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we're in Las Vegas the day before Olympia and Coach Taylor is gonna tell us what to and not to eat at the breakfast buffet. Now what he's gonna advise me to eat is very different from what he's going to eat because Coach Trevor eats like a thousand grams fast carbs today. So he's definitely not what you want, and those just have carbs. They have a lot of fat, too. Like what type of fat that's blue oil. And a lot of times there's there's a lot of butter, most of these letter vegetable oil and then the corn. You want to stay away from the a lot of corn products when it comes to carbohydrates. Like I said, unless it's a whole grain stores eating, maybe. Okay, talk badly about it when it coming from wait are certain name brands of what that is Still definitely a better choice, but higher carbohydrate stay away from actually, don't have oatmeal here. We only have a week, the cream of wheat and then also grits. So tell me about the grits and the cream of wheat. Grits is probably one of my favorites, and criminally is Gribble. It's OK But if you could choose one, I would tend to go to the bridge. It's really easy to eat with grids. Your waist doesn't explode. It does expand, which for dieting and may be good on low carbohydrate diets. You know, a lot more complex Karajan's. We feel full. It doesn't make you load it, and we're not having a lot of carbohydrates. It's I can't really do anything substantial lies your stomach. Nothing out of line can't fix for the last week of a show. So remember getting all these things keep in mind what your diet is to stick to it Don't kind of improvise something cooked in oil and then getting it just because it was a protein source. I also like the grits very much because the Brits don't block me at all. They even have less allergic response than oatmeal, certainly less allergic response. That cream of wheat and with the grits they have almost no flavor, but the texture is really good, really thick, and so I put in a little bit of fruit. You know, I'm not a huge fan of fruit guys with fruit toast, but when it comes to the buffet we'LL get with Max. I actually do prefer fruit over some of the other carbohydrates forces. So right here. Look at what we got you You're doing anything on a diet or whether it's hyper rights rights that first, Hank, if it wasn't grits they did not have. Great. Isn't that just white wheat flour? Usually. Well, usually Just right. You could have a white flower who want to get this right here. This is when you're getting to all of these whole week sources they'LL have most We'LL have white wheat flour, pounds of pancakes and my pancakes with one of the best provide sources comes fast like a ride. You'd rather have the pancakes, then the French toast Because the French just probably made the whole week. And like we did in another video, you actually would prefer bleached white way Flour them the whole way. And remember, the French toast is also there could with eggs, eggs mixed with a lot of times. But with this you get Toto, There's definitely butter lookout, greasy sticks or not greasy but the French coast It's very greasy. You'll get about good night grams, grams of fat, so score slice with French toast. Remember, if it's one or the other, just pancakes. Have grids to grid. If you're dining on a low carbohydrate that hold the best choice, you're not craving too much sweets in the end. Same with Chris. When you say how plain it is, there's so much that you can add a spoonful of brown sugar. Spoonful of ground sugar's not that much carbohydrates or some raisins they have. Usually they have raisins. Yeah, and cinnamon. How about a giant, heaping see spoon of cinnamon? That's good. Right over the insiders part. Same for oatmeal. Similar number one thing number one. They always put on Hope grids. Any one of those things were cinnamon. What is what is that? This is where I wouldn't tell people. I tell him to get this, but what I would do. It's this part I wouldn't eat. Here is part of my friend's stuff out here. I was part of that hand. Scrape the sauce hot sauce with that. Keep that ape away for the whole leg. Farewell. My diet and usually I would take a bunch of sayings of system are really bad, because I'd only be part. So that's a good way to get your protein without getting the faster we'LL be right here. These are either egg beaters for their holy week together with. So our cheese or oil mixed in with their so nineteen, ten to eight meters. Envoy, stay away from those. Every time you get the whole eggs, every time you two meet around it or if you're eating the York street, have sauce on it. Throw the rest out. Okay, Next is the sausage, bacon, potato and ham section. So you only part on this that I would eat? I want the details are I wouldn't say that at the worst if you're going to choose one. Potatoes were probably one of the best ways they're not fried, but there they are, definitely pan fried. So there is autumn. And what you talk about kind of want to choose one or the other because I wanted you and you're under a lot of people like things. And that would be a better choices. This whole food, it's real food. You're not getting process ingredients. Take that. If you are dieting in here, stay away from everything here. However, depending on what type of famine is. You typically get some pretty lean ham when you're doing that, you know? Yeah, even the basements. Okay. Still, because the amount of bacon very small calories you're getting to be a better option to get the hand. It's like they're clean happened turning over the lunch, so you better hurry and get the rest of us. How about cereal? So, Syria, if you were to get one out of any of these, not touch any of my comes a serial unless you're using a whites as your source, like no vanilla protein. Very raise them ram. But again, this one doesn't have his much wheat. Like anything else, it's It's a brand stores. You could still get loaded from there, but this time it will be the best one. I kind of take the raisins out of them. And if you're doing a really high carbohydrate diet, this would be the one I was thinking. There's right. There's a special can. It's rice with a special this week. So this is the rice version you want. The right rice is much better. Rice's Hypo Allergenic doesn't have all the problems that we said we'd has with that rice will not blow. This is the one right here, Rice. And I would do that. Maybe fifty fifty with some milk and England people get weird about it. So this one by the best go over to fruit. You don't have much room left on your place. I'm curious to see what else you get Now, guys, Trevor doesn't eat a lot of protein. You need a lot more protein to grow than you do to maintain. So as you can see, Trevor's not eating. A ton of protein is eating a ton of cards out of the to prove that I would get maybe a couple of oranges. And the only reason. Or just vitamins and civilian absence. But the pineapple The enzymes in here help digest a lot. That protein it is sugar, but again, it's depending. Whatever your area's blueberries, things have less for toast. Please regard from the barrier. You have blueberries here and then that. See this? It's cottage cheese right here. Cottage cheese like cottage cheese? No, but this will be my source for big protein source here. When I would use instead of getting this, put some blueberries and that maybe it makes a little bit of the yogurt with it and never leave my main protein source. Aside from the hates, that's what there's also usually at a buffet at Omelet Servings area, and we usually get egg whites, then all of the vegetables, and I put no cheese on it, and I tell him to use less oil. That's just my personal preference. You have one of these. Just get the lights. What you need to tell you know that's round one. You probably eat this same thing all over again in total of, uh, twenty five hundred calories for breakfast. And he'LL do like that type of size meal three times a day. The swelling school, My friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution Wait, do have Panama Colombia quality *** here in the U. S. A. Just gotta know where to look if you're not already subscribed and you don't want to miss out cutting edge content on the daily to subscribe No

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