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hottie alert. She just asked, What are the rules for eating in a restaurant for eating healthy? What things to avoid in what things? To prioritize eating. Dr. Tony, you have enhanced athlete dot com and I've got Coach Trevor here is gonna help answer this question over. We're here at a buffet in Manila, Philippines, in the City of Dreams, one of most beautiful hotel casinos I've ever seen. In fact, it kind of blows away most of the casinos in Las Vegas. So we're at the buffet. She wants to know. Abby wants to know what foods to avoid, what foods prioritize. What are the rules for forgetting a healthy meal in a restaurant so basic, I guess you want to put it in like rules. Always stay away from the deep fried. Your first thing you always want to control your sodium. So wherever you're going, you know they're always gonna addicts sodium anytime the other restaurant, but trying to find foods that aren't naturally high in sodium the super season dishes. And that's a big thing for you way I was. I was thinking about the girl last night for a second. I forgot the first thing you said the girl. You know, everybody has different definitions of hefty. So what you trying to say Ladyboy? Uh, what's that thing you said? So the deep fried foods. Okay, no deep fried. And then watch the sodium go through bullet points. Each one will get backto so the sodium. But I'm not a big I don't really care about the sodium. Um, the er for myself. The other thing is determining whether it's white rise. They have ground rise. You know, Complex were simple carbohydrate meals, choosing salads over. You know, something that's going to be doubts and sauces that are including he's looking at the menu is what he's looking down right now because it's giving him ideas of things Teo choose and things to avoid. So obviously you've got you know, we'LL stay right here. You have pizza, pasta, burgers, maims dessert, Chinese menu. They have a Filipino menu. So what you're gonna do is you're basing around your protein, always based around protein. So if you want first thing, don't even think that doesn't have a good amount of protein in it. So you're going to go? You want chicken, you want Sam and you want steak, you're gonna pick around something like that, right? Understanding. Understanding chickens, Probably the most lean white fish is the most lean. Steak is usually fatty, not just because of fat in it, because they usually add butter to the stake. And then salmon is a half approaching half fat. At least it's a healthier fat, but it's still got a lot of fat. So, yeah, once you find out, which means you want, you go are you go look through, which are the best choices of me. Whether it's a fatty cuts state, Teo are better cut steak, and that's what you want. So you choose that which is what dish, whether it's going to be a pasta dish and then you're going. So okay, there's how much carbon is going to be in that pasta. What kind of processes is going to be a healthy one? That's olive oil. Garlic, you know, like cheese grated on top. Or it's going to be ah, white sauce you know, now afraid of just doused carbohydrates fat. So I'm watching my diet. I'm generally choosing either a dish that's high in protein and fat or high and protein and cars but not high in carbs and fat. So I go If I'm gonna do like a rice, then I'm not gonna, uh, get something that's also got a lot of fat in it. So, for example, I'll never eat garlic garlic mashed potatoes because I know that that's potatoes, which is carbs and also a ton of butter in it. Which is, which is fact. Yeah, it's same with even the rice is so you really get a dish that I have. Let's see what you find, one that's like a chicken dish, and they put rice and a bunch of veggies makes together. Usually it's pan fried, so they're gonna have some extra oil added to it. With places like this, you could order the chicken, order the vegetables in order the rites separately and put whatever sauce you would rather have instead. Yeah, usually what I do is I take our order meat entree and then I'll substitute decide So I'LL get rid of If they have French finds, I'll say Instead of french fries, give me vegetables or instead of mashed potatoes. Give me vegetables. Uh, I like to eat. I usually like beans if they have beans. I find that really filling. Usually little fat, high carbohydrate. I am okay eating rice so long as they don't have butter to it. Oftentimes that you had butter to the rice. But like fried rice is the worst. If you see how much that fun and they put in the fried rice. Is that our first meal here? So Yeah, it was butter and rice. Yeah, on Then, how about for drinks? He's drinking on ice tea, which is good Iced tea actually slows the digestion of carbohydrates. So that helps you store less of the carbs. This fat Give your time more body, more time to digest the carbohydrates and I'm drinking hot tea. Also for the same reason way. Don't want to drink a ton of liquids with our meal because that pollutes the stomach acid and creates indigestion and makes you be able to digest and absorb less of the protein potential and give you gas cramps instead. But if we are going to drink something, tea is fine or something acidic is fine. And also drinking something hot with the meal is better than drinking something cold. Because when you drink cold liquids it actually slows the digestive system down on it. That's what meals is in the other upside of tricking colder ice water outside of your eating times. Your body has to heat that water again to engage in that he produced. Yeah, Coldwater. Totally fine. Just not know with what? Not with the meal. Try to go without the ice with the drink or in excess. Yeah, s o sono deep fried. Keep sodium low, which is really hard. Okay, It's going to be really hard to keep the sodium choose carbohydrate based or fat based meal prioritized protein meals. Yet so always prioritized around the protein. And then you go, It's just going to be a carbohydrate, this or fatty dish. And like I say with the sodium, that's away game and you're gonna get waking from its Not that you do need sodium. That's why I don't really care too much. I don't want to much water on me. Well, if you're in the jam and performing, sodium, going to help you out, too. So when you go into restaurants, the amount that they add in there is just ridiculous, and people on hormones to respond that much more natively from sodium as opposed to someone hormones or on stars. So the hormones that Big gil we're talking about so the also it would you choose what you eat first, Eating the protein part of the meal first is helpful because if you had the carbohydrates, first room spike insulin before you proteins in your body to be able to use the benefit of the insulin to push the protein of muscle cells. And you're also gonna cause more of a blood sugar rise and crash because if you eat the protein or the fat first and it will slow the digestion off the carbohydrates. Slowing digestion of carbohydrates is a good thing because most of carbohydrates in our diet absorbed too quickly, unnaturally quickly. Any questions is that Answer It pretty much answered it. Okay, you know, I'LL go. All right, guys, if you, uh, have any further questions leaving comments, we do videos based on your questions and, uh, happy's questions. And if you like the video subscribe, be swallowed whole by Friends of Freedom, pioneers of human evolution

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