins, breaking down the whole thing together. That's what makes it absorb easier. So when you do drink the raw eggs, sometimes I'll drink raw eggs and a shake to slow the the protein down. So do you like away with? And then I would do right eggs, which will actually be slower. But if you do too much, a lot of people knows you get really bloated and feel sick later on. Just sits there, so there's benefits above speaking a protein digestion. This is a trick that a mean gave us this trip that I was extremely sceptical about. How mean has a ton of theories, that we're going to be experimenting with theories I've never heard from other bodybuilders theories where he's implementing science from longevity, experts and health experts as well into the bodybuilding world. Because the theory is the healthier the bodybuilder we are, the more anabolic. We could be more. We can maintain this body all year round easier. We can burn fat. The less water retention, the better we look is tio. Combine eating the protein with the vegetables, but actually to chew them at the same time. So what he's saying is you're throwing in things like bell peppers or spinach or any other vegetables into the eggs and you're chewing it together and you're mixing the protein with that vegetable fibre that cellulose, and doing so actually helps your body break down that protein and absorb it better instead of the protein getting to your lower intestine and getting broken down by your back, the bacteria in your gut causing bowel inflammation, battle sensitivities, food allergies and poor absorption of the protein that we do eat. And as we know the gut, Microbiome is the center of the entire immune system in the entire health of the human body. So this simple trick could make a massive improvement in our health and our ability to digest and assimilate large amounts of protein that we need as bodybuilders. I mean, anything else we can add? Teo breakfast just on What you said about the vegetables is similar to the belief that we have about digestive enzymes possibly being all the help. You know, there's there's different. There's different ingredients in different foods, like pineapple has a good digestive Ensign. Reply has got a good digestive inside. But you also find this with all the vegetables, too, and as you as you chew them and you release these things, they not only help break down in the mouth, but then, as you get further on the balance of the protein to the cellulose and everything else is, what about us for a better overall digestion of what? What food is in your stomach at a time? Uh, so I do have digestive problems and issues, and also a food addiction will call it a night eating disorder on. That's one of the reasons I love bodybuilding is Talk Teo has been competing is to try and overcome. One of my biggest weakness is a challenge. Was my personality flaws and this in the other tip that I mean gave us is to to the food Mohr were chewing food. We're letting the digestive enzymes interact with the food from the saliva were giving a signal to our body of what food is going to come. And my digestion has improved so much. I'm no longer bloated. I'm no longer constipated. My heartburn has decreased. And so I know this video's about breakfast, but this is the first meal of the day. This determines how we're going to feel all day, whether we're gonna have heartburn or be bloated all day. And initially I was thinking I was just gonna go no carbohydrates every morning because I feel like that better from my digestive system. But now that I've taken wart, I'm taking more time these last few days to really chew my food and combining the protein with the vegetables and take my time eating. And the my digestion is improved so much that I'm I'm okay. Eating a big breakfast with complex carbs, fats and proteins. Anything else to add anybody before we sign off? Yeah. So when you're both balling a body building on a budget, uh, one thing you can do I know we mentioned bison meat. A good attorney for that would be going probably ninety seven percent lean, be ground beef or ninety five ninety seven. I know that's kind of hard to get, and it might be a little bit pricey as well. But again, that's a really good turnout for having the bison meat in the morning. Just called with our ground a little bit. Buy a steak top ground. Staying? Yes, every butcher write it. Or did they even do that Bel Air safe way? Yes, it. We'LL do it by the top round steak. It's like two to three ninety nine found. There's only one sliver of fat on the side. It's not in the meat. They'LL cut it off and put it through there. And then you have nineteen ninety covers thinking steak in the morning. So yeah, it's actually really good taste. Listen with eggs. Yeah, usually when you buy ground meat, you get a bunch of fat and gristle, even bone round up. Weird stuff in the meat and fat and parts of the animal you don't want sad, a lot of saturated fat with you. Like Trevor said, you go to the butcher and buy a really lean steak and haven't grind up. You can also do the same thing with chicken breast, turkey breast, park anything you want, you can have it grind it up, and then it makes it so much easier to chew. So much easier to stir fried so much easier to mix into an omelet. And just one file point Well, actually mean one. Say more things. But remember, he did say, combined two sources of protein. So he was putting in the eggs, plus another meat in the omelet shoot, because that gives you, Ah, a additional immuno acid profile. And then it also is sustained release because one of the proteins, like the eggs they're gonna digest quicker, and the meet's going to take much longer to digest. So you have sustained protein lens or longer than just being white. And that's exactly what I was going to say. It's timing. This allows your nitrogen levels to have the ability to be retained for a longer period of time. Yeah, All right, guys, if you like this video, please like it, subscribe to the channel. So you Khun Seymour. Videos like this were open book, uh, everybody that comes on board. Enhanced athlete like a mean is willing to share all of his secrets. And that's just absolutely incredible because he's been underground for so long. Just like Trevor was underground, they were both health helping athletes that they can't even mention do Teo, uh, non disclosures. But now they're willing to come out and tell these secrets in furtherance of human evolution and in furtherance of being our friends of freedom because we're all in this together. We're all learning from each other And if we all share information like this, we're gonna learn a lot faster and progress our own human evolution and all be able to be superhuman. Join us on our journey and be swell in Seoul by friends of freedom. Find years of human evolution. What?

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